Common Things That are 18 Inches Long

So, how big is 18 inches? The answer to this can be given if you have either a measuring tape or some object that’s 18 inches long.

There are several objects around us and we do not know about their measurement or size. However, with the help of these examples, you will easily be able to determine the length of 18 inches in this case.

Here is a list of commonly spotted examples that we see around which helps us to determine the dimension of 18 inches well. Since they are easy to spot the measurement of 18 inches can be estimated with these examples that are present around us.

Things that are 18 inches long (How big is 18 inches?)

Let us have a look at these objects that are present around us and helpful to determine the size of 18 inches better.

1) Two Watch Straps

Watch strap
Watch strap

Watches come in all forms and shapes. While some look vintage and traditional, many can walk beside the latest trends. The watches are available in different colors and the material of the straps is also different. Some of them are designed with leather, steel, metal, and so on. The size of the watch straps is 9 inches each and hence if you can align two such watches in a line then the additive measurement of the length will account for 18 inches of measurement.

2) Back Scratchers

Back Scratcher
Back Scratcher

The back scratchers are generally long sticks with a plastic palm at the end of them. The object is used when there is an itch on your back and you can not reach out to the spot. These range between the size 17 inches to 22 inches and are useful for determining the size of 19 inches. Since the measurement of nineteen inches just lies in between 17 and 22 we can take this up as an example to describe the length of 19 inches approximately. You can even take a scale and determine the length of the object to be more precise.

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3) 6 3-inch Post-it Notes

Post It Notes
Post It Notes

Post-it notes are a very important essential stationery tool that is used in offices, schools, and at home. They are useful for noting down all the key points while we are studying or before we are heading for a meeting. The post-it notes are usually of the dimension of three inches and they help determine and compare the size of 18 inches by compiling six such post-it notes in a line. This is a very good example that we can cite to describe the length of 18 inches precisely as we always have these sticky notes in the drawers or on our work desk.

4) 9 #12 Wood screws

The #12 wood screws are of the measurement of 2 inches. These are very useful for describing the length of 18 inches since whenever we look around we see screws. These are tiny and pointed pins that are used for adhering two pieces of wooden blocks together. The dimension of the #12 screws are 2 inches and you will be needing 9 of them in a straight row to determine the length of 18 inches. You may visit a hardware store to purchase screws as well.

5) Four 12 oz Coffee mugs

Coffee is a favorite beverage among many and this example will certainly help you to imagine the size of 18 inches. We drink coffee in mugs and the most common ones are the 12 oz coffee mugs that are easily available in the store. They come in different patterns and styles and are made of copper, glass, plastic, and so on.

The drinks in the cafeteria are also served in the 12 oz mugs and hence you must have seen them when you visited the cafes and coffee shops. These are of the height of 4.5 inches and hence if you can imagine four such 4.5 inches cups on one top of another then you will have an idea of the height of 18 inches precisely.

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6) Two Bowling Balls

Bowling Balls
Bowling Balls

We all have seen a bowling ball when we visited a bowling alley. The game of bowling is a popular one that originated in the year of 1900s and ever since then it has been a popular game that is much loved by everyone.

Now you have seen what a bowling ball looks like, haven’t you? They are quite heavy and used to roll on the bowling pathway at the end of which the bowling pins are kept and stroked by the rolling ball. This earns points for the player.

The diameter of the bowling ball is 8.592 inches which are approximately 9 inches and if you can align two such balls in a line then their additive diameter will give us the measurement of 18 inches. This is a wonderful experience with sports equipment that we can cite to describe the length of 18 inches on average.

7) Nine AA Batteries

AA Batteries
AA Batteries

AA batteries are very useful for operating remote-controlled devices. Hence we always need them around the house. The length of these AA batteries is 2 inches and if you wish to see what they exactly look like then you have to visit the nearest store to buy some for yourself for estimating the length or open the back of the TV remote to see their size.

If you have nine such AA batteries in a line then you will be able to arrange a straight line that measures 18 inches. Hence here is another example that we have here to describe the size of 18 inches precisely with commonly spotted objects present around us.

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8) Half of the Average Adult Step

The walking step refers to the average distance that is present between the two legs when we are walking. This is calculated as 3 feet on average. Now if you can imagine half of a walking step it will be equivalent to 1.5 feet or 18 inches. This is a classic example to describe the length of 18 inches since walking steps are always useful to describe the length of a road and calculate longer distances and so on.

9) 18 inches Car Tires

The thickness of the car tires can be used to describe the size of 18 inches precisely. We observe that different cars have different sizes of tires depending on the weight and the structure of the model. The general SUV cars have tires that are 18 inches in thickness and since we see SUVs everywhere around us it is suitable to describe the size of 18 inches precisely by observing the tires of the models on the road. You can even visit the showroom to have a look at the cars and determine their size and dimension.

10) 18 inches Rolling Pins

You must have seen your mother using the rolling pin in the kitchen to flatten the dough. These pins are either made with wood or metal and are a very useful tool for the kitchen. If you take a measuring scale and estimate the length of the pins then they will approximately be the measurement of 18 inches. This is a very effective example that we can pick to describe the size precisely. You have to leave the handle area and then measure the straight axis for the precise length of 18 inches.

11) Windshield wiper blades

Windshield wiper blades are present on cars and other vehicles for wiping the water when it is raining on the road. These windshields are standardized to a particular size of 18 inches which is more or less kept constant for the vehicles and useful for us to cite as an example.

12) Three TV remotes

We use television remotes every day as we sit at the end of the day to relax with our family and watch some commercials and daily soaps. The general length of the TV remote is 6 inches and when you can place three of them in a line that will add up to the size of 18 inches.

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13) A Giraffe’s Tongue

Giraffe's tongue 18 Inches
Giraffe’s tongue 18 Inches

If you have observed a giraffe in the zoo then you must have seen the long tongue of the animal. They are of the length of 18 inches and so long when observed carefully.

14) Toilet width

You simply pay a visit to the bathroom and measure the width of the toilet cover or that of the commode to estimate the length to be more or less 18 inches. This is a very common example that we can cite.

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