How Long is 18 Inches? 13 Things That are 18 inches Long

Imagining the real length of 18 inches in measurement can become tough if you do not have the proper measuring scale around you. However, there are ample objects and articles around us that are wonderful examples that you may take to explain the length of eighteen inches.

Here are some of the objects that we listed below which will be useful for you to calculate the actual length of 18 inches. These objects are easily available around us and thus useful for you to compare and realize the real length without the need for a measuring scale.

How Long is 18 inches?

How long is 18 inches? 18 inches is 45.72 or 18 inches is 457.2 mm or 18 inches is 1.5 ft.

13 Things That are 18 inches Long

1) Tongue of a Giraffe

Giraffe's Tongue
Giraffe’s Tongue

As we all know that the giraffe is the tallest animal that is alive on the earth’s surface, we shall take up the classic example of the giraffe tongue. We are not really aware of the fact that the giraffe tongue is also very long.

The length of the giraffes is almost 18 feet and their tongues are as large as 18 inches in length. Hence we can take up the instance of the giraffe tongue to visualize the length of eighteen inches.

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2) Tires of 18 inches

The tires of different vehicles like cars and trucks are made up of different lengths of diameter or width. It depends on the usability of the vehicle and several other factors. However, you will come across trucks, SUVs, and sports cars that have tires that usually are designed with a width of 18 inches.

Here are some of the common examples of brands and companies of cars where you will be able to observe the length of eighteen inches with your eyes.

  • Ford Mustang
  • Cadillac ST6
  • Honda Pilot
  • Audi Q7
  • GMC Acadia

These are only a handful of examples that we have cited here. But there are so many more vehicles that are made up to the size of 18 inches and if you own one of them then it will be easy for you to understand this length in reality.

3) Rolling Pins in the kitchen

Rolling pins in the kitchen are usually made of wood and they are hard for flattening the dough of chapatis or cakes. These rolling pins are also made of time or porcelain and they are a very useful tool in the kitchen.

Almost all of us have rolling pins in our kitchens and if you have them of the exact length of 18 inches which is the standard length of the pins then you will be able to imagine this size by just taking a tour of your kitchen.

These dough rolling pins are easily available around us and thus very useful for estimating the length of eighteen inches without frantically having to search everywhere for a good example. You may ask your mother or take a walk in the kitchen to find out what 18 inches look like in reality.

4) 4 Soda Cans

Soda Cans
Soda Cans

The 12-ounce soda cans are each of length that is about 4.83 inches. So if you take suck 4 cans in a row you will be roughly able to observe the length of 18 inches. Four such soda cans when they are placed in a row add up to the length of 19 inches which is roughly about one inch more.

Hence a general estimation of about 18 inches and the length, in reality, can be made with the help of four soda cans. These are useful for helping you to understand how big is eighteen inches with examples of objects around us.

5) Windshield Wiper Blade

This is another part of the vehicle which is usually made up to the length of 18 inches. The windshield wipers in a card can be of different sizes but generally, they are estimated to be about the length of eighteen inches.

The windshield wipers that are present next to the passenger seat and that of the driver’s seat are often variable in length but just like we took up the example of the tires in a vehicle, the windshield wiper is useful for comprehending this length in reality.

To help you to locate such windshields of the cars better, we have listed below the name of the common vehicles with 18 inches wiper.

  • Ford Escape – passenger side
  • Ford Ranger – both driver and passenger side
  • Hyundai Sonata – passenger side

6) TV Remotes

We all have a TV in our house and thus there is a remote control to operate the device. While some of the remotes are bulky, many are of the standard length such that if you place the remotes three times in line, you will be able to add up to a straight line which is about 18 inches in length.

7) Toilet Width

The toilets in our washroom are of varying sizes and shapes according to the needs and preferences of the host in the house. The standard toilets are however made up to the length of 18 inches which helps us to estimate the real length of 18 inches in front of us.

The width of the standard toilets is about 18 to 20 inches which roughly helps you to compare and estimate the Keith of 18 inches in real life without much difficulty as you can take a quick visit to the toilet and estimate the length properly in a jiffy.

8) Back Scratchers

Back Scratchers

The back scratchers are tools that are useful for scratching the backs. If you have a spot near your shoulder or the lower back where you cannot reach, these back scratchers are used for solving your problems and providing you relief.

These back scratchers are made up to the standard length of 17 to 20 inches which is more or less around the actual length of 18 inches. So if you have a look at the back scratchers in your house or the shop then it is possible to roughly estimate the length of 18 inches.

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9) Watch Straps

Watch strap
Watch strap

We have all seen what a watch strap looks like but not much considered the length of the strap because that information will be less useful to us all this while. However, you will be surprised to know that the length of the men’s watch strap or the band is about 9 inches when you measure them. So if you take two identical or similar watches then you will be able to estimate the length of 9 inches by adding them up. These watch straps are also known as bands and are made of different materials like plastic, leather, metal, etc.

10) 6 Post-it notes

Post It Notes
Post It Notes

These colorful and sticky notes were discovered around the time of 1977 and ever since then, it has been an object of utility for offices and even at home. These post-it notes range in different sizes which are up from 1.5 x 2 inches up to 5 x 8 inches.

The standard of the length of these sticky notes is used for noting down key points on the boards or documents that are 3 by 3 inches. Six such post-it notes can be placed adjacent to one another in a row to estimate the length of 18 inches.

11) 4 12-oz Coffee Mugs

12-oz Coffee Mugs

Some people have a fascination with coffee mugs and here is an example of the Oz coffee mugs which have a width or the upper diameter of the mouth of 4.5 inches. So you may use these cups to draw circles tracing the mouth of the cup in a line. When you combine the length of the four circles in length then you will obtain a straight line which is of the dimension of 18 inches which we require to see.

12) 12 Wood Screws

The wood screws are metal nails that are used for measuring the length of eighteen inches. The wood screws are used for holding two wooden pieces together. They can be of varying lengths but you will also see that the 2 inches wood screws are commonly found in the market and if you place them lengthwise then you will be able to draw a fine straight line that is made with the use of 12 wood screws that add up to the length of eighteen inches. Thus the wood screws can be used to estimate the length of 18 inches in real life.

13) 2 Bowling balls

Bowling Balls
Bowling Balls

The bowling balls are usually of a diameter of 8.592 inches. So roughly if you place two such balls adjacent to each other then you will be able to trace a straight line of 18 inches roughly. These two bowling balls are thus a classic example of estimating the length and understanding the true dimensions of 18 inches in front of you. Bowling is a popular game that was established around the 1900s and the balls were initially made from wood.

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