How big is 5 acres? 5 acres in square feet

Wondering how big is 5 acres? Let’s find out in an easy way.

The measurement of acres is primarily used for determining the area on the ground. It is used to describe the size of land and measure its greatness.

We can express this in other units of measurement as well. For example, we can see that one acre is equivalent to 43560 Square feet. Hence you can see that an acre of land is pretty huge and here we are supposed to determine the greatness of five acres of land. When we express five acres in square feet it is equivalent to 217,800 square feet. Here are some common examples that we have picked to describe the size of five acres accurately.

How big is 5 acres? 5 acres = 217,800 square feet

How big is 5 acres compared to common things around us?

1) 5 Football Fields

Football Field
Football Field

I guess we all are pretty much aware of how huge a football field is. The grounds are spacious and big for the players of two teams to spread out and conduct the match. Now think about five such football fields placed right next to each other! Yes, that is how huge five acres are! To be precise, the size of a spacious football field is about 1.32 acres.

Hence if you need to calculate the total area of the entire football field then we will be getting a total size of 4.53 acres which is about close to 5 acres. Yes, that’s how huge the area of five acres is!

2) An average housing community

The average size of a community has 6 to 8 homes or residential bungalows that are created within that area. However, with a size of 5 acres, you can accommodate up to 12 to 16 such residential buildings. Thus we can see that it will be a pretty large community with around 15 to 16 bungalows constructed at the site.

3) 780 Parking spaces

Parking spaces
Parking spaces

With some calculations, it has been determined that space as big as one acre can accommodate as many as 156 parking spaces for cars and vehicles. So if you can hypothetically think about an area of five acres, then you must imagine some 780 cars and the parking spaces in the region. Thus, here is a simple example that you can think of since we all visit the parking spots every day and have an idea of the average size a car takes up while it is parked. From there we have calculated this example.

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4) 75 Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts
Tennis Courts

If you are a fan of tennis then you will certainly find this example quite relatable. Here is an instance that we will draw to describe the measurement of five acres. If you have been to a tennis court then you are roughly aware of its size and greatness. With some calculation, we have found that at least fifteen tennis courts can fit within a land size that is only one acre. Now you can easily calculate that about 75 tennis courts are capable of fitting within an area that is 5 acres in dimension.

5) Almost about 8000 potatoes


Okay! So now we make the comparison even easier so that you can visualize the size of five acres of land. Here we see that if you could lay the standard-sized potatoes on a row of five inches then many potatoes can be fitted in an area of 5 acres. Thus we see that you can have as many as 8000 potatoes arranged vertically and horizontally in rows and columns to cover an area of land which has a dimension of 8000 acres. So here you have another example to describe the size of 5 acres.

6) One-third of the Yankee Stadium in New York

Yankee Stadium in New York
Yankee Stadium in New York

We all are aware of the famous Yankee Stadium in New York and in a word it is huge. If you are a resident of the location or have visited New York then you must have had the opportunity to visit the place as well. Here we see that the dimension of the Yankee Stadium is 635,000 square feet. Thus we can easily calculate that about one-third of the area of Yankee Stadium is equivalent to the size of 5 acres of ground. The total area is calculated as 14.5 acres which is indeed three times that of five acres.

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7) 378 Boxing Rings

Boxing Rings
Boxing Rings

Ah! Boxing matches are really exciting and intense. If you had the opportunity to watch one by yourself or on television then you have seen the two players wrestling against each other within the boundaries of the boxing ring.

The dimension of a boxing ring is 24 x 24 feet. Thus we can see that the total dimension will be 576 Square feet. In other words, one acre of land can have about 75 boxing rings in it and the area of land of 5 acres will have about 378 boxing rings that it can accommodate within its boundaries.

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General glimpse

1) What is an acre exactly?

An acre is defined as the unit of measuring land area or the amount of ground surface it covers. It has a dimension of about 66 x 660 feet which equals 43,560 square feet.

We can also express acres in hectares or square meters.

In that case, the measurements are as follows:

1 acre = 405 hectares or 4840 square meters.

Therefore if we go on to define the dimensions of 5 acres of land then it will be as follows-

5 acres = 43,560 x 5 = 217,800 square feet or 0.02 square kilometres.

2) How long does it take an individual to cover a distance of five acres from end to end?

It is interesting to note the distance plan can walk with an average speed taken under consideration. Here we shall discuss the time man takes to cover a land surface of five acres from end to end.

With the average speed of a man, he can walk around three to four miles in an hour. Or in other words, we can also express it as four feet per second.

So we see that he takes about 35 seconds to cover a distance of 1 acre which means that he will take around 175 seconds or around 3 minutes to cover the total distance of five acres from end to end.

What can you do with five acres of land if you own it?

With much explanation, it is clear to us that land of 5 acres is a high space. Now the question arises of what you can do with such a huge space! Here are some of the ideas that you can explore to make the most of the space.

1) Build a large house

If you have a land space of about four acres then a house on such a huge plot of land will be very comfortable and spacious. You can construct several bedrooms if the family is large and has multiple bathrooms and a spacious drawing-room. You will have enough space for a big kitchen, and a dining room as well. Then with the remaining space, you can design a yard all around the house. The garden will have enough space for the accommodation of flower beds and an empty area for strolling.

2) Set up a commercial business

You can set up a business with such a huge space (5 acres) as a parking lot for cars and other vehicles. This way you will have a steady flow of income from the rent that you collect for providing a space for parking vehicles.

You can also consider the idea of constructing several complexes in the space to then set them for rent. These complexes will be spacious for the residents with a handsome space for parking as well. Hence if you are judicious then a land of five acres can be put to several fruitful uses.

3) Tennis match court

If you are a sports fan then there are several ideas that you can explore when it comes to utilizing a land space of five acres. You can easily design a huge and professional tennis court to host games. You can set up the location for rent whenever a big match is being organized in your city. A facility like this is quite well suited for designing a tennis court and you can be one of the spectators whenever there is a match and at the same time get income out of the place.

4) Set up a farm

If you desire to use the land of five acres for residential purposes and do not wish to set it up for rent then that is okay too! You can have business and home at the same location. You can build yourself a spacious and luxurious house while the rest of the ground can be utilized for setting up a farm like the one for dairy production. You can buy your cows, about five of them, and produce your dairy products like cheese and butter at home and sell it as well.

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