10 Thrilling Scary Stories for Kids

10 Most Thrilling Scary Stories for Kids

What’s the scariest story you can think of? For some kids, it might be a movie or a ghost in their room at night. For others, it might be being alone in an unfamiliar place. Kids love scary stories, but they are usually too young to watch horror movies. Scary stories for kids can be … Read more

50+ Games To Play When Bored [Fun & Whacky!]

50+ Games To Play When Bored [Fun & Whacky!]

If you’re among your friends, you always try to find some fun and whacky games to play when bored. Fun challenges and games guarantee an enjoyable time when friends get together. It allows for comfortable socializing and avoids any awkward spaces during the meeting. This article lists out a bunch of ideas that friends can … Read more

24 Team Building Exercises For School, College & Office

Team Building Exercises

Team building exercises can help a variety of age groups in multiple situations. The exercises can help build trust, improve communication, develop collective strategies, and help increase a feeling of belonging in the group. Sharing ideas, listening to other ideas, trying new things with an open mind, and working together for a common goal are … Read more

23 Night Games For Kids, Teens & Adults (Outdoor & Indoors)

23 Night Games For Kids, Teens & Adults (Outdoor & Indoors)

Night games come in handy to add that extra tinge of excitement to your camping trips, sleepover, and family reunions. During summertime, the days get really hot. Late evening and night games can help kids get the outdoor time they need and love. Choose from the fun games below for fun and enjoyment. Games for … Read more

24 Interesting Problem Solving Games

24 Interesting Problem Solving Games

Problem-solving skills are important for everyone be it the kids or adults! The following problem solving games and activities teach participants to come up with efficient solutions quicker and use their unique talents in a productive manner. The benefits of these activities are – Improves team work; Put participants face to face with complex situations … Read more

15 Conversation Games For A Fun Time

15 Conversation Games For A Fun Time

These conversation games are perfect icebreakers. A lot of the time when we are new to a place or group, we tend to gravitate towards our smartphones. Use these games to start conversations and socialize instead. These games can also be used to get family and friends closer together and off the digital world. Fostering … Read more

27 Fun Relay Race Games And Tips

Best Relay Race Games For Kids

Races, where players play in teams to achieve a task, are known as relay races. It is mandatory for both teams to have equal players for relay race games. Relay races can be played anywhere – day camps, school recesses, outdoor parties, and indoor get-togethers. These races help in building team spirit, communication skills, and … Read more

100+ Scavenger Hunt Clues

Scavenger Hunt Clues

Scavenger hunts are great for themed parties and stimulating children to keep them entertained and away from overtime on their gadgets. These hunts engage players and use their problem-solving and teamwork skills. Further, it strengthens language and communication skills as well. All age groups enjoy scavenger hunts if they are done right. One of the … Read more

32 FUN Drinking Games!

Fun Drinking Games

House parties come with the summer. This calls for a fun time drinking, eating, and eventually drinking games. Choosing fun games to play with family and friends while cooling down with your favorite drinks makes the summer a memorable time. The summer season and drinking parties are extremely popular among college students. They plan vacations … Read more