Common Things That are 14 Inches Long – How Long is 14 Inches?

How many times have we needed to know how long is 14 inches but we don’t have any measuring tape? In such situations, we can estimate how much is 14 inches. In this article, we will find such objects which will help us in getting out of such sticky situations in the future.

How Long is 14 Inches?

How Long is 14 Inches? 14 inches = 1.16667 = 0.355601016 meter = 35.5601016 cms = 0.38889 Yard

Common Things That are 14 Inches Long

Here are several things that can help you to understand the given measurement of 14 inches. Some of these examples are so common that you will be surprised that there were these objects always around you but you never knew that they were 14 inches long. When you look for examples that are 14 inches then you will have an idea of what the dimensions of 14 inches look like! Let us have a look at these objects given below!

1) 14″ Laptop Screen

14 inch Laptop
14-inch Laptop

All laptops that are 14 inches will help you to understand the measurement of the particular length. Laptop screens of 13,14,15 inches are present on the market and if you own a laptop then you will have an idea of what the measurement looks like! You can also go to the shop and showroom to have a look at what a 14 inches laptop looks like! A laptop screen is a great idea that we have here to define the length of 14 inches and is commonly observed by everyone.

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2) Wooden Bird Ladder Bridge

Some of them love to keep birds as pets in the house. This is an example that we have found useful for bird lovers. The wooden bird ladder bridges are used instead of cages. Now, these bird ladders are used when you do not wish to keep away the birds in the cages and let them sit free and enjoy their stay as your pet. These wooden bird ladder bridges are easily available in the pet store and some of the birds in the shops are also kept this way instead of held captive in the cage. This wooden bird ladder bridge is 14 inches and is useful for describing the measurement of a given value.

3) Ratchet


A ratchet is required when you are repairing the car! If you have a mechanics shop nearby then you must visit the shop and ask you to show the ratchet. These are exactly measuring 14 inches. These tools are widely used in mechanic shops for car maintenance. Hence if you own a car then you must have seen the ratchet at some point in your life. These are great for describing the size of 14 inches.

4) Necklace

We are fond of necklaces and they come in various shapes and forms. Some are made with metal while some are made with beads and or alloys. The general length of a necklace is 14 inches. The type of necklace varies depending on the occasion based on which you decide the kind of necklace. The necklaces are made in the length of 14 inches and they are useful for describing the length of the given measurement you are looking for! These necklaces are available in our house and hence you can just pick one to visualize what 14 inches looks like.

5) Medium-sized Pan Pizza


Did someone mention pizza? Yes, indeed when we are eating pizza then we simply can’t resist hogging it down. The medium-sized pizzas are good to describe the length of 14 inches. If you take a scale and measure the diameter of the pizza then you will see that it is exactly 14 inches or a little less but quite appropriate to make an idea about the size of 14 inches. Hence here is another example that we have which can best describe the measurement of 14 inches. Next time you have a pizza ordered at your place take a scale and measure it first before hogging it down!

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6) Heavy-duty Vehicle Tire

We have seen heavy-duty vehicles on the road as we were taking the highway on our road trip, isn’t it? Well, they are also useful for describing the size of 14 inches precisely. When we describe the diameter of the tire then we are talking about the rim and its diameter. This is a perfect example to cite when we are taking a look around us and thinking about common objects around us that can be used for defining the length of 14 inches.

7) Two-average sized Bananas


We all love to eat bananas for breakfast! They are healthy and are used for making pancakes and desserts. You can also use them for fruit salads that are highly nutritious to enjoy for a light snack or appetizer. Next them before you peel off the banana and chop it into pieces remember to measure their size with a scale. You shall see that each of them is about 7 inches in length. Hence if you have two such bananas placed in a line then you will be able to estimate the total length of 14 inches.

8) Shoe Racks

Shoe racks are highly needed in the house for estimating the size of 14 inches. They are very essential for functionally setting up the shoes in proper order. This is a great example for you to estimate the size of 14 inches. The shoe racks are present in different sizes but they are also available in the small size of 14 inches. Hence here we have another example that is perfect to describe the size of 14 inches properly. You can take a scale and measure the 14 inches of shoe rack in your house for reference.

9) Toaster

We need a toaster for baking bread loaves and they are very useful for determining the size of 14 inches. Toasters are what you need right in the morning to begin your day! Thus we can assume that you are aware of what a toaster may look like! If you do not have a toaster in your house then you can visit an appliance shop so that you can see the shape and size of toasters. Generally, they are made of the given size of 14 inches and are useful for describing what the measurement looks like!

10) Brake Hose

A brake hose is installed near the wheel and it is generally made of rubber. This is different from the general brake which travels the entire distance of the car. The brake hose is a great example that we can pick for describing the size of 14 inches. The durability of these brake hoses depends on how well you are maintaining your car as a result these hoses can last up to years. Hence here is another example that we can pick to describe the size of 14 inches precisely with a suitable object that we commonly see.

11) Aquarium

Fishkeepers store fish and aquatic plants in the aquarium! These are a miniature of the underwater environment where artificially ornamental fishes are stored. The aquarium is used for storing colorful fishes and they beautify the room even more. The length of the sides of the aquarium is 14 inches if you are opting for a small aquarium for the residence. Although different-sized aquariums are available in the store, you can find the 14 inches one from the store and display it in the house. Check the 14 inches of the aquarium to understand what the size of 14 inches looks like.

12) Length of 4 Credit Cards

Credit Card (4 inches)
Credit Card (4 inches)

The size of the credit cards is used to describe different lengths. Visa cards and credit cards are more or less of the same size and if you wish to get an idea about what 14 inches look like then you have to take three identical credit cards in a like. The average length of each of these cards is 3.5 inches thus if you can draw a line beginning and end with the four cards then you will get the exact measurement of 14 inches.

13) Height of a Bowling Pin (Almost)

Bowling Pin
Bowling Pin

Bowling is a very popular game that we all have heard about! If you have the opportunity to visit the bowling alley then you are aware of the game! One needs to roll the ball on the pathway which goes and drops the bowling pins under discussion! The more pins dropped, the greater the score of the player. The height of these bowling pins is 15 inches which is just one inch more than the required height of 14 inches. Hence you can be approximated to estimate the size of 14 inches with a bowling pin.

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14) Three Soda Cans

Soda Cans
Soda Cans

All of us love to drink soda when it is extremely hot outside! If you visit a supermarket then you will find soda juices of different flavors. Now take three of these cans and place them on top of another! The height that you will get is 14 inches. This is a great example of describing the height of 14 inches precisely. Since all of us buy soda cans it becomes easier for us to take three out of the refrigerator to estimate the total height of 14 inches.

15) Thirteen Bottle Caps


Bottle caps are the most commonly seen items in the house. We all use plastic bottles and some of us are obsessed with cold drinks so having soda bottles in the house is very likely. Now if you have a look at these bottle caps they are tiny and measure up to 29.6 millimeters. This is very slightly more than an inch( 1.165 inches). Thus if you wish to get an idea of the length of 14 inches then you have to line thirteen such bottles in a row and mark the start and end points. Draw a straight line to join the points and then measure it with a scale! You will see that the line measures 14 inches.

16) Two Bricks

Bricks are used for the construction of pillars, buildings, and towers. We spot brick every other day at a construction site or where repair work is going on. The length of the bricks helps determine the size of 14 inches. Now if you notice, the length of each of the bricks will be 7 inches and you need to align two such bricks in a row along the length axis to get the total length of 14 inches when measured with a scale.

17) A Baseball Bat

Baseball Bat
Baseball Bat

An entire baseball bat measures up to 32 inches and if you have a local sports shop in the area then you will find these bats easily. If you can imagine half of the bat then there you shall have an idea of what 14 inches might look like approximately. Some of us as kids have played baseball in our locality and thus we know what this bat looks like! It is made of wood or steel and ranges up to the standard length of 42 inches for professional players.

18) 7 Pool Ball

Pool ball
Pool Ball

Billiards or pool is a famous indoor game that you must have seen in movies! If you have a games room in your apartment or you have played pool at college then you will know what the pool balls look like and the rules of the game! It is seen that the pool balls have a diameter of 2 inches. If you wish to visualize the length of 14 inches then you have to use seven identical pool balls. They are adjusted in a line and if you measure that line it will be equivalent to 4 inches.

19) Fourteen Paper Clips

Paper Clip
Paper Clip

We need paper lips every day! They are used for clipping loose papers and documents together. Each of these paper clips is one inch and thus if you have fourteen of them in a straight line then you will get the estimated length of 14 inches.

20) Five Golf Tees

Golf tees
Golf tees

If you have played a game of golf or seen one then you must be knowing the usage of the golf tee. The height of each golf tee is 2.75 inches. Five golf tees together will give the length of 14 inches.

21) Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven
Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven is a heavy-duty thick-walled cooking pot with a tight-fitted lid and handles on both sides. It is made mostly of cast iron. The pot has a thick base and walls to retain the heat. It is mostly used for browning, braising, roasting, baking, and even simmering.

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