How long is 12 inches?

The measurement of twelve inches to be precise is equivalent to one foot and you can find several objects around you that measure the height or length of 12 inches. Here are several objects around us that we can take up to describe and estimate the dimension of 12 inches. It is almost close to the size of the ruler and hence you will be able to imagine what the size of twelve inches indeed looks like.

12 inches compared to common objects

We have several examples listed below that you can pick to describe the length of a given dimension.

1) Long Ruler

Long Ruler
Long Ruler

The long ruler is a part of essential stationery that is required by the students in school. You must have used it yourself for geometry problems in mathematics as well. We all have at least one long ruler in our houses. These rulers can be made of steel, wood, or plastic. The length of the ruler is thirty centimeters or one foot. You can also find these rulers with the tailors who use them for drawing long straight lines on the piece of cloth. A thirty centimeters ruler is exactly equivalent to 12 inches and thus a good example that you can pick to describe the length of 12 inches.

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2) 12 inch Zip ties

Zip Ties
Zip Ties

You must see these zip ties in pictures or when you visit the mall. They are used for enclosing the mouth of the polythene plastic bag before you are allowed to enter or leave the supermarket. The zip ties are called the cable ties because they are also used for binding several cable wires together in one place. They are also used for binding the luggage together, etc. Now the standard length of the zip ties is 12 inches and good to cite as an example.

3) Bread Loaf

The loaf of bread is made in different sizes and shapes. The pan sizes determine the shape in which the bread loaf will be baked. You will find the one-pound bread loaf is usually made up to the length of 12 inches. Thus, here is another example that you can cite to describe the length of 12 inches with common objects that are present around us. You can visit a bakery to have a look at different sizes of bread and learn about the 12 inches long ones from the storekeeper.

4) Two-litre Soda bottles

We all love the flavor of the soda and every refrigerator in every household has a bottle of soda if not two in the summers. As you note, the size of the soda bottles is manufactured with a constant size according to the capacity of liquid they can hold. It is seen that a standard length of 12 inches or one foot is maintained constant for a soda bottle of 2-liter capacity. Hence here we have another example that can be used to describe the length of 12 inches by comparing it with the height of the bottle.

5) US size 14 men’s shoes

Shoes are manufactured and sold in the shop according to the required foot size of individuals walking in the store for purchasing shoes. Different shoes have different numbers assigned to the shoes to denote a particular fixed length of the foot. Here it is observed that the size 14 shoes for men have a constant size of 12 inches. Hence men who have a feet size of 12 inches can fit their feet inside such shoes. Thus we have another example here to describe the length of 12 inches with different objects around us.

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6) A foot-long subs

Sub Sandwiches
Sub Sandwiches

Whenever we are hungry the yummiest and healthiest takeaway is the subway sub. If you are too hungry and have a good appetite then you must have ordered a 12-inch sub or a one-foot sub. So the next time you are ordering at the subway before you hog down the entire content of the pack, take a scale and measure the size of the subway sub which will be equivalent to 12 inches. Hence we have found another example that we can pick to describe the dimension of 12 inches with objects found around us.

7) Two US Dollar bills

1 US dollar bill
1 US dollar bill

Dollar bills are notes of currency that are used in the USA. These notes are all of the same sizes and manufactured with a constant dimension given the value of the bills. If you wish to know the size of 12 inches and do not have a ruler with you for measurement then you must take two such bills and align them along their length axis and measure the straight line which will be equivalent to the length of 12 inches. Thus here is another good example to cite for describing the length of 12 inches.

8) 12 Hockey Pucks

Common things that measure 9 inches long
Hockey Pucks

If you are a professional hockey player or played the game in your childhood then you must have seen the hockey pucks. Even as you watch a hockey match on television, the pucks are visible. They are hit by the hockey stick for scores. Now the height of each of the pucks is one inch and hence if you can align twelve such pucks one on top of another like a tower then the additive height of the entire puck tower of twelve pucks will be equivalent to 12 inches in measurement.

9) Length of two Balls Pointed pens

We all need pens at offices, school, colleges, and at home for writing different things on paper. These ball pointed pens are manufactured of a fixed size and they are usually of the measurement of 6 inches. Thus if you can collect two such identical balls pointed pens then you can align them in a single straight line and the measurement will be equal to 12 inches. Hence here is another example that we have picked to describe the length of 12 inches with commonly found objects around us. So the ball-pointed pens are picked as examples.

10) Toaster oven

A toaster oven is a small device that is used for cooking small items. The oven toasters are used in daily life in the kitchen and you can take them as a visual example to understand the length of 12 inches. The toaster oven is used to describe the dimension of the twelve inches and help you to imagine the size of that kind. If you can imagine a toaster oven in your mind then you will be able to realize the length of 12 inches that we are talking about by using the instance of the toaster oven.

11) A Skillet

A skillet is a utensil that is used for cooking delicious recipes like mac and cheese or something stir fry. A skillet has a slanted edge and you can easily find it in the utensil store. These skillets have a size of 12 inches which is useful for describing the given size of 12 inches. Hence we have a very good example that we can pick to describe the length of 12 inches. Since you can very easily spot a skillet in the kitchen or the store, you can easily guesstimate the size of the 12 inches.

12) Wall Clock

Wall clocks are present everywhere in offices, schools, or homes. The wall clocks are manufactured in different sizes and shapes according to the preference of the buyers and the trend of the market. The most common watches that we come across are the 6 inches diameter wall clocks which are exactly half the size of 12 inches. We have also come across 12 inches diameter wall clocks which can be taken up as an ideal example that you will be easily able to estimate the size of the given length that we need.

13) Towel Bars

A towel bar is used for holding or hanging the towel in the bathroom while you are there for a refreshing shower. These bars are usually made of metal and water-resistant so they are well suited to be used in the bathroom. The bath towels are kept on the towel bars and they are usually of the size of 12 inches. Commonly the size of the towel bars varies in length but most are standardized to a particular size of 12 inches or one foot. These towel bars can very easily fit in a small bathroom as well where the wall space is less.

14) Yoga Blocks

The yoga blocks are defined as the props or the tools that are commonly used for performing yoga sessions. These props help balance and are required in various postures. The yoga blocks are made with different materials and in different shapes according to the preference of the user. However, we have also come across the twelve-inch long blocks which are used by yoga enthusiasts for the different movements and steps. Hence here we add another example to the list of objects that can be used to describe and value the size of 12 inches in length.

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15) LED light strips

The LED lights are more efficient than a normal incandescent lamp and we can save much more energy and keep the electricity bill in check. These LED lights are available in different forms and shapes from tubes to bulbs. Here we are talking about the light strips which are as long as 12 inches and are used to imagine the given length of 12 inches with suitable examples around us. These lights are fixed in modern homes where the residents are interested in looking for efficient options for saving the total power generated in the house.

16) Box fans

Box fans are small in size and a tiny version of the general fan that is used in our houses. If you have a small space that needs cooling, that is when the box fans come into use. These fans are personalized and efficient to be used in a small and compact region. You must note that the cost of the box fans is pretty much affordable and easily available in the market. These box fans are fitted in the hole cut into a window as well so that the smoke and odor from inside the room can be removed and fresh air can enter the house.

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