60 inches in Feet

As you are learning to convert the given values in a certain unit to others, we shall see how to convert the 60 inches in feet. The process is simple and you shall be needing to follow some basic steps that will help you to understand the process clearly and apply it for yourself.

A certain relation exists between the different units of measurement and here we shall be making use of them to understand how to convert the provided data to feet. Let us check out the process.

How many feet is 60 inches?

What is 60 inches in Feet? 60 feet is equal to 5 feet

Basic concepts of conversion

  • As we are converting the given data of 60 inches to feet, have first had to see which unit is greater and which one is smaller.
  • Here, in this case, it is determined that feet are the greater unit and inches are the smaller ones.
  • We can use two methods to convert the given data of 60 inches to feet.
  • In both cases, we shall be needing the relationship that exists between the numbers.
  • Here we see that 1 foot are equivalent to 12 inches, which is the required relation in this case.
  • Now let us get into the nitty-gritty of the process first.

Method #1- Unitary Method

1 foot = 12 inches

In the given case, 60 inches need to be converted to feet.


If 12 inches = 1foot

Then, 1 inches= 1/12 foot

Therefore, 60 inches = (1/12)÷60 feet

Or, 60 inches = 60/12 = 5 inches

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Method #2: Using the relation between them

Since we already know that feet are a greater unit than inches we shall see that when we are converting from a greater unit to a smaller, we need to use the method of division with the given data and the value of the relation between them.

Let us see how the process is done.

1 foot = 12 inches

There, 60 inches will be 60 ÷ 12= 5 feet.

Through both the processes we see that the result is 5 feet.

Hence when we convert the value of the given data 60 inches to feet, we obtain the result of 5 feet.

Both the methods are applicable for you to yield the right answer and you can use either of the processes to determine the result of the conversion of 60 inches to feet.

You can grasp the concept even better if you keep practicing the method with different numerical values and try and convert them to feet from inches and vice versa. The processes are simple and you must keep practicing them so that you may use the same technique to convert the data in the unit of inches to the unit of feet in the metric system.

Here we may conclude that 1 foot is equivalent to 12 inches and thus the value of 60 inches will result in 5 feet when converted to the higher unit.

Final results: 60 inches= 5 feet through the process of conversion

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