How Much is a Liter? Common Items That Hold 1 Liter

There are several objects and containers that we see around us which can hold a liquid that measures one liter.

How Big is 1 liter?

A liter is equal to 1000 ml.

How Much is a Liter? 1 liter = 1000 ml or 1 liter = 0.264172 US gallon or 1 liter = 33.814 US oz

Common Household Items That Hold 1 Liter

When asked to know how much is a liter, finding these objects as examples becomes a tedious task. There is a solution that you have found to the problem.

Here are listed below some of the commonly spotted containers or articles that are capable of containing one liter of fluid in them. Let us check out these articles that we have shared below. They are easily spotted around us and thus convenient to cite as an example.

1) Half of a two-liter Soda Bottle

In western countries, the size of the large soda bottles is standardized to a particular size which is two liters. Hence if we take such an empty soda bottle and fill it up to the brim with water then the entire bottle can accommodate a liquid of up to two liters. Hence if we fill half of the bottle then it will occupy a volume of one liter. Thus we can take up the example of two-liter soda bottles which can be easily used to hold a liquid of one liter. If you have one two-liter soda bottle in your house then you can easily use it for storing water of the same measurement.

2) One-litre Milk Cartons

One-litre Milk Cartons
One-litre Milk Cartons

These one-liter milk cartons are usually made of paper and are available in the grocery store. However, you have to use the entire content after opening the lid within two to three days. The milk that is held in such containers is of the volume of one liter.

One gallon is equivalent to four liters and such huge milk cartons are also found in the store. So the next time you need to add water to a certain recipe then you can fill the empty one-gallon milk carton one-fourth its height and you will have the volume of one liter.

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3) Cleaning and Spray bottles in the home

We often use liquid spray bottles which are used as surface disinfectants. All the liquid soaps for cleaning the dishes or spraying on the surface of the glass come in bottles of different sizes. These plastic bottles also have a capacity of one liter and can be again refilled with the liquid once the previous one is over the volume of one liter.

Sometimes these bottles are also of the capacity of 32 ounces which is equivalent to one liter. Hence we can take these surface disinfectant bottles as examples of one-liter containers.

4) Shampoo and Soap bottles

Shampoo and Soap bottles

The shopping malls and grocery stores sell shampoo bottles and liquid soaps and body washes of different sizes and brands. If you are planning to stock up for an entire month then you usually have one-liter cans. These one-liter shampoo bottles can hold any liquid up to the volume of one liter. You can also later refill it with more shampoo as the previous one gets over gradually over time.

5) Number 3 Cans

In western countries, cans for food storage are standardized in different shapes and capacities according to a particular number designated to the cans. If we look at the number three cans then they are much larger. These cans can hold a measurement of one liter. These cans which are usually available in the store with food like dry pineapple, or pickles for cooking can be later washed once the content is over and used to store any liquid at home up to the volume of one liter. Thus this is a good example of one-liter containers in our houses.

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6) Ziploc Bags

These days we have widely started making use of plastic ziplock bags. Sometimes you can use them for storing stationery or sometimes they can also be used as a folder to store valuable documents.

The ziplock pouches are also required for storing food items like bananas and fish to keep them fresh for longer hours. As these pouches are airtight they have been used in many places at home. The average volume of these pouches is one quart which is equivalent to one liter. Hence you can fill them up with water up to one liter to check their overall capacity and cite it as a suitable example.

7) 1 Liter Ice Cream tubs

1 Liter Ice Cream tubs

Yummy! Did someone just mention ice cream tubs! Yes, you heard it right! The ice cream containers that we bring home as we all know are manufactured in different sizes. These plastic containers can be washed once you have logged down the content and then used for storing other materials in the household. We can speak of the one-liter ice cream cans that are large and you can later reuse them for storing oil or any fluid of one-liter volume.

8) Food Storage Containers

The food storing containers are made of plastic or fiber depending on the preference of the buyers for the quality of the product. These containers come to different uses, for example, you may need them for storing small and big trinkets. From Spices to fish you can need these containers for storing versatile kinds of products. These containers as you will notice are often marked with the sign of 32 oz. This is actually the capacity of the container we are talking about. 32 ounces is equivalent to one liter and thus these food storing containers have a capacity of one liter.

9) 4 large 9 oz Baby Milk Bottles

4 large 9 oz Baby Milk Bottles
4 large 9 oz Baby Milk Bottles

Baby milk bottles are used for feeding milk to toddlers. These bottles are comparatively small and measure up to 9 ounces. Thus four such milk bottles will measure a total capacity of 32 oz. This measurement of volume is equivalent to 1 liter and thus here is another example that we can use to describe the objects which have a capacity of 1 liter. Four such baby milk bottles together can measure up to the total volume of the one-liter container that we are here to describe with suitable examples.

10) Glass Jars

We often need glass jars in our house to store water or serve juice in the morning for breakfast. These jars are of different sizes and shapes. The capacity of the glass jars also varies considerably and so does the look of these objects. While some glass jars are exquisite and fancy, some of them are plain and meant for regular use.

You shall find one-liter glass jars in the stores which can be described as a proper example of containers and objects that we used in our houses to store fluid like water or juice in one liter. Some of us also use these one-liter glass jars to store oil in the kitchen.

11) Water bottle or Thermos Flasks

1 Liter Thermos Flasks
1 Liter Thermos Flasks

The thermos flasks that we have in our house are used for keeping a fluid warm for a long time. You can even use these thermos flasks to store cold water on a hot summer day as you are out picnicking with your friends and family. Water bottles and thermos flasks are manufactured in all shapes though the one-liter ones are more commonly spotted making them a very useful household object and a good example of one-liter containers.

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12) Oil Bottles

The oil bottles that we buy from the store are of different sizes. Sometimes sunflower, soya bean, or rice bran, each of these types of oil is sold in packets or a bottle. Thus if you visit a grocery store then there is a chance that you will be able to observe these containers of one-liter capacity. These oil bottles are washable and you can again refill them with more and more packets of oil. So the next time you are in the kitchen does not forget to observe these one-liter oil bottles that are required in the kitchen for cooking.

13) One-litre Room Freshener Bottles

These spray cans of room freshener are extremely important for keeping our house fresh and pleasant all day. After mopping you might need these perfumes to give a distinguished and pleasant odor to the rooms. Especially in the monsoon season when the rooms feel damp, the need for the room freshener is enhanced. These bottles or cans are manufactured in different shapes and sizes and have different capacities of the liquid as well. You can also cite this as an example for one-liter containers as we have one-liter room fresheners available in the stores.

14) Insect Sprays and Pesticides

Insect Sprays and Pesticides
Insect Sprays and Pesticides

If you have a garden next to your house then you must be aware of all the components and major requirements of maintaining a lawn. Hence you must have also seen these pesticide cans which carry liquid sprays or insecticides for protecting the plants and young saplings from the attack of insects. The larger cans are of the volume of one liter. Hence here we have another example to describe the volume of one liter with a container or object in our household which has a capacity of one liter.