How Long is 16 inches? 20 Common objects that are 16 inches long

So, how long is 16 inches? The measurement of 16 inches is quite long and several items around us are manufactured in the size of 16 inches. These objects are useful in estimating 16 inches when needed.

How long is 16 inches?

How many feet is 16 inches? 16 inches = 1.33333 Ft

20 Common objects that are 16 inches long

If you wish to know what are the objects around us that are 16 inches then you have to go through the examples that we have mentioned below. These objects are used by us to describe and estimate the length of 16 inches around us. Let us have a look at them so the next time we are asked what the length of 16 inches looks like we have several examples that we can cite as an observer.

1) 16-inch Metal Rim of the Car Wheel

16-inch Metal Rim of the Car Wheel
16-inch Metal Rim of the Car Wheel

A metal rim is fitted on the wheel of the car such that it is more durable and resistant to tough surfaces. The metal sheet is welded and turned into a rim so that it can be fitted around the wheel. These rims have a length of 16 inches. They are then bent and molded in a circular shape. Hence we can say that the length of the rim is equivalent to 16 inches which one can use to describe the length of 16 inches. Most standard-size cars possess the 16 inches metal rims.

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2) Aspen Logs

Here we will study a particular kind of wood that is generally used for the production of papers. Obtaining the Populus genus, the logs of these trees are cut at a standard size of 16 inches. The wood from the aspen trees is very durable and thus popular in the market. The lumberjacks size the wooden logs of aspen measuring 16 inches. Since this wood is also resistant to fire it is used for making packing boxes, matches, and papers widely. The logs of the aspen tree are 16 inches and hence a good example that we can cite.

3) Accordion Wall Hanger

Accordion Wall Hanger
Accordion Wall Hanger

The Accordion wall hangers are the latest technology to make use of the wall space to hang some clothes, towels, etc. These wall hangers are very sophisticated and stylish so you can buy one of your choices. They are made of plastic mainly and are available in different colors. Durable and strong, the holding capacity of these hangers is very impressive. The length of the Accordion wall hanger is 16 inches and since they are easily available on the market they are used as a good example.

4) A sixteen-inch Pizza

A sixteen-inch Pizza
A sixteen-inch Pizza

Yes, your dream has indeed come true and you have purchased a 16 inches pizza to enjoy all by yourself. Visit a pizza parlor or order it home, the sixteen inches pizzas are very delicious and big so you can have a fulfilling dinner. If you are a fan of pizza then you must have seen 16 inches of flatbread and thus have an idea of what we are talking about. Here we have picked up the example 16 inches pizza to describe the measurement of 16 inches with something tempting and tasty!

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5) Two Business Envelopes

Business Envelopes
Business Envelopes

You must have seen the long white or yellow business envelopes! If you haven’t, then you must visit a stationery store to buy one for yourself! In fact, two as we need exactly two business envelopes to describe the size of 16 inches. Now the length of each envelope is 8 inches so if you have got two then you can arrange them in a straight line along their length axis and the total length that you will get is 16 inches. Mark the start and the end of the line and draw a straight line to estimate the measurement of 16 inches with a scale.

6) Necklaces

We all love to wear different kinds of necklaces. While some of the necklaces are thin and simple, many are heavy, elegant, and gorgeous. The standard length of the necklaces is 18 inches although you can buy yourself a shorter version of the same. The slightly shorter necklaces are generally 16 inches in length and a good example that we have here to describe the size of 16 inches. If you are still confused then grab one of your necklaces, hold it straight and measure the length with your scale to be confirmed.

7) Taslan shorts

The typical shorts made with Taslan material are mainly used when you are planning to work out. It is comfortable and certainly more absorbent than any other clothes. This polyester woven material is the ideal fabric especially if you are going to have a long sweaty day in the gym. The typical Taslan shorts are of the length of 16 inches and are easily available in the market. You can even order them from the online stores and we have used them as an example to describe objects that are 16 inches long.

8) 16 inches MacBook Pro

16 inches MacBook Pro
16 inches MacBook Pro

Now you can easily spot the Macbook Pro by apple in the online stores or if you visit the market by yourself. With the latest technology, the MacBook is equipped to solve all of your queries. The latest models are designed with a size of 16 inches if measured from one diagonal to another. They are also spotted on the television as you watch the advertisement or when you have one for yourself. Hence here we have an electronic object that is used every day that can be taken as an example to describe the length of 16 inches easily.

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9) Bowling pins

Bowling Pin
Bowling Pin

If you visited a bowling alley then you must have seen these bowling pins that are propped at the end of the bowling lane. The bowling pins are usually 15″ long. So you can estimate the size of 16 inches when required.

The player aims to pick the ball and roll it on the pathway such that it goes and hits a maximum number of pins at the end of the alley. There are ten pins at a time and as an expert, you can hit all of them in one go.

10) Wrench

A wrench is a tool that is used to tighten the bolts and nuts. It helps you to get a better grip over the small nails and bolts and drive it deep into the surface. You can find a wrench in the toolbox in your house or if you visit a hardware store you can still get one wrench for yourself since it is a very essential tool. These wrenches are usually manufactured with a standard size of 16 inches and hence we have picked it up here as an example that will help you to understand and estimate the given length effectively.

11) Two Bananas

As we all know that bananas are rich in nutrients and contain vitamin C, pectin, and B6. So the next time you are enjoying bananas for your breakfast, make sure that you measure the size of the fruit before you slice them for breakfast. The average length of the entire banana is about 8 inches which makes you need about two bananas to approximately imagine the size of 16 inches. Place the two bananas on paper and draw a straight line for their additive length. You will observe that the length of the line is more or less around the measurement of 16 inches.

12) Eight Business Cards

Business cards are used by officials to represent their identity or required by companies and firms. Either way, you must have seen and do have an idea of what business cards look like. Now we are going to focus on the length of the business cards which is about 2 inches. So if you can collect eight such business cards then you will be able to construct a line which will measure exactly eight inches and help you to estimate the required measurement.

13) 16 Loonies

Loonies are coins that are used in Canada. If you are a resident of Canada or had the opportunity to visit the location then you must have seen what loonies look like in real life. They are Canadian $1 coins which are golden in hue. The diameter of a single loonie is one inch and hence if you can collect 16 such loonies then your job is done. Now you need to align the 16 loonies in a straight row and mark the start and the endpoint with two dots. Then you need to join the two dots and when you measure this line with a scale you will get the measurement of 16 inches.

14) One-fourth as tall as a Refrigerator

We all have refrigerators in our houses as it helps us keep the good fresh and enjoy cold drinks and refreshments like desserts. It is time for you to have a look at the refrigerator in your house to draw a comparison between its size and that of the measurement of 16 inches. The average height of the fridge is estimated to be 70.50 inches. Hence we see that the measurement of 16 inches is about one-fourth the size of the refrigerator.

15) One-fifth as long as a Full-sized Bed

The average length of the full-sized twin beds is 75 inches. Now there are different sizes and shapes of beds that are available in the market depending on the preference of the buyer and the need for space by the number of occupants. Here we are discussing the double bedding queen sizes beds which possess a length of 75 inches. When compared with the length of the bed, the measurement of 16 inches is ⅕th the size of the bed.

16) Approximately one-fifth of a Christmas Tree

We all need Christmas trees in our houses as we gear up for the winter celebrations. The artificial Christmas trees are available in different sizes according to the space that is present inside our house. The average height of these artificial Christmas Trees is 91 inches and when you compare the height of the tree with the given length of 16 inches then it is observed that 16 inches are ⅕th the size of the tree. Hence we have another example here to describe the 16 inches with easily found examples around us.

17) Seven and a half times the size of the Golf Tee

Golf Tee
Golf Tee

If you are a regular player or take interest in golf then you have seen golf tees several times in your life. Now we will be observing the height of these golf tees to draw a comparison and explain the length of 16 inches. The height of each of the golf tees is 2.10 inches and hence if you can imagine seven and a half such golf tees one above the other then you will be able to estimate the length of 16 inches approximately.

18) One-tenth as tall as Beetle( Volkswagen)

Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen Beetle

This is a very popular model of the car that you must have seen in the showroom or on the road. It is even better for us to explain if you are the owner of one such car. The length of the Beetles car is 160.60 inches. Hence with some calculation, we see that the measurement of 16 inches is exactly one-tenth the size of the length of the car. Hence here we have the example of a 16 inches object that can be used to describe the given length.

19) One-fifteenth the length of the Giraffe


The giraffe is the tallest animal and one of the most fascinating kinds that walk on the planet. Now the height of the giraffe is 220 inches and when we compare the length of 16 inches with 220 inches it is seen that the measurement is 1/15th the length of the height of the giraffe.

20) One-twenty-fifth the size of the Telephone pole

Telephone Pole
Telephone Pole

The length of a telephone pole is 430 inches. Hence if we compare the height of 430 inches with 16 inches it is seen that 16 inches is about 1/25th times the height of the pillar in other words, the height of the telephone pole is 25 times greater than the measurement of 16 inches.

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