Two Truths And A Lie (150+ Examples & Ideas)

‘Two Truths And A Lie’ game serves as a fun icebreaker for groups of all sizes and ages. Through the game, one can learn many secrets and understand the personality of other players. Therefore, it can also be played while forming new work teams and embarking on group projects.

It serves as a fun icebreaker and increases interpersonal interactions and understanding. The game can be played indoors or outdoors and does not need any prior preparation.

How Many Players Needed for 2 Truths and a Lie?

The ideal number of people for the game is six to ten.

How To Play Two Truths And A Lie (Instructions & Rules)?

This fun icebreaker game is simple to play. Players must give three statements about themselves. One of them must be a lie. Other players must try to guess which statement is a lie.

To start, sit in a circle with all the players. The game can be played anywhere – outdoors, indoors, around a table, on the floor, etc. If it is the first time that the group is getting together or there are new members joining the group, make sure to have an introduction session. This way, all members feel more comfortable giving information about themselves.

After the introductory session of the players, introduce the game. Make sure that all players are familiar with the rules. To make understanding easier, try and give examples of easy statements like – I have a husband; I have won a beauty pageant; I have never traveled abroad.

After giving the statements, explain that the others must guess the lie. Once they try to guess, announce which is the lie. If the group has to intimately work together after the game, exchanging stories about the true statements will serve to build connection and trust among the players.

After everyone has introduced themselves and understood the game, start the game. Turn by turn, all players in the circle give their statements and others guess which is a lie.

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Variations Of The Game

If all players are already familiar with the game, variations can be made to spice it up.

Two Truths And A Wish

In this variation, players must give three statements. Out of the three, two must be true. The other statement must be a lie that the player wishes were true. For example, a person that has never done water sports but wants to have such adventures would say, ‘I went parasailing in Nepal‘.

This version of the game is best played among people who are familiar with each other. It allows for people to understand each other more and form deeper connections.

Icebreaking Two Truths And A Lie

This variation of the game is best suited for mixers and social parties where everyone may not know each other. Pencils, papers, notepads, and pins will be required for this variation to take place.

Players are required to write three statements about themselves on the piece of paper and pin them to their clothes. As a conversation starter, members of the group can begin to guess the lie of the three statements. To add to the fun, members of the party can ask each other if they remember names and untrue statements.

Parties and other social gatherings become more fun with the help of this icebreaker game.

Truth, Truth, And Truth

As children, building vocabulary and understanding the multiple meanings of words are important to build a sound understanding of language. This variation of the game helps using the same vocabulary in different ways thereby, serving as a building block to language learning.

In this variation, the group is asked to write three true statements about the category given to them. For example, write three scary statements; write three statements including your favorite color, etc. Students of the class read out the statements they have written.

The game not only serves educational purposes but is also entertaining and helps children build social skills and connections.

Student Variation

This game can also be used as an icebreaker for a class that has been formed newly. Students can be split into groups of 4-5 people. Since the class is new, students will not be familiar with each other. Therefore, randomly assigning groups will be an easier way of splitting the groups.

Once they are in groups, ask the students to play the game of two truths and one lie among themselves. Give them 15-20 minutes to exchange their statements and stories. This will serve as the first round.

The second round can be held in two ways. First, the group can choose one member whose stories they find to be interesting to share with the whole class. The other option is to get members of the group to share each other’s statements and stories with the class. The second option will take more time. Therefore, choose the second round according to the time you have in class.

This variation will bring the students in class closer together and help hone social and communication skills.

Two Truths And A Lie on Tinder app

Two truths and a lie can also be played on the popular dating app Tinder

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Two Truths And A Lie Tips

The game is more exciting if the others find it harder to guess which statements are true and which is the lie. Here are some tips to make your statements confusing to other players.

  • While making the statements, include an outrageous and shocking statement. The other two statements should be average and mundane. Make a sharp contrast between the mundane and outrageous statements. The catch is that one of the mundane statements is the lie. The other players may assume that the outrageous statement is the lie.
  • This next tip is the opposite of the previous one. Make two outrageous statements – one true and one untrue. The third statement must be mundane. The mundane option will be true. Like the previous tip, make sure that the contrast between the outrageous and mundane is stark. Players are likely to pick the mundane one.
  • This third tip is very reliable. Make two statements that are outrageous and both of them must be true. Make the lie mundane and easily believable. Other players are more likely to think that one of the outrageous statements is a lie.
  • One simple trick that can help is to prevent keeping your lie for the last statement. Lie in the first or second statement.
  • If the game goes on for more than one round, make sure to switch up the position of the wrong statement.
  • If you’re playing with people you know, try and twist minor details in the untrue statement.
  • Keep all your statements short and sweet.
  • Keep a control on your facial expressions and narrative style. Keep them constant for all the statements.

Two Truths And A Lie Examples

Two Truths And A Lie Ideas & Examples
2 Truths And A Lie Ideas & Examples

Following will be an exhaustive list of 2 truths and a lie examples of statements you can use during a game. Reframe the sentences to suit you. The examples are sorted into categories for the convenience of browsing.

Truths & Lies About You And Family Life

  • I am not a twin.
  • I used to live in Ohio.
  • I did not graduate college.
  • I shaved my brother’s eyebrow.
  • I spent my teenage years on an island.
  • I built a treehouse with my father.
  • I was born in India.
  • Spanish is my family’s first language.
  • My dad is a twin.
  • I am left-handed.
  • I was a child actor.
  • I have a pilot’s license.
  • My family vacations in Hawaii every year.
  • I am a vegetarian.
  • I went to prom in a $50 dress.
  • I went to school with Miley Cyrus.
  • My childhood aspiration was to be a teacher.
  • I have a lucky jacket.
  • My dad used to work as an undercover detective.
  • As a child, I grew up on the countryside.
  • I had five cows on my childhood farm.
  • I have never been on a plane.
  • My brother and I shared a bunk bed as kids.
  • My favourite field visit used to be the planetarium.
  • I have a tattoo of my ex-boyfriend’s name.
  • My aunt taught me how to ride a horse.
  • I used to wear braces
  • I used to stammer
  • I used to top my class every year

Truths & Lies About Sports & games

  • I run 5 miles every day.
  • I can do a back flip.
  • I can hold my breath underwater for 1.5 minutes.
  • I competed as an athlete in college.
  • I go deep sea diving every six months.
  • I am a beer pong champion.
  • I like bird hunting.
  • I love to go trekking.
  • I played football in school.
  • I came first in a marathon.
  • I am a ballet dance who has performed on stage.
  • I can change tyres.
  • I am a certified sky diving instructor.
  • I have competed and won in international chess competitions.
  • I knit my family scarves every Christmas.
  • I am fluent with gymnastics tricks on the beam.

Truths & Lies About Skills, Abilities, talents And Achievements

Here are some two truths and a lie examples for work or college

  • I go to Pilates every day.
  • I can play the harp.
  • I have published a collection of short stories.
  • I graduated from a Ivy League college.
  • I have a pop hit single.
  • I have acted in theatrical drama.
  • I have read more than 500 books and I own them all.
  • I graduated college with a full scholarship.
  • I have a perfect SAT score.
  • I was double promoted in middle school.
  • I bought a new house today.
  • I can ride a quad bike.
  • I speak, write, and understand 4 languages.
  • I appeared in a commercial.
  • I won my local beauty pageant.
  • I dropped out of college to start my own business.
  • I have won a dance contest.
  • I have won a knot opening contest.
  • I have had only one job interview – the one I have right now.
  • I have three degrees.
  • I still have student loan debt.
  • I was Homecoming King.
  • I foster puppies and kittens.
  • I have met the Governor.
  • I was the school valedictorian.
  • I can solve rubik’s cube puzzle

Truths & Lies Unique Statements

  • I am colour blind.
  • I was stung by seven bees because I stepped on the hive.
  • I am a ventriloquist and have 9 puppets.
  • I have tropophobia.
  • I hate the colour green.
  • I have visited 29 countries and all the continents.
  • I do not own a television.
  • I do my laundry by hand.
  • I own three cats, and two dogs.
  • I am a gambler.
  • I eat seven meals a day.
  • I sleep around 3 a.m.
  • I was on the news for graduating top class.
  • I have an autograph of all the Beatles members.
  • I am not on social media.
  • I have four unpaid traffic ticket.
  • I have a pet snake.
  • I hate Britney Spears.
  • I believe Michael Jackson is overrated.
  • I met Taylor Swift.
  • I nap for 2 hours every day.
  • I use the name ‘Alicia’ with stranger.
  • I have been to Paris Disney World ten times with my close friends.
  • I change my hair colour every year.
  • I have never watched Titanic.
  • I love to paint and I have sold my paintings to multiple galleries.
  • I can eat two large pizzas in one sitting.
  • I collect baseball cards.
  • I do not have a Netflix subscription.
  • I have swum with bull sharks.
  • I have been stuck in an elevator for 4 hours.
  • I have a teddy that has been with me since I was five years old.
  • I love rollercoasters.
  • I know how to figure skate.
  • I have 1 million followers on Twitter.
  • I ran away from my own wedding party.
  • I have been stung by jellyfish.
  • I can name all members of BTS and Blackpink.

Truths & Lies About Food Habits

  • I am a vegan.
  • I am allergic to seafood.
  • I eat gluten free food.
  • I have had a severe allergic reaction to peanuts.
  • I hate honey.
  • I do not eat tomatoes.
  • I drink 4 cups of black coffee a day.
  • I hate deep-fried food.
  • I prefer pizzas over burgers.
  • I do not eat bread.
  • I do not like chocolate.
  • KFC is my favourite fast food chain.
  • I have eaten a bug by mistake.
  • My Starbucks order is Vanilla Café Latte.
  • I do not drink alcohol.

Truths & Lies About Personality

  • I have a fear of insects.
  • I do not believe in the institution of marriage.
  • I hate cats.
  • I have met the President of United States.
  • I have never been to Paris.
  • I love black and white movies.
  • Quentin Tarantino is my favourite director.
  • I think that snakes make good pets.
  • I used to work as a barista at Starbucks.
  • I do not take the elevator. I prefer the stairs.
  • I broke my friend’s smartphone when I was drunk.
  • I would like to adopt three children.

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Ideas To Play Truth, Truth, and Truth

More two truths and a lie ideas…

  • What are your aspirations?
  • Things about your life that are true, but are not?
  • What are your special skills?
  • What sports do you play?
  • Do you have exceptional talents?
  • How many siblings do you have?
  • What are the things you wish to accomplish this year?
  • What materialistic things do you wish to own by the end of this year?
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • What are your personal aspirations?
  • Who is your role model?
  • What is something that you take pride in?
  • What are some mundane things you refrain from doing?
  • What is your favourite subject to study?
  • Who is your favourite pop icon?
  • Which famous personality do you relate the most to?
  • How many pets do you have?
  • What is your favourite physical activity?
  • Where do you want to live in the future?

Two truths and a lie is a great way to break the ice among a group of strangers. It serves as a fun party game for kids and teens as well. The many variations allow it to be appropriate for a wide range of groups and settings. Use the game as a chance to get to know others better. Play it on vacation, at a party, on a date, and have the time of your life!

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