Chubby Bunny Challenge (How Many Can You Do?)

The Chubby Bunny challenge is a game frequently played among young campers around a bonfire. The fun challenge involves players putting more and more marshmallows in their mouths and clearly saying ‘Chubby Bunny‘. The person who is able to audibly say ‘Chubby Bunny‘ with the most number of marshmallows in their mouth, wins the challenge.

The game has been around for quite some time. References to the game have been found in comic strips from 1959. A Peanuts comic strip showed Snoopy the dog playing Chubby Bunny. This comic is dated February 28, 1959.

Chubby Bunny Challenge Instructions

The game is simple and easy to understand. The following are the rules of the game:

  • Firstly, get packets of delicious marshmallows for all players.
  • When their turn comes, players must put one marshmallow in their mouth and say the line – ‘Chubby Bunny’.
  • When all players have put in one marshmallow, the second round starts. Turn by turn, players put in a second marshmallow in their mouths and say, ‘Chubby Bunny’. The rounds go on in this manner.
  • If a player is unable to say ‘Chubby Bunny’ clearly or cannot fit another marshmallow in their mouth, they are eliminated from the game.
  • The last player remaining is the winner. They will have the most amount of marshmallows in their mouth and will win the challenge.

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Goal of the Chubby Bunny Challenge Game

The primary goal of all players is to fit as many marshmallows as they can. They must also be able to say ‘Chubby Bunny‘ clearly and audibly. Intelligent placement of the marshmallows in your mouth can help you win the marshmallow in mouth challenge!

Chubby Bunny Rules

There are some rules that must be followed for safely playing the challenge.

  • Once a player spits out a marshmallow, they are eliminated. Marshmallows must remain inside the mouth of the player for the duration of the challenge.
  • Chewing and swallowing the marshmallows during the challenge is not allowed. If a player is found eating and swallowing their marshmallows, they are disqualified. This rule is in place to ensure the safety of the players. Swallowing marshmallows while stuffing in more may lead to choking or suffocation.
  • Using fingers to push the marshmallows and fir in more is allowed.
  • Once eliminated, players must spit their marshmallows in a designated trash bag. In situations like camping, maintaining cleanliness and keep the area of camping tidy is important. Disposing of the marshmallows must be done ethically.

Rules can be added to prevent any kind of argument that may arise during the game. For example, marshmallows begin to liquefy with saliva. Rules regarding intentionally using saliva to liquefy marshmallows can be made.

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Chubby Bunny Variations

This popular game can be modified to suit specific situations.

  • The phrase said after putting one marshmallow into your mouth can vary. Some other common phrases are – Chubby Bunnies, Chubby Monkey, Fluffy Bunny, Pudgy Bunny, Yummy Bunny, etc.
  • Players can put in marshmallows turn by turn. In this variation, all players have the same number of marshmallows in a round. Keeping count of the marshmallows is easier. Players that fail in one round are eliminated.
  • Another variation to the game can be made where players complete the entire challenge at once. Players go turn by turn and fit in as many marshmallows as they can. The other players serve as spectators and keep count of the marshmallows.
  • In some variations, players are asked to eat the marshmallows that they have in their mouths. If this variation is being played, be careful while swallowing as players may choke or suffocate.
  • To raise the stakes of the game, include an embarrassing dare for the losers of the game.
  • Winners of the game can be given a desirable reward.

Chubby Bunny Game Records

Many people claim to hold the world record for the Chubby Bunny challenge record. One such record is by Hannah C. fits 44 marshmallows in her mouth but we are not sure if completed the Chubby Bunny challenge. Generally, your ability to complete this challenge can be rated as follows –

  • More than 20 marshmallows – excellent
  • 10-15 marshmallows – good
  • Less than 7 marshmallows – poor

The ability to hold marshmallows in one’s mouth differs from person to person. Different mouth sizes and verbal communication skills can affect a player’s performance in the challenge.

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The Chubby Bunny challenge is a fun way to add life to a camping trip or a party. Read the rules and keep in mind the warnings of suffocation. If children are playing the game, ensure that they are closely supervised. This entertaining game is sure to add color to your party!

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