Mall Scavenger Hunt List & Ideas

The mall scavenger hunt is a fun activity for all age groups. Members participating in a scavenger hunt are divided into teams of 4-6 members.

Smaller teams make the hunt more challenging and fun. All teams are given a checklist of tasks that they must complete in the stipulated time.

As they go through the tasks, they can strike them off on the provided checklist. It is mandatory that the teams stick together as they go through the tasks.

Splitting up of the team will lead to disqualification. Proof of completing the task must be provided through a picture or the physical presence of the item.

How to Play Mall Scavenger Hunt

Mall scavenger game is played just like other scavenger games such a photo scavenger, couple scavenger, or Christmas scavenger games in which players are given a list of items or tasks to find or complete in a mall. the first team or player to finish the list and make it back in time is declared the winner.

Mall Scavenger Hunt tips


While sending out invites for the mall scavenger hunt, ensure that the details are clearly mentioned. The time and venue of the hunt must be stated in a clear and legible font. A text message and email can be sent out the night before with important details as a reminder. Sending the reminder the night before the hunt would be the most effective. Also, make sure to add basic instructions on the invite and in the reminder.


A mall Scavenger hunt is enhanced when there is an underlying theme associated with it. Examples of themes can be pumpkin hunting, household items, summer essentials, winter wonderland, etc. The theme can be worked into invitations sent out, stationery used, and items mentioned in the checklist. Costumes and accessories can be added to heighten the experience.


Ensure safe transportation for all members of the team for the mall scavenger hunt game. Hiring capable drivers and minivans to pick up and drop participants to and from the venue is recommended. Make note of the participants’ addresses so as to efficiently form groups for travel. This way different drivers can be sent to pick up persons’ from different localities. Travel time is reduced and participants can get to the fun quickly!


Each team must be accompanied by a chaperone. Someone for the organizing team must keep a watch to avoid bending the rules. This way it can be confirmed that the pictures taken were in real-time and the teams did not split up to tackle the tasks.


Be prepared to provide stationery to participants. Even if they have been intimated to get their own, some may forget in the rush of things. Have enough pens and extra checklists to help the participants have a smooth hunt.


Keep a variety of prizes to present to the teams. Rewards like Fastest Five, Steady Progressors, Team Unity, Popular Team, etc. will make the members happy. Try to match the reward to the category. These rewards will keep all participants satisfied and avoid any negative feelings that might creep in. It will tie the ribbon on the package of a perfect day.


The perfect time to hold the mall scavenger hunt is mid-morning. The malls are not overly occupied at this time. The sun is out and bright but the mall is air-conditioned and cool. Structure the hunt to last around an hour or two. This amount of time is ideal for players to get done with most of the items on the checklist. The players have the rest of the day to tend to other activities.

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Rules for a Successful Mall Scavenger Hunt

  • All teams must try to check off as many items as they can from the list. However, they are not allowed to split up.
  • Photo proof of all completed task must be provided to the organizers.
  • The pictures for proof must be taken on the same phone. This will serve as confirmation that members of the team did not split up. Further, the progress of the team will be easier to track.
  • Take separate pictures of each item. Clubbing items together in a single picture will not be considered.
  • To ensure that there is no inconvenience to regular mall-goers, participants are informed not to run or cause too much commotion.
  • If the mall scavenger hunt requires them to go into stores, they must treat all clerks with respect. Running or rowdy behaviour in the stores are not acceptable.
  • Before taking pictures of items in a store, ask for permission.
  • If any item is taken off a shelf or rack, ensure that it is put back where it was found.
  • If any item is used or damaged, the item must be bought.
  • The pictures for proof must be taken on the same phone. This will serve as confirmation that members of the team did not split up.
  • Check off the items on the list as and when you complete the task.
  • Play fair. Do not interrupt or get in the way of the progress of any other team taking part in the hunt.

40+ Fun Mall Scavenger Hunt Lists & ideas

Here are some fun challenges to do in a mall or a shopping center.

  • Find a grocery store, and take a picture with one of your teammates’ favourite fruit or vegetable.
  • Count the number of people you see sitting on the benches in the mall. How many people did you spot?
  • Find a popcorn machine and serve a customer.
  • Talk to a person wearing an orange, striped shirt.
  • Find something that plays music in any store of the mall.
  • Cards make thoughtful gifts. Find a card wishing ‘Happy Birthday’ to one of the teammates’ loved ones.
  • Find anything with wheels.
  • How many restaurants and eateries are there in the mall?
  • Find five items that are pink in colour.
  • All teammates must find one item. The name of the item must start with the first letter of the teammates’ name.
  • Find  an item a new bride would treasure.
  • Take a picture with an animal.
  • Find an item that new baby would enjoy.
  • Locate a beauty store. Take a picture with on of the teammates after they get their makeup done.
  • Make a map of the mall.
  • Take a ride in any of the rides available in the mall.
  • How much does a burger cost in the food court of the mall?
  • Take a picture of the largest shoe in the mall.
  • Find someone with coloured hair. All teammates must take a picture with them.
  • Find an item that one of the teammates’ favourite sportsperson advertises.
  • Become acquainted with a girl in a skirt.
  • Find a minimized trashcan.
  • Take a photo with a camera.
  • Dress up like a mannequin in any of the storefronts.
  • Sales attract customers. Find one.
  • Find a cruelty free and vegan product.
  • Find an item whose name starts and ends with the same letter.
  • Food is essential to everyone. Find food that all members of your team dislikes.
  • Find a colour changing object.
  • 3 clothing items that have patchwork.
  • Find a rainbow.
  • Look for an item that has four legs, a back, and no body.
  • Find two versions of any famous board game.
  • Take a picture with 3 children’s books.
  • Dress up as a Disney princess.
  • Do a yoga pose using items from a store.
  • Spelling out YMCA with team members at a store
  • Playing a video game
  • Lying on a bench
  • Using a kiddie ride

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Photo Scavenger Hunt List & ideas

  • a photo of a team member riding a mall ride
  • a photo of exit sign
  • a photo of a player posing in front of a store window like a mannequin
  • a photo of the team sharing a dessert
  • a photo of a team player looking lost in front of the mall directory
  • a photo of team members posing in front of an advertisement while acting out the advertisement
  • a photo of something a princess dress
  • a photo of team playing leap frog
  • a photo of a mock proposal in front of a gift registry sign
  • a photo of a statue
  • a photo of a stuffed dog playing with a dog toy
  • a photo of something that has wheels
  • a photo of a red “sale” sign
  • a photo of a team member depositing a handful of change into a donation bin
  • a photo of a team member on an upper floor looking down at the rest of the team
  • a photo of a team member recycling something in the recycle bin
  • a photo of something you’d use on a vehicle
  • a photo of a team member using a public hand sanitizer
  • a photo by a balloon
  • a photo of a security sign
  • a photo of a fire extinguisher
  • a photo of the team member wearing sunglasses
  • a photo of the team member wearing cowboy hats
  • a photo with tress in the background
  • a photo of team member holding something red
  • a photo of team member with a street sign
  • a photo of team member with a book
  • a photo of team member lying on the floor
  • a photo of something cold
  • a photo of something tall
  • a photo of something round
  • a photo of something small

Photo Mall Scavenger Hunt Rules

  • Every team will find get a different list of items to fin or tasks to complete.
  • Each team will use only one phone to take photos of their tasks/items.
  • A team cannot split up to find the items or complete the tasks.
  • All players have to maintain social etiquettes inside the mall.
  • Store employees should be treated with respect.
  • If you move any tems off the shelf, you have to put it back in its place.
  • You cannot hindr other teams from complteing their tasks.
  • All teams with all members have to assemble at a predefined time and place at the end of the photo mall scavenger game.

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