31 Fun Beach Games For Everyone!

As summer approaches, beaches become more and more popular as a spot to relax. You can find people all over sunbathing, enjoying the ocean, having a picnic, and playing games.

The following beach games in the article can make the visit to the beach fun for both adults and kids. For adults, the games provide both exercise and enjoyment.

Beach games for families to play on the sand are also listed below. Most of the games require almost no equipment. Playing these games can make your day at the beach an experience to remember.

Beach Games For Kids

Beach Games For Kids
Beach Games For Kids

1) How low can you go?

Digging sand on the beach can keep kids occupied for a while. There’s just something about getting through the sand and finding shells and hidden treasures that excites children and keeps them engaged.

Get the kids to dig a hole as deep as they can. You can give them shovels to help them dig deeper. Once they are done digging, see if an adult can fit into the hole. To measure which hole is deeper, you can measure how much water is required to fill the hole as well.

Make it a friendly competition among the kids and reward them with candies and popsicles. Remember to fill the hole back with sand so as to not inconvenience the other beachgoers.

2) Water relay

Who doesn’t love a good relay? To play this game, you will require one cup and one bucket per child. Line the buckets on the sand and hand each player a cup.

The aim of the kids is to fill their bucket with water. On the cue, all kids run towards the water, fill their cups with water, run back to the bucket, and pour the water into the bucket. The kid that fills the bucket first is the winner of the relay.

If there are too many kids or not enough buckets and cups, pair or group up the kids. Make it a relay with the cup as the baton. This game is enjoyable and will keep the kids engaged on the beach.

3) Beach kites

Kites are ideally flown on flat areas without many obstacles. What space suits this description better than the beach. Take a few kites along with you to the beach.

The kids can have a good time flying the kites on the breezy beach. To build up the excitement, you can get the kids to make their own kites on days leading up to the beach visit.

4) Frisbee golf

All you need to play this game is a frisbee. This game is a step up from the traditional game of frisbee and passing it to each other. Set a target on the beach – a pink umbrella, the pole near the drinks shack, etc. All kids must try to throw the frisbee at the target.

The person who throws it the closest in the least number of tries wins that round. Set different targets for each round. Get throwing!

5) Beaches and bubbles

Nothing can beat blowing bubbles on the beach. The breeze and the sand make it a perfect space to blow and burst some bubbles. You can make your own bubble mix and take it to the beach.

To make the bubble mix you will need a large container with a lid, 6 cups of water, 1 cup of dish detergent, 1 tablespoon of glycerin, and ¼ cup of corn syrup. Pour the water into the container. Mix in the dish detergent and stir slowly till the mixture is evenly mixed. Next, add glycerin and corn syrup and stir well. Put the lid on the container and take it to the beach.

Use bubble sticks or straws to blow the bubbles so the kids can play with them to their heart’s content.

6) River race

Get the kids to dig up trenches with shovels and their hands. Use a bucket to get water from the ocean and fill the trenches with water. Kids are given the liberty to make their trench river curvy, straight, or filled with obstacles.

Use a piece of wood as a raft or make a small paper boat and set it afloat on the river. The boat that reaches the endpoint first wins the race. This game will keep the kids occupied for quite a while.

7) Beach treasure hunt

Before getting to the beach, make a list of items that are commonly found on the beach. You could include items like shells, rocks, seaweed, feathers, etc. Give all the kids a copy of the list and ask them to go on a treasure hunt. The children must collect all the items given on the list and come back to you. If any live organisms are on the list, release them back once the game is over.

8) Tag

Tag is a classic game that everybody is familiar with. Playing it on the beach increases the excitement. Kids slide, slip, and fall around as they giggle. To spice things up, ask the person who is ‘It’ to act like a shark or an octopus while chasing the others.

9) Building inukshuk

Ask children to go and find pretty stones, sea glass, and shells of different shapes and sizes. Allow their creative juices to flow and let them build their own inukshuk. Take a picture of the landmark they built for the memory of the beautiful beach day.

10) Parachutes

Kids of all ages will absolutely love this game. Give each kid a beach ball and a beach towel. Hold the ends and sides of the towel and place the ball in the middle. Make the ball bounce and see how high the ball can go. The sky is only a bounce away!

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Beach Games For Adults

Beach Games For Adults
Beach Games For Adults

1) Limbo

A famous game that most people enjoy. Make two people hold a pool noodle or a boat oar. Others must try to go through the while bending back. They must not touch the bar as they pass through. Dancing and moving as they cross the bar can make the game much more fun.

Play some fun music in the background to get into the mood. The bar gets lower after each round. If a player cannot pass the bar leaning back and without touching the bar, they are eliminated from the game. The person standing, in the end, is the winner.

2) Survivor

A larger group is ideal to play this game. Divide the group into teams of 3-5 people. Have a list of challenges ready beforehand. All teams must try to master the challenges given in the list. The challenges can be as simple as burying fellow teammates in the sand or as hard as hopping on the sand for a stipulated distance.

Standing on one leg, a relay, tug of war, one round of volleyball are other examples of challenges that can be given to the players. In every round or challenge, eliminate one player. The team that has the most number of players at the end of all the rounds wins.

3) Musical blankets

Musical chairs but with a twist – instead of chairs, use beach towels. Spread out beach towels in a line, one less than the number of players. Play music you enjoy and begin to run around the spread of towels.

When the music starts, find a towel and sit down as quickly as you can. The one without a beach towel is eliminated in each round. Before each round, remove a towel from the spread. The last person standing is the winner of the game.

4) Bocce

The game can be played with any ball. However, a bocce ball is preferred. At the beginning of the round, choose a target. Players must aim to throw the ball as close to the target as possible. If you’re using the weighted bocce ball, objects lying on the sand can also be used as the target.

If you do not have a bocce ball, keep a weighted target. You can use beach stones lying around as the ball as well. Be careful not to inconvenience other visitors on the beach. Stay safe and have fun!

5) Darts

The beach allows for a fun twist on the classic game of darts. Instead of having a board, draw one on the sand. Use small stones and shells as darts. Get throwing! To add a twist to the game, draw shapes other than a circle and make the game more complex.

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Beach Ball Games

Beach Ball Games
Beach Ball Games

1) Parallel races

Divide the group into two teams of equal players. In this game, two players must go head to head. Draw two lines in the sand. Make sure they’re parallel and as straight as possible. One player from each team comes forward. Make a list of challenges beforehand. The players must perform the challenge as they travel through the straight line.

They can run, walk, jog, crawl as long as they perform the challenge effectively. Moving the ball with your head, walking backward, holding the ball between your knees, holding the ball in one hand, balancing the ball on your head, etc. are some examples of challenges you can use.

2) Hot potato

Get everyone playing the game to sit in a circle. Play some music and begin to pass the beach ball. The person who is holding the ball when the music stops is eliminated. The person who is still in the game in the end wins.

The game works as a fun icebreaker and sets the mood for the beach day. It can also be played when everyone is tired after swimming and playing and can serve as a game to bring everyone to come together.

3) Dodgeball

The classic game gets all the more fun and tiring on the sand. The game involves chasing the ball and avoiding it. Throw the beach ball into the air. The player who grabs it has three steps and five seconds to throw the ball in another direction. If a player gets hit by the ball, they are eliminated. If not, the ball can be grabbed by another player, and the ball is thrown in another direction.

People eliminated can join the game if they manage to get their hands on the ball and hit someone else to take their place on the bench. The fun game is a sure way to tire everyone out and have a gala time!

4) Beach ball relay

Divide the group into teams of 3-5 players each. Mark your start line and finish line in the sand. Decide one challenge that all teams must do. For example, wear a hat, hold sunglasses in your mouth, etc. Give each team a beach ball. The game takes place as a relay.

One player from each team starts the game. They must do the challenge and go to the finish line and come back with a beach ball between their knees.

They must then give the ball and the item of the challenge to the next person and so on. The team in which all players finish the challenge the fastest wins the game.

5) Aim for the clouds

All you need for this fun game is a beach towel and a beach ball. Players must hold the ends of a beach towel and keep the ball in the middle. Using the towel, they must throw the ball as high as they can. Make it competitive by seeing whose throw is the highest. Reach for the clouds!

6) Squirt ball race

Mark a start line and a finish line. To play this game, make sure to take squirt guns to the beach. The game can be played individually or in teams. When the game starts, players must rush to the water to fill their guns. When they come back, they must try to move a beach ball from start to finish by squirting water from the gun on the ball. Run to the water’s edge for refills as and when required. The game can be played in a relay format as well.

7) Volleyball

Most beaches will have nets to play volleyball. To be cautious, carry your own nets and balls if you want to play volleyball at the beach. Playing this game on the beach is so much more fun than playing it anywhere else.

You can get more aggressive and ambitious as the sand provides cushioning and you’re not hurt. Volleyball will always be a crowd favorite on the beach.

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Beach Sand Games

Beach Sand Games
Beach Sand Games

1) Hopscotch

As kids, everyone has played their fair share of hopscotch. It is a fun way to pass the time. The game can be played on the beach as well. Use a stick to draw the boundaries on the sand and use shells, or beach rocks as your stone. Playing barefoot will help with keeping you stable on the sand. If the sun is beating down hard and the sand is too hot, play closer to the water.

2) Sand angels

Who said angels are only made of snow? Sand angels are just as beautiful but may leave you looking sandy and messy. These angels are much warmer and comfy partners. Lie on the sand, move your hands and legs in and out to make a beautiful angel.

3) Sandman

Snowmen steal all the spotlight. Sandmen are here to keep you company on a warm day on the beach. Get the kids to build a sandman and use beach items like stones and shells to give the man facial features. Get creative and dress him up in any way you’d like.

4) Sand art

The beach is not only your place to have a fun day out, it can also serve as a canvas for your beautiful art. Wet a section of the sand. Get creative and begin to draw with your hand or a stick. Use shells and rocks to enhance your work of art.

You could also add 3D elements to your pieces like a sandcastle or a fort. Try to tell a story. This can also be made a competition. Give kids a limited amount of time to come up with their best piece of art and make them judge each other’s work.

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Family Beach Games

1) Pong race

This game is most enjoyable if there is a slight slope on the beach leading to the water’s edge. Divide all the players into pairs. One ping pong ball is given to each pair. Set a starting line. Teams need to dig trenches from the start line to the water’s edge and try to fill it up with the water coming in from the ocean.

Once the trench is filled, they must set the ping pong ball afloat. The team whose ball reaches the water’s edge first wins the race.

2) Frisbee

Taking a frisbee to your beach visit will enhance your experience. Form a circle. Players must pass the frisbee to each other without letting it fall to the ground. No particular order is required. Players can throw the frisbee in any direction they like. All players must stay alert and try to catch the frisbee. The breeze on the beach adds a fun challenge to this game.

3) Tug of war

Divide all players into two teams. If there is no rope lying around, tie multiple beach towels together to make a substitute rope. Draw three markings on the ground at equal distances. The middle mark is the starting point. The other two markings are the team’s finish lines. When the designated knot in the rope crosses the team’s finish marking, the team wins. Get both teams on either side of the rope and start pulling.

4) Obstacle course

Obstacle courses are always a fun way to spend time. Use items on the beach like umbrellas, chairs, towels, etc. to create your own custom obstacle course. All players must attempt to finish the course in the least amount of time possible. Change the course and go for another round if you feel like it.

5) Bowling

Take your set of bowling pins to the beach. If you don’t have pins, use half-filled plastic bottles as substitutes. Make your beach ball the bowling ball. All players take turns trying to knock down the pins or bottles. Keep score and have fun!

A fun day at the beach does not need many accessories or equipment. The listed games are sure to make the beach so much more fun and memorable for people of all ages. Let the sand and water get in your hair! Enjoy!

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