31 Fun Challenges to Light Up Your Party

Fun challenges always lighten up a party or a gathering. The right fun challenges have the power of blowing life back into a boring party.

These cool challenges for kids and even adults keep you on your toes and foster healthy competition that will make any party unpredictable and enjoyable.

Fun Physical Challenges

TikTok Dance Challenge

TikTok is a popular app among teens. The app has many short dance challenges. Learning these challenges as a group can be a fun experience for those new to dance as well as trained dancers. A small performance by all members of the group at the end could add a nice flavour to the party. Uploading the performances on TikTok will also boost their number of followers.

Clingwrap Escape

Saranwrap and clingwrap are materials that are sticky and ensure that things are tightly wrapped. People taking part in the challenge are wrapped with clingwrap to a chair. The time taken to free themselves from the wrap is recorded. The challenge is to try to be the fastest one out.
Caution: Avoid covering the face while using clingwrap.

Mummy Challenge

This challenge is best played in pairs. One member of the pair tries to wrap the other with a tissue roll quickly. The pair that manages to have one member completely wrapped in tissue paper and resembling a mummy the fastest wins. This is a fun challenge for a larger group of people. The challenge can be repeated with the members in the pair exchanging positions.

Shopping Challenge

All players are given a shopping list. They must buy as many items on the list in a stipulated amount of time. Each item is given a certain amount of points. The person who gets the most amount of points wins the challenge.


People trained in yoga and acrobatics are able to make interesting shapes with their bodies. The aim of this challenge is to mimic the poses as closely as possible. Each participant is given a minute to try and replicate the pose. The participants can also pair up into teams to replicate poses involving two people. Make sure to do this challenge on a carpeted floor or with a yoga mat to provide cushioning.

Workout challenges

This challenge is to check how efficiently the participants can do the workouts. Various exercises can be used for this challenge. Jumping rope is a common exercise. The participant that is able to skip for the longest amount of time is the winner of the challenge.

Hula hoops can be very fun to try. Keeping the hula hoop on for even one repetition can be challenging. Participants must try to do as many repetitions as possible without the hula hoop falling to the floor.

If there is no equipment around, bodyweight exercises like squats, push-ups, and burpees are also fun challenges to try. The participant who completes the most repetitions is deemed the winner of the challenge.

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Fun challenges for kids

Straw and Pea

Keep two bowls. One with peas and the other empty. The challenge is to shift as many peas as one can from one bowl to the other using only the straw. Using the suction of the straw, peas must be picked up one at a time and put in the other bowl. If the pea is dropped anywhere else, that pea will not be counted. The person who can transfer the most number of peas in one minute is the winner of the challenge.

Guess the Food

The person taking up the challenge is first blindfolded. Different food is given to the participant. The participant can use senses like smell and touch to examine the food before eating it. On eating the item given, they must guess what food item was given to them. The participant that has the most amount of correct guesses, wins the challenge.

Lemon and Spoon

This challenge is a race. Each participant must have held a spoon between their teeth. On the spoon, a lemon must be placed. The participant that reaches the finish line first without dropping the lemon, will win the challenge. The task can be made more challenging by increasing the number of spoons with lemons that the participant can carry. A relay version of the race is also a fun modification of the challenge that you can try.

Chubby Bunny

The aim of this challenge is to be able to keep as many marshmallows in your mouth as possible. The participant must keep the marshmallow in their mouth and say ‘chubby bunny’ coherently. They must add another and repeat the phrase, and so on and so forth. The participant that is able to hold the highest number of marshmallows and say chubby bunny is the winner of the challenge.

Spicy Ramen

Spicy food is a delicacy not everyone can enjoy. Everyone has different levels of tolerance toward spicy food. Ramen, on the other hand, is a simple dish everyone enjoys. This challenge involves both these delicious elements. The challenge is to find the spiciest ramen challenge you can find. Prepare the ramen and try to eat as much as you can. The person who eats more of the ramen wins the challenge.

Pong and Food

Five cups are placed on the table with different color liquids in them. They are in the formation of a square with a center. On the opposite side, four food items with the same color of the liquid in the corner glasses are placed. The glass in the center of the formation must be green. Players must stand behind the food and throw a ping pong ball into the cups. If the ball lands on any of the corner cups, the player must eat the food item corresponding to the color in that cup. If the player manages to hit the center cup with green liquid, they are rewarded with money.


First, a smoothie must be made. Milk, sugar, and fruits are the first ingredients to start with. Each participant gets to add one ingredient to the smoothie. It can be something as fiery as siracha sauce, or something sweet like whipped cream. All participants must chug the smoothie in one go and try to finish it as quickly as they can.

Chapstick Tasting

Different companies manufacture chapsticks of many different flavors. Players must be blindfolded. Each must apply the chapstick to their lips and taste the flavors. The person who guesses the flavor correctly gets a point.

Race the Candy

Candies like M&Ms and Skittles are perfect for this challenge. The participant must roll the candy from one end of the table. As the candy makes its way to the other side, the participant must run faster than the candy. The aim is to catch the candy with your mouth before it falls to the floor. Get rolling!

Eat with Your Face

Cookies are the best option to go with for this challenge. The cookie is placed on the forehead of the participant’s head. They must try to bring the cookie down to their mouth by using only their facial muscles. Hands must not be used. If they are successful in bringing the cookie to their mouth, they can eat the cookie. This challenge can also be modified into a race to see which participant can eat the most cookies in a stipulated time.

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Fun Challenges For Teens
Fun Challenges For Teens

Fun Challenges For Teens

Blind Artist

You’ll need to pair up for this challenge. One of the members of the pair is blindfolded. The other is given an item to draw. The blindfolded participant is unaware of what his teammate must draw. The teammate begins to draw the item on their blindfolded partner’s back. The partner must duplicate the drawing on a whiteboard. The team that gets the maximum number of similar drawings wins the challenge.


As a kid, blowing bubbles while chewing bubblegum was fun and exciting. This challenge puts your bubble blowing skills to the test. The aim of the challenge is to blow the biggest bubble among all the participants.

Wrap the Watermelon

The materials needed for this are loads of rubber bands and a watermelon. The challenge is to get the watermelon to break by putting rubber bands around the watermelon. The first person to succeed wins the challenge. Enjoy watermelon popping!

Telepathy Challenge

A minimum of two players is required to play the game. Separate the players with a screen or use two separate rooms. Give them statements, their reaction to the statement must be the same. If it is identical, they win a point.

The statement can be – do a yoga pose, do a dance move, who is the pop star of the decade, etc. For questions that need to be verbally answered, a countdown must be given so both can answer at the same time.

Do Not Laugh

Players need to sit facing each other. They must both fill their mouths with water. Together, they must watch funny videos together. The person who spits out the water first loses that round. Don’t wear your fancy clothes, you’re deemed to get wet with mouthfuls of water.

Alphabet Challenge

Each round is associated with an alphabet. When the round starts, all players must disperse to find objects starting from that alphabet. The person who gets the most amount of objects wins the challenge.


This challenge will be a treat for artists and makeup lovers. Makeup influencers come up with such interesting looks and designs. The challenge is to recreate the looks with the items that you possess. To make things a little messy and fun, items from the kitchen can be used.

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Challenges To Do With Friends
Challenges To Do With Friends

Challenges To Do With Friends

Colour Challenge

Take up this challenge with a color that you own in abundance. For the whole day, you must use items of only this color. Even food, drink, kitchen, and toiletry essentials must be in the color chosen. This game is perfect for sleepovers. All of the friends take up a different color and try to go through the day using only one color.

Cup Castle

This competition tests the dexterity and precision of participants. They must build a pyramid of cups and get them down into stacks of the cup. At no point, can the cups fall! While bringing the cups down into stacks, all cups must remain in contact with each other. Participants cannot remove it from the pyramid to bring it down. Get the timer running and start building.

Bottle Flip Challenge

Flipping bottles so they land exactly how they before had now been mastered by teens. This challenge puts a fun twist on the classic challenge. Six strips of colored tape are placed around 10-15 cm apart. Players position themselves on either side of the tape. A shot of hot sauce is placed between the third and fourth strips.

Players begin flipping the bottle. Every time the bottle lands perfectly, the player shifts the shot of hot sauce one space away from them. When the shot reaches the end of the tape towards one of the players, the challenge ends. The player who gets the shot must drink it.

Ice Bucket Challenge

This challenge is perfect to battle the heat of the summers. Participants must empty a bucket of ice water on themselves. This can be a fun challenge to do at a pool party.


Prepare a quiz on a subject that all players agree to. The subjects can range from science to general knowledge. All players take up the quiz at the same time. The person who scores the most on the quiz wins the challenge.

Roll to the Money

Players stand at one end of the table. The table is made into sections. Each section has a gift for the players. The sections further away from the players have more interesting and exciting gifts. Players roll a tissue roll on the table. When the roll stops, the gift corresponding to that section is given to the participant. If the roll falls off the table, the participant gets no gifts.

Catch the Napkin

The participant releases a paper napkin from a higher level. They must run down to the lower level and catch the napkin before it touches the floor. If the players fail, they are not rewarded. However, if the player manages to catch the napkin before it lands on the floor, they are treated to candy.

Dress It Up

In this challenge, all players are given an identical item of clothing. Each player must style that item of clothing as well as they can. They must include footwear, accessories, makeup, and hairstyle.

All players must then show their outfits to a chosen panel of judges. The judges rate the outfits on a scale of 1-10. The person who gets the highest score wins that round. The person with the highest cumulative score wins the challenge. This challenge is a fun way of letting out one’s creative skills.

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