What is 30/4 as a Mixed Fraction?

Want to find 30/4 as a mixed fraction? Here is a step-by-step guide illustrating the easiest technique to convert an improper fraction as 30/4 as a mixed fraction.

Fractions can be expressed in different forms and here we shall learn about how to convert from one form to another.

The number 30/4 is an improper fraction that needs to be converted to a mixed fraction in the given case. Let us learn the techniques of how to convert a given improper fraction to a mixed fraction.

What is 30/4 as a Mixed Fraction? 30/4 = 7 ½

Basic Concepts

1) A mixed fraction is constructed of a whole number and a fraction that is smaller in size than the given improper fraction from which it is simplified.

2) Definition of numerator: A numerator is a digit or a number that is present above the line of division.

3) Definition of denominator: A denominator is a digit that is present below the line division.

4) What is an improper fraction: An improper fraction is where the numerator is greater than the denominator and it can also be converted to a mixed fraction.

5) What is a proper fraction: A proper fraction is where the numerator is smaller than the denominator.

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Calculation to find 30/4 as a Mixed Fraction

Step 1: Find the whole number

First, you need to find the whole number, and do so you need to find the value by dividing the numerator by denominator.


30 ÷ 4 = 7.5

So the whole number is now 7 and we have already solved a part of the given question.

Step 2: Find the smaller numerator

How to find the new smaller numerator.

To find the new numerator you need to multiply the whole number we found in the results of step 1 with the original denominator which is 4


7×4 = 28

Now you need to subtract the multiple from the original numerator and thus,

30-28 = 2

Hence, 2 is the new numerator.

Step 3

Hence, 2 is the new numerator.

The original denominator will be the same for the new denominator and thus the given expression will be

Whole number = 7

New numerator = 2

The new denominator (same as original) = 4

Hence, the mixed fraction will be = 7 2/4


Step 4

The smaller fraction can be implied even further by dividing both the denominator and the numerator with a common factor of 2

Hence the answer will be 7 ½


This is because the greatest common factor of 2 and 4 is 2 hence we reduce the numerator and denominator 2 and 4 by 2 respectively.


So the final result to the conversion of improper fraction 30/4 is 7 ½

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