What is 16 Divided by 2 using Long Division?

You need to learn about the method of 16 divided by 2 using the long division method. Let’s see how to initiate the steps to find the results of 16 divided 2 by the long division method.

Rules of Long Division

1) In long division, the divisor is the digit that is used to divide a given value and it is placed on the left side of the dividend.

2) A dividend is several digits that are placed on the left of the divisor and the divisor is used to divide the dividend.

3) The quotient is regarded as the value which you yield on division and the remainder is the value that is left behind.

4) Here in the given sum, 16 is the dividend, and 2 is the divisor.

What is 16 divided by 2? The Quotient is 8 and the remainder is 0

Calculation of 16 divided by 2 using Long Division

Step 1

In the first step, you have to check with the first digit of the given number 16 and check how many times 2 goes in it. When you check you will note that in the multiplicative table of 2, it is not possible to divide 1 by 2. So you put zero below 1 and subtract them accordingly.

Step 1

Step 2

Now you need to bring down the digit 6 beside 1 to make the digit 16.

Step 2

Step 3

Now you need to divide 16 and check how many times 2 can go in 16. Such can be checked by following the multiplicative table of 2 where you will find that 2×8= 16


Step 3

Result of 16 divided by 2

The answer to the given question of long division of 16 by 2 is 8 (quotient) and the remainder is 0.

Quotient = 8

Remainder = 0

Other Methods to Calculate 16÷2

1) You can simply use a calculator and type the mathematical expression 16÷2 and the answer you will simply yield is 8.

2) The number 16 divided 2 can be also expressed as a mixed fraction where the whole number 8 and the smaller numerator is 0 and the denominator is 2, that is 8 0/2.

3) Since the numerator is 0 the entire fraction holds no value and automatically you are left with the only whole number 8 as your final result. Hence with some practice, you will be able to master the techniques of long division.

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