What is 1/5 as a Decimal?

Need to find what is 1/5 as a decimal? Here is an easy to calculate guide,

A fraction often needs to be converted into a decimal to understand and interpret the real values of the given mathematical expression. Here the given fraction ⅕ is asked to be converted into decimals and thus we will learn the techniques to do so with this simple example.

What is 1/5 as a Decimal? 1/5 = 0.2

Basic Concept

1) A fraction comprises two parts which are namely the numerator and the denominator.
2) The numbers or digits above the line of division are called the numerator and the numbers or digits below the line of division are called the denominator.

How to Calculate 1/5 as a Decimal?

The conversion of fraction 1/5 to decimal is easy and does not require much effort or mathematical calculation.

Here you simply have to divide the numerator of the given fraction with the denominator to yield the results to your question.

Now in the given case, the fraction ⅕, the numerator one becomes the dividend and the denominator 5 becomes the divisor during the process of division.

1÷5 = 0.2

1/5 = 0.2


The result of the conversion of 1/5 fraction to a decimal is as simple as 0.2. There are no other steps involved or complexities in the given sum and it is quite easy for you to convert any fraction to decimals this way. Practice more with different kinds of fractions and you will grasp the idea of conversion of fractions to decimals well.

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