What is 30/12 as a Mixed Fraction?

Many times we need to know 30/12 as a mixed fraction.

There are different types of fractions and each of them is interchangeable among each others. Here we shall learn about how to convert the given improper fraction to a mixed fraction using the following steps that are described below.

Let us first learn about the different forms of fractions and the characteristics of each.

What is 30/12 as a Mixed Fraction? 30/12 = 2 ½

Basic concept

1) A fraction consists of two parts and the digit or the number above the line of division is called the numerator and the digit that are present below the line of the fraction is called the denominator.

2) What is an improper fraction: If the numerator is larger than the denominator then it is regarded as an improper fraction.

3) What is a proper fraction: A proper fraction is formed when the numerator is smaller than the size of the denominator.

4) Define a mixed fraction: A mixed fraction is usually formed from an improper fraction. It is a way of changing the size and the value of the greater fraction to a smaller one with the introduction of a whole number beside it.

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Calculation to find 30/12 as a Mixed Fraction

Step 1: Find the whole number

First, you need to initiate the normal process of division of the numerator by the denominator to find a decimal value. Here the numerator is the dividend and the denominator is the divisor.


30 ÷ 12 = 2.5

The whole number here is 2 and hence we find the result for the whole number for the required mixed fraction as 2.

Step 2: Find a new numerator

As you have already found the whole number, half of the sum is already over and now we move on to the next step where we are about to find the smaller new numerator for the mixed fraction.

The result of step one is the whole number is multiplied with the denominator and then the result is subtracted from the original numerator.


12×2 = 24

30-24 = 6

Step 3

Here the denominator of the new smaller fraction of the mixed fraction remains the same as 12 and hence we obtain the final values to form the mixed fraction.

Whole number = 2

New numerator = 6

The new denominator (same as original) = 12


Step 4

So, we find the mixed fraction as 2 6/12. Now the smaller fraction 6/12 can be further simplified. For that, you need to find the greatest common factor of both 6 and 12 and then use the result to divide or reduce the fraction.

GCF of 12 and 6 = 6

Hence, the final mixed fraction in the simplified form will be 2 ½.

Hence the answer will be 2 ½


Hence now you are clear with how an improper fraction can be changed to a mixed fraction with the aid of the steps that are described above. In sum, the result in the improper fraction is always converted to its mixed fraction format.


So the final result to the conversion of improper fraction 30/12 is 2 ½

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