How many Feet in a Meter?

A metric system in mathematics requires us to convert the given unit to different other units that exist. There will be several instances in life when you have to convert a given data to other units and for that, you need to learn about the basic steps. For instance, you may be required to find how many feet in a meter.

The most important factor that you should first determine is whether the conversion is a smaller unit to a bigger one or vice versa. Then if you know the relationship between two units you will be able to determine the value after conversion. Here we shall take up the example of converting meters to feet.

Let us see the steps that are involved in the given conversion.

How many Feet in a Meter? 1 meter= 1×3.28 feet = 3.28 feet

Basic concepts

1) As we are converting the given unit, meters to feet we should first know what is the relationship between the two! We now know that 3.28 feet are equal to one meter.

2) Again, you should also note that a meter is a greater unit than feet.

3) Now, let us see the steps that are involved in converting from meter to foot.

4) Since the meter is a greater unit you must note that conversion from a bigger to a smaller unit involves the operation of multiplication.

Calculations to Find How many Feet in a Meter

Now, as we already say that the meter is greater and the feet are smaller we are converting from bigger to smaller. Hence we will multiply the given numerical value in meters to 3.28 which is the relationship between the two.

Hence, we see that
1 meter= 1×3.28 feet = 3.28 feet. ( approximately 3.3 feet rounded off to the first place of the decimal)

Similarly when you are converting 2, 3, or 4 meters to feet then the consecutive will be 6.56, 9.84, and 13.12 feet respectively.

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Alternative Method to Convert 1 Meter into Feet

On the other hand, if you wish to convert the value from feet to meters then you just have to do the opposite of multiplication which is division!

We use the value of 3.28 ( the relationship between the two and divide the given value to get the measurement in meters). For example, 6.56÷3.28= 2 meters and so on.

Here is a table given below that will help you to easily find the values in meters and feet.

Meters (m)Feet (ft)
0.01 m0.0328084 ft
0.1 m0.328084 ft
1 m3.28084 ft
2 m6.56168 ft
3 m9.84252 ft
4 m13.12336 ft
5 m16.40420 ft
6 m19.68504 ft
7 m22.96588 ft
8 m26.24672 ft
9 m29.52756 ft
10 m32.80840 ft
20 m65.61680 ft
30 m98.42520 ft
40 m131.23360 ft
50 m164.04200 ft
60 m196.85039 ft
70 m229.65879 ft
80 m262.46719 ft
90 m295.27559 ft
100 m328.08399 ft
Meters to feet conversion table

Here are a few other units in which you may express one meter:

1 meter = 39.370 inches

1 meter = 100 centimetres

1 meter = 1000 millimetres

Measurement in Feet

Feet are used for estimating the unit of length. We use feet for describing height or measuring the length of cloth etc.

1 foot is equivalent to 12 inches or 0.305 meters.

Measurement in Meters

Meter is the SI unit of length. It is worldwide accepted as a universal unit for standardizing the value of length. We can easily convert meters to other units of measurement of length, like centimeters, millimeters, and so on. It is equivalent to 3 feet 3 inches in length.

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