How Long is 30 feet? Objects Compared to 30 Ft.

Sometimes when asking for directions, the answer you may get is, “The shop is just 30 feet away.” If you do not know how far is 30 feet then you’re still as clueless as you were before asking for the directions.

So, let’s find how long is 30 ft actually. For this, you may need to take the help of some common (and weird) objects around you and compare them to 30 ft.

How Long is 30 Feet?

How Long is 30 Feet? 30 Feet = 9.144 meters = 360 inches = 914.4 cm = 10 yards

Common Objects Compared to 30 Feet

Here is a comprehensive list of objects around you that can be compared to 30 ft. With these things in mind, you can properly estimate how far is 30 feet.

1) Half the Length of a Bowling Lane

Bowling Alley
Bowling Alley

Our favorite pastime is bowling. It is fun, and competitive with easy-to-understand rules. You need a bowling lane on which the ball is rolled and the bowling pins are parked at the end of the lane. The more the number of pins that are dropped the higher the score. The maximum marks in a round can be 10 points. However, that’s all about the rules of the game but now we are going to measure the length of the lane. The total length of the bowling lane is 60 feet. So if you can imagine half the size of the lane then you will have an estimated size of 30 feet.

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2) 1/3rd distance between the Baseball Bases

If you are a fan of baseball then you are aware of the game and its rules. According to the professional rules of the games, the bases must be made at a distance of 90 feet. So if you are someone who plays the game professionally or has been to the field to watch the match then you are aware of the base rule that we are talking about. One-third of the total distance is equivalent to 30 feet.

3) 30 Rulers in a line

We need to use rulers every day in our houses. They are required for measuring clothes, or a student may need them for their mathematics classes. The rulers are made of wood, plastic, or steel. The length of each ruler is about 12 inches. The measurement is equivalent to 1 foot. So if you have to imagine 30 feet then you will have to think about thirty such scales in a row. Here is another example that we have picked to describe the size of 30 feet.

4) Two midsize Sedans

The sedan is a very popular car in the market which we can use to describe the size of 30 feet. You can visit a showroom or you can simply take a walk on the road and imagine the size of a given length. You will see this midsize sedan on the road and each of them is equivalent to the size of 15 feet. So if you see two such cars parked in a row then you will get the estimated size of 30 feet that you wish to imagine.

5) Length of 6 Sidewalk Blocks

Sidewalk blocks are a great example that we can pick to describe the size of 30 feet. Each of these sidewalk blocks is4 to 5 feet. Hence all you need to do is think about six such sidewalk blocks for estimating the size of 30 feet. Let us have a look at the sidewalk blocks next time to make sure you can estimate their width properly. Now think about sox such adjacent blocks in a row and you will have the total size of 30 feet for an approximate estimation of the length.

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6) Height of 2 Giraffes


Giraffes are quite an interesting animal in the zoo that everyone is fond of. It is truly intriguing to know that evolution has played a significant role in the formation of long necks. The average length of a giraffe is 15 feet and if you wish to imagine an as huge height as 30 feet then you have to imagine one giraffe standing on top of another. This is a great example that we can pick to define the size of 30 feet. Since we have seen giraffes in the Zoological Park and Reserve forest we are aware of their length and can easily imagine two such giraffes.

7) Eight Golf Clubs

Those of us who like to enjoy matches of golf in our free time will know what we are trying to talk about. You can even visit the sports equipment shop to get an idea of the golf clubs that are trying to describe here. The length of a single golf club is around 48 inches. So if you think about the right golf clubs then you will get a total of 32 feet. This is only two feet more than what we require but a great example that we can pick to know how far 30 feet is.

8) Length of an Anaconda

This is rather a dangerous example and we will expect that you never encounter this friend here. However, for the sake of an instance, we can pick up the example of an anaconda snake to showcase the size of 30 feet. This reptile can grow up to the length of 30 feet and they weigh as much as 250 pounds. Hence here is another example that we can add to the list of objects that are 30 feet long.

9) Height of a three-story building

Buildings are the most famous example that we can pick to describe the size of 30 feet. Since we see buildings everywhere around us it can be cited as an example to compare the size of 30 feet. Now the average height of each floor is around 10 feet so if you can imagine a three-story building then you will be able to estimate the size of 30 feet. Hence when next time you see a building all you need to see is the three-story building to estimate the average size of 30 feet.

10) Three times the Height of a Basketball Pole

Those of us who are interested in playing the game of basketball will be aware of the height of the basketball hoops. If the height of a single hoop is about 10 feet from the ground then you have to think about triple the height of the hoop. Now think about the height of hoops being placed at tripled its original height and you will easily understand the height you wish to imagine. If you wish to see the height of the hoops then you have to visit the basketball court in your college.

11) Football End Zone

Those of us who love to play football are aware of the rules of professional games as well! The size of the field is an important factor that must be taken into consideration. The total length of a football field is about 100 yards, which is also equivalent to 300 feet in measurement. There are different yard lines that have a measurement of 30 feet or 10 yards. If you divide the files into these hard lines then each section or end zone will be equal to the size of 30 feet! Having a look at the entire field will give you a rough estimation of the same.

12) Telephone poles

Telephone poles are required for establishing a connection and digital communication between any two places. These telephone poles are a great example that we can pick to describe the size of 30 feet. Now, these poles are quite high, some as high as 100 feet and they can be as small as 20 feet. We are going to take into account the standard-sized telephone poles which are useful for understanding the size of 30 feet. Here is another example of a 30 feet telephone pole to define the given size.

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13) Length of an Oarfish

The brilliant silver Oarfishes are a wonderful species that we can use to describe the size of objects that are about 30 feet. You can’t see these fishes in their natural habitat since they live deep inside the waters. However, if you take a visit to the Marine Zoological Centres then a model of these Oarfishes will help you to understand the ideal size of 30 feet. They are known to possess orangish-red fins and are one of the underwater marvels. Here is thus another example of your choice.

14) Beach Volleyball Net

Beach Volleyball Net
Beach Volleyball Net

You must have played volleyball games on the beaches as you were taking a vacation to the sea. Now the size of the net can vary as the game is a friendly one and you may not follow the professional rules. The height of the nets is about 39 inches but the span is kept at 30 feet for convenience. So next time you are going out to play volleyball in the garden or you are thinking about a match at the beaches then note the size of 30 feet to get an estimation of the given length.

15) Height of the Olympic Diving Platform

Olympic Diving Platform
Olympic Diving Platform

Summer Olympics is famous for the game of diving and it is a delight to watch them play! The divers are specially trained to fall from great heights into the waters. The height of the platforms is kept as high as 30 feet. They dive from the springboard as singular contestants or in pairs. This is a great example that we can pick to describe the size of 30 feet. We came across this example and thought it to be a suitable one to define the size 30 feet precisely.

16) Height of five adult men

Humans grow up to the size of 5.5 to 6 feet. So if you wish to take into account their height to describe the size of 30 feet then you probably have to use a bit of your imagination. The height of a singular person is 6 feet on rage and when you imagine five of them standing one upon the other then you will get the total size of 30 feet. You can also imagine a scenario where five individuals are lying down in a row and the total size of the row is equivalent to 30 feet.

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17) Length of the London Bus

London Bus
London Bus

You must have seen these double-decker buses on the roads of London if you are a resident of the area or visited the places as a tourist. Now the length of the London buses is 27.50 feet which is only about 2 feet less than what we require! However, on average, you can think about a length of 30 feet and assume the size by imagining these buses. You can also look it up on the internet for pictures of the London Buses for your convenience.

18) Three-fifths the size of the Semi-Trailer

Semi-trailers are long trucks with space for carrying heavy loads and bulky vehicles from one place to another. Here we are looking up the size of semi-trailers so we can estimate the given size. Now the length of a semi-trailer is about 48 feet which is eighteen feet more than what we require. If we can compare the size of the semi-trailer with that of the required length of 30 feet then you will see that thirty feet are three fifth the size of the semi-trailers that we spot on the roads.

19) Three-fifth the size of the Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign
Hollywood Sign

The famous Hollywood Sign on the hills of California in Mount Lee, Hollywood Hills, Santa Monica Mountains, California) has a height of 49 feet. Which is 19 feet more than what we require! Thus we have derived a fractional comparison to estimate its size. 30 feet is three-fifths the size of the Holly Sign in California.

20) Half as long as the Cricket Pitch

Cricket Pitch
Cricket Pitch

The size of the Cricket pitch in a professional match is 66 feet. Hence if you imagine half the length of the pitch then you will get a total of 33 feet which is only three feet more than 30 ft.

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