How Big is 40 Acres?

If you are wondering how big 40 acres is then you are at the right place. Forty acres of land is a huge space that can be used for almost anything like setting up a farm or a factory or even sporting arenas. If you are in the business of real estate then the idea of 40 acres of land and what space it covers is important to understand. Here we shall be discussing the greatness of the land surface and compare it with different objects around us so that you can visualize it well.

How Big is 40 acres?

Forty acres of land is equivalent to 1742400 Square feet. If one acre is equal to 43560 square feet then imagine how big is 40 acres of land.

How big is 40 acres? 40 acres = 1742400 sq Ft. = 161874 sq. m = 0.1618 sq. km = 0.062499 sq. mile

Common things compared to 40 acres

1) 30.3 Football Fields

A football ground is huge and you must have visited the grounds at some point in time to watch a match for yourself. If you did not have the opportunity to visit the real match at least you have seen one on television, isn’t it? A football field measures 91 yards which is equivalent to 1.32 acres. Hence if one ground of football is as large as 1.32 acres then you will be needing about 30.3 football fields to fit within the space of 40 acres of the land surface.

2) 6240 Parking Spaces

Parking Spaces
Parking lot

Now you must have surely seen what a parking space looks like doesn’t it! A single parking space is enough to accommodate a large vehicle like a car comfortably. Now it is observed that about 156 parking spaces can be created within a region of one acre. Hence a land surface as huge as forty acres can accommodate as many as 6240 parking spaces within that region. Hence here we have a suitable example that can be used to describe the land area of 40 acres and help one to imagine the space easily.

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3) 10 Grand Ole Opry

Grand Ole Opry
Grand Ole Opry

This grand theatre is located in Tennessee, Nashville and it is well reputed for hosting great music concerts and brilliant shows. The quality of country music displayed in this region is the best and if you get the opportunity then you must make it your destination at some point. The space has a seating capacity of 4372 visitors. This sitting arrangement covers a space of a total of four acres of land. So if you carry out a simple calculation then you will notice that about ten Grand Ole Opry Houses can be set up on a land surface of forty acres of ground space with a seating capacity of 43720 visitors and 10 large stages.

4) 726 Homes

If you have a plot of land which is 40 acres in size then imagine the number of houses that you can construct on the land. If you build each bungalow of the size of 2400 square feet then you can accommodate as many as 726 homes within that space. This will be highly profitable to your business as you can sell the plots or rent the houses. These homes will be quite spacious and highly in demand for the buyers.

5) 20 Soccer fields

Football Field
Football Field

A soccer field is a huge space and if you are a fan of the game of soccer then this example will be useful for you to understand the size of 40 acres of the land surface. Now the dimensions of an International Soccer Field are as follows: 110-120 long and 70-80 yards wide. Now if we express it in square feet, the measurement of the soccer field will be as follows: 330-360 feet long and 210-240 feet wide. Thus we can see that 60 x 240 = 86,400 square feet which is equal to 1.98 acres. This is almost equal to 2 acres and thus about 20 soccer fields can be fitted within a land space of 40 acres.

6) 3880 Semi-truck trailers

Semi-Trailer Truck
Semi-Trailer Truck

If you have frequented the highways then you must have seen these semi-truck trailers which are used for carrying heavy loads and vehicles from one place to another. The dimension of the trucks are as follows, 53 feet in length and 8.5 feet wide. Thus you can fit about 97 truck trailers within the space of 1 acre of land. So if you have 40 acres of space then as many as 3880 semi-tractors can fit in that region.

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7) 102 Ice-hockey Fields

Ice Hockey Field
Ice Hockey Field

Some of us love to play ice hockey and if you have seen the field of ice hockey then you must be aware of what we are trying to explain. Here we will be comparing the size of an ice hockey field with that of a land surface of 40 acres. The dimension of the ice is as follows,200 feet long by 85 feet wide. Hence the total measurement of the land surface of an ice hockey field will be as follows,200 x 85 = 17,000 square feet. The size of 1 ice hockey surface is 0.39 times the size of 1 acre. Hence you shall be needing about 102 ice hockey fields to cover up the space of 40 acres.

8) 40 times one acre of land

Many of us have frequently seen what one acre of land looks like and hence we can pick this as a suitable example to describe the size of 40 acres. The dimensions of 1 acre of land are 43,560 square feet. The surface can be defined as 50 feet x 124.4 feet. Hence you will be needing forth such identical 1 acre of land to describe a space of 40 acres.

9) Twice the size of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

The famous Buckingham Palace has come down in history and if you are an avid reader and fond of the glorious past then you are aware of what a significant architectural structure Buckingham Palace is! The entire palate covers an area of 19 acres and the architectural artwork of the palace is magnificent and beyond words of description. So if you can imagine two such Buckingham Palace right next to each other then you will roughly get the size of 40 acres of land. It will be equal to 38 acres which are close enough to 40 acres and hence a good comparison that we can draw.

10) Two-Fifth the size of Vatican City

Vatican City
Vatican City

We all are aware of this historical town and aware of its geographical location. It is a very small country in Europe and as we are all aware the size of Vatican city is so small that it is considered the smallest country in the entire world. The size of the entire region is 110 acres and if we compare the size of the country with the required dimension of 40 acres then we can see that the size of 40 acres of land is ⅖th the size of the geographical location.

11) 15,681,600 Rulers


Imagine the massive number of rulers that you will be needing to cover a space of forty acres of land! The measurement of each ruler is about 12 inches or one foot. Hence here is a basic calculation we conducted to find out how many rulers will be needed to cover a space of 1 acre-
9 rulers = 1 square foot.

43,560 square feet = 1 acre.

43,560 x 9 = 392,040 rulers to cover 1 acre.
Hence you will be needing
392,040 x 40 = 15,681,600 rulers to cover 40 acres.

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How much time do you need to walk on a land surface that is 40 acres huge?

If you have a forty acres plot right in front of you and decide to walk its perimeter then you have to first consider the average speed at which you are walking. It is to be noted that the average speed of walking is three to four miles per hour so you will cover about an acre in three minutes.

So now we see that you are not walking one 1acre but 40 acres so you have considered all the sides of the plots. Now if we consider that all sides are equal and the land plot is square then you have to walk a total distance of 1320 feet for each side.

Thus, for four sides you will cover a total distance of 5280 feet. Hence if you are planning to cover the perimeter of the land surface of 40 acres then on average it will take you around 19 minutes.

Hence we see that here is the average time which is around twenty minutes you require to walk over a land surface of 40 acres.

What to do with a land surface of 40 acres

Purchasing land as big as 40 acres is huge and imagine having such a giant land plot at your disposal. Well, imagine that you do and think about all the possibilities of utilizing such a giant space.

Here are certain ideas that we have for you that you can consider in case you own a land surface as huge as 40 acres. Let us check out the ideas that are listed below. These ideas will indeed be quite profitable to your business as well so remember to consider them.

1) Build a big home

This is the first and foremost option since it is our dream to construct a grand and luxurious house when we have the success and resources to do so. You can indeed construct a big house which will be a true paradise, the house of your dream. With so many bedrooms, living space, and dining area, the house will be the ideal space to live in. After so much, you will still have a lot of space to spare for a luxurious pool and a massive garden that can be designed according to your preference.

2) Farming

Now if you see that the land surface is suitable for carrying out cultivation then there is nothing as prospective and great as conducting farming in this region. Depending on the quality of the soil you can cultivate crops in this region and this is going to earn you a massive profit. If you are not aware of the methods of farming then you can contact the land for farming to different dealers for rent. With the remaining space, you can set up a factory for dairy farming, etc.

3) Start a community housing project

If you have a land surface as big as 40 acres then you can use it to construct a housing project. This is a generous idea and required for the greater good. If you own such a space then a little job of charity and generosity can be considered as well. A land as big as 40 acres can be used for developing a community project. You can set up about 726 homes and give them to the neighbors to initiate the community project. Hence here is another idea which way you can use the land surface of dimensions of 40 acres.

4) Honey Bee Farming

A land as huge as 40 acres can be segregated into different kinds of farms so you can make the highest profit. You can culture honey and explore the field of apiculture in a part of the region. This is a very profitable business which helps you to gather a lot of money in the end. Apart from culturing honey, you can produce many more farm items like vegetables and fruits. Prepare homemade jam and jellies. You can also try out flower cultivation and grow crops.

5) Storage units

You might have to invest in the beginning to erect the storage units but it is a highly profitable business in the long run. With a land surface as big as 40 acres you can set up several buildings as storage units and utilize the land judiciously.

6) Set up a Pet Park

If you are fond of animals then you can try out the idea of setting up a pet Park where pets like dogs and cats can freely stroll with their owner. This is a great idea that comes to mind when you have 40 acres of land to spare.

7) Set up Solar Power Plant

If you live in an area with plenty of sunshine throughout the year then you can set up solar panels on a large scale to generate electricity for your own use or sell it to some power distribution company.

8) Fish Farming

If you have access to a lot of land and water then you can set up a fish farm. Fish farming is also known as pisciculture. It can be a good source of income for a fish farmer.

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