Explained: 27 inch Monitor Dimensions

Monitors are used along with desktops as a display output. The bigger the dimension of the monitor the more information a user can view. The monitors of different sizes are manufactured according to the needs of the users.

While some offices prefer to have larger monitors, some of us also find the smaller ones handier. In this article, we are going to discuss the 27 inch monitor dimensions that will help us to understand the size of the screen well.

Ideally, a 27 inches monitor refers to the diagonal length of the screen. So if you imagine the length from one corner to the opposite corner, the length of the screen will be 27 inches.

If we talk about the vertical length of the monitor then it is estimated the size is 24 inches. The width of the monitor is actually 24 inches while the height is 14 inches. We also have to consider the stand that is provided below the monitor which also adds to the height of the same.

Now we shall discuss a few basic ideas that you need to have regarding a monitor. When you are a gamer or need to work on the laptop or monitor screen for long hours these are the facts that must be taken care of.

Width and Height of 27 Inch Monitor

As we already discussed, the length of a monitor of 27 inches will specify the length of the diagonal while the height of the adjacent sides is 24 inches and the width is 14 inches. However, if you are planning to take an ideal 27 inches monitor then the screen will be larger, and easier for the gamers to play games on a larger screen for long hours.

Width and Height of 27-inch monitor: Height = 24 inches, Width = 14 inches

The breadth of the regular monitors is 2 inches to 7 inches. If you reduce the length of the diagonal to 24 inches, the adjacent side lengths will be reduced to 20 inches by the width and 12 inches by the height of the screen.

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What is the resolution of the screen?

The resolution of the screen of 27 inches HD monitor is 1920 x 1080 Pixels. Hence if you are a professional gamer t 27 inches laptop is always a good option for you. The resolution of the screen provides a better experience to the users and helps them to enjoy their tasks or games on the screen.

Other aspects or factors that you must take into account are trim sizes, bezel size, or the aspect ratio which helps you to determine the size of the monitor that you prefer buying.

27 inch Monitor Dimensions
27 inch Monitor Dimensions

Is a 27 inches monitor a good choice?

The bigger the size, the greater the resolution and the better your experience as we can best describe it. A 32 inches monitor is also a good option when you are looking for a better choice. However, the distance between the screen and the user must also be taken into account.

If you are using a small room but still wish to get the best of the monitor then ideally you should give a try to the 27 inches laptop. Hence you should buy a 27 inches laptop to get the best of both your options, small space, and greater regulation.

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How far should one sit from the 27 inches screen?

You should also take care of your eyes when you have prolonged exposure to the screen. The radiation and light from the monitor can cause harm to your vision and lead to headaches. Hence the screen should be placed at an appropriate distance from the place where you are sitting.

Now, this depends on the preference of the user and how far they wish to sit, and at what distance they get the best experience. If your neck and shoulders are relaxed and not stretched then you are sitting at a comfortable distance.

If the monitor is 27 inches and has a resolution of 1080 p then you must at least sit at a distance of 3.2 feet from the screen. However, if you have a screen resolution of 1440p then the distance can be reduced to 2.6 feet. This works in the case of a QHD screen! With a 4K resolution, the distance between the screen and the user must be 1.7 feet.

Is 4K Resolution too much for a 27 inches monitor?

Higher the resolution it is also ideal to sit away from the screen. You must sit 3 feet away from the screen when the resolution is 4k. However, the screen may become small when you are sitting away 3 feet from the screen. Thus we would suggest you get a greater length and dimension for the screen when you opt for the resolution to be 4k.

General concept

As we know the length of the monitor is not the adjacent size but the diagonal length of the screen. So if you wish to buy a bigger screen then measure the length of the sides and the height of the monitor as well.

As we all know the monitor is placed on a stand, and the height of the stand is also calculated when we are determining the overall length of the monitor. You must add as much as 4 to 6 inches to the overall height so you get the total size of the screen from the bottom to the top. Depending on the brand or the company which they are buying from, the height and dimension of the stand are very useful for your understanding.

At the end of the discussion, this is very important for us to state that we are looking for a monitor that is not too huge but at the same time very spacious and comfortable for the eyes. A 27 inches monitor is not gigantic but at the same time, it is very big to provide a better experience to the gamers.

Aspect ratio

The ratio that is determined by the width and the height of the screen is termed the aspect ratio. This is a great determining factor when we are considering the height of the screen and its size before buying the device.

Bezel size

The bezel size refers to the additional size of the screen around the rims. This site is not considered while determining the overall length and height of the screen but taken into account as additional dimensions.

Is a 27 inches monitor big enough for a split-screen experience?

The 27 inches monitor screen is big and hence it can provide a better experience than that of a 24 inches screen. This screen enables us to work on two applications easily and makes multi-tasking possible. Thus a split screen mechanism will help you to function well with two applications and make working easier.

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24-inch Monitor vs 27-inch Monitor

As you visit the showroom then it will be very confusing for you to make the right choice. We have tried to make the work easier for the buyers as the process gets simple with the differences that we have drawn below.

  • Dimensions: the dimension of 24 inches is comparatively smaller than the given dimension of 27 inches. The size of 24 inches is diagonal but the overall height is less than that making it even smaller. In that aspect, the measurement of 27 inches is greater in length.
  • Distance to read: about 50 to 60 centimeters distance should be maintained between the screen and the user when the size of the monitor is 24 inches. However, when the size of the screen is 27 inches we advise you to keep a distance of 60 to 70 centimeters at least.
  • Full HD image quality comparison: the images on the screen of 24 inches and 27 inches hardly make any difference.
  • Ease of install: The installation process is the same in both monitors.
  • Space: a 27-inch monitor takes a bit more space than a 24-inch monitor.

Hence, this can be concluded that the height and the resolution of the screen of 27 inches always tilt the decision in favor of the screen. Buying a 27 inches monitor is judicious for the users as they can easily use it for gaming or running multiple applications side by side.

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