55 inch TV Dimensions Explained

Getting a 55-inch TV but wondering if it would fit your LED panel? The first thing before buying is to determine 55 inch tv dimensions if you have made up your mind to get one.

We all have a television set in our modern house for entertainment. We also use television for staying updated on the news and current affairs around the world. Thus television makes the world smaller for us and our vision and idea of the world greater. The size of the television set varies in size and here we will discuss the 55 inches television set and the real dimension of the device.

Let us have a close look at the 55-inch television and understand its nitty-gritty.

We all know that the size of the televisions is made different because of the preference of the buyers. We can enhance the quality of our experience by increasing the size of the television device. The greater the size of the room the greater should you go for the size of the device. The price of the television set and its picture quality are greatly dependent on the size of the device.

What are the dimensions of a 55 inch TV? Width = 49″ x 28.3″ x 1.5″ (WxHxD)

What do we mean by the dimension of 55 inch TV?

55 inch TV Dimensions of a Samsung TV
55 inch TV Dimensions of a Samsung TV

When you are at a shop and purchasing a television set of 55 inches, you may have several questions in your head as to which size is ideal and which model you should be opting for. By 55 inches dimension of a television set, we indeed mean the distance of the diagonal between the screen and not the width is taken into account for measurement.

The manufacturers and the sellers will specify the dimension of the device for you before the actual sale is initiated. It is seen that the modern television sets like Samsung’s are available in the stores have an aspect ratio of 16:9.

If we explain that to you then all that we mean is if the screen width is divided into sixteen equal parts then the height will equate to 9 parts.

Thus this manufacturing constancy makes it easier for us to measure the width and the dimension of a 55-inch television set which are as follows:

Height of 55 inch TV: 28.3 inches or 71.882 centimeters

Width of 55 inch TV (without stand): 49 inches or 124.46 centimeters

Depth of 55 inch TV: 1.5 inches or 3.81 centimeters

Height of 55 inch TV (with stand): 29.8 inches or 75.692 centimeters


55 inch TV dimensions are 49″ x 28.3″ x 1.5″

Things to consider

The size of the actual 55-inch television is a little larger because we also have to consider the frame size.

Here we see that the frame width is usually around 0.3 inches (7mm) to one inch (2.5 cm).

What is the dimension of the packaging box used for the 55-inch television set?

Now that we are discussing every detail of a 55-inch television set we must have a clear idea of the dimension of the packaging boxes as well. The manufacturer provides a box that is slightly larger than the size of the television so that it fits tightly in the carton without getting damaged.

The dimension of the box is roughly 55 “x 33” x 6 “or in centimeters 140 x 83 x 15.

If we precisely state the size of the box then the measurements will be as follows:

Height: 33 inches, 83 centimeters

Length: 55 inches, 140 centimeters

Width: 6 inches, 15 centimetres

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How resolution of a TV impacts your experience?

It is very important for us to primarily note that the size of the television plays a key role in eyesight and how far we are supposed to be seated from the screen. Everyone has different eyesight and thus this is a very subjective case under discussion. The usual resolution of the screen is about 4K and thus you need to observe from a very close distance to note the imperfections that are associated with the same.

The closer you sit to your device the more immersed you shall feel under the images seen on television. However, that does not imply you will sit too close to the device either. It is scientifically seen that the human visual system has a total horizontal field of view of about 200 degrees.

This means although it is beneficial to have a high screen for watching movies in case you are watching a match the experience is quite unpleasant as your head starts to feel dizzy and you get nauseated.

It is thus advisable that you watch the television at a minimum of 30° of your field of vision for a good experience.

What is the safe distance that you must maintain from the television screen?

It is always prescribed that you maintain a certain distance from the television screen as prolonged exposure to the device will harm your vision and strain your eyes. The 55 inches television screens are larger and you need to maintain a safe distance while you are watching movies on the screen.

It is described that the safe distance that you have to maintain for high-definition TV is 3 times the height of the TV.

These 55 inches television sets have an average height of 29 inches and thus it is always recommended that you sit at least a distance of 83 inches away from the device.

Average viewing distance = 29 inches x 3 = 87 inches = 7.25 Ft

Will a 55-inch television fit in a car?

The standard size cars will not be able to fit more than 42 inches of television sets. When we are talking about a 55-inch television set inside a car we also have to take into account the size of the boxes which are certainly more than that of the television itself.

Hence if you are considering fitting a television inside a car you need to go for the large size SUVs to spaciously fit the television set without any damage.

So we can see that here we have a detailed description of the 55 inches television set and the dimensions are defined well for you to make the right choice when purchasing a television set for your home.

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