What are the Dimensions of 32 Inch TV?

In a world where most consumers prefer at least 55-inch LED TVs, 32-inch TVs still sell like hotcakes due to their convenient size. Now, let’s find out 32-inch TV dimensions so that we can understand why televisions of this size are popular.

Dimensions of 32 Inch TV Explained

To determine the length and height of a 32 inches television several formulas need to be used. The diagonal length of the TV screen is needed to determine the length of the television.

The common aspect ratio for a widescreen is 16:9 units or 16/9.

The size of the 32 inches television is as follows:

With Stand

Width = 28.9″
Height = 18.2″
Depth = 6.4″

Without Stand

Width = 28.9″
Height = 17.3″
Depth = 3.1″

Dimensions of 32 Inch TV :
Without Stand 28.9″ W x 17.3″ H x 3.1″ D
With Stand 28.9″ W x 18.2″ H x 6.4″ D

So if you have a space in your house where you wish to install the television make sure that you have some additional spaces in and around it to fit a 32 inches television.

What are the Additional Factors That Should be Taken into Account?

Several other aspects need to be taken under consideration to determine the length –

  •  Field of view
  • Angular resolution
  • Room size
  • Price

If you have less budget than the angular resolution or the field view needs to be compromised to purchase the television.

What is a Field of View

Field of view is the amount of view which is offered by the device. You have to think about the distance of the television from the sitting arrangement. 30° is the angle of vision that must be taken into account. If you are watching the cinema then it has to be 40°. One is recommended to sit about 4.5 feet away from the screen for mixed media. Once the sitting distance is made right the experience gets even better.

What are View Angles

The viewing angle is straight on when one is watching television. But when too many people are watching the television then you have to sit around the television at different angles to watch the screen.

In-plane switching (IPS) panels on liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with light-emitting diode (LED) backlights have more versatility when it comes to viewing angles than a vertical alignment (VA) panel.

Organic light-emitting diodes are more versatile than the former. However, the price of the device gets higher and it is difficult to find an OLED in a 32 inches television.

Effect of Size of a Room

When you are buying a television then you have to also think about the size of the room. It is believed that a 32 inches television is rather a small one for big rooms. You can install these televisions in bedrooms, kitchens, or guest rooms.

32 Inch TV Prices

When you are buying a television there are several things that you have to consider. It is seen that a 32 inches television is more comic than any other larger television screen.

The added features increase functionality and resolution. However, television screens are more budget-friendly is what we can say. A television screen of 32 inches with 4k resolution is hard to find and commonly you will spot the 32 inches television with the lower resolution being sold in the market. QLEDs ( quantum dot light-emitting diode) help to increase the resolution of the device.


1) Is a 32 inches television perfect for my bedroom?

The size of 32 inches is considered appropriate for bedrooms and compact guest rooms or the kitchen space.

2) How far should one sit from the 32 inches of the television screen?

You should always maintain a standard distance away from the television screen to protect your eyes from the radiation of the screen. One should at least sit 4.5 feet away from a 32 inches television screen.

3) Will a 32 inches television screen fit inside a car?

If you have a spacious car like an SUV or Sedan then you will easily be able to fit the 32 inches television screen easily inside it.

What is the Best Room Size for 32 inches Television Screen?

You can mount the television screen on the wall or you can place it on the stand. The thirty-two inches television screen has a greater advantage over the other devices regarding its placement in the room.

Accommodating a 32 inches television screen in a compact space like a small room, RV or kitchen is easier rather than a 65 inches television screen. One should sit three times the vertical screen distance from the television which is about four feet or 3 x 16.75 inches = 50.25 inches.