15 Conversation Games For A Fun Time

These conversation games are perfect icebreakers. A lot of the time when we are new to a place or group, we tend to gravitate towards our smartphones. Use these games to start conversations and socialize instead. These games can also be used to get family and friends closer together and off the digital world.

Fostering real conversations, connections, and networking can go a long way. This article has games for kids, couples, and bigger groups. Use the games below to make your get-togethers and new meetings more meaningful.

Conversation Games For Kids

The bonds made in the formative years of life determine how people go about their future relationships. These games can help develop appropriate social skills, confidence, and self-esteem. Play the games with your kids so that they can learn how to form new connections. They work well to strengthen your bond with your little one as well.

The name game

This fun game stimulates one’s creativity and helps build vocabulary as well. There’s not much to arrange before the game and the preparation is fairly easy. Get the kids to help set up the game as well. To play the game you will need 3 bowls, enough pens for all the players, and slips of paper.

Label the three bowls – letters, categories, and numbers. Write all the letters of the alphabet on the slips of paper and keep them in the bowl tagged ‘Letters’.

Next, write down different categories that kids can relate to. Food, vegetables, animals, flowers, boy’s names, girl’s names, colors, etc. are examples of categories that you could use. Put these in the slips of paper and keep them in the bowl tagged ‘Categories’. The last bowl tagged ‘Numbers’ will only have three slips. Write the numbers 5, 10, and 15 on different slips of paper.

Pick up one slip from each bowl – letter, categories, and numbers. Players must try to name the number of items of that category beginning with that letter. For example, if the letter ‘C’, the number ‘5’, and the category ‘fruits’ are picked out. Players must take turns naming fruits that begin with ‘C’. This continues till five fruits are named.

The person conducting the game can decide whether or not the items called out by the players are relevant to that round or not.

Include unusual categories to push the kids to think harder and use their imagination. The game tests the adaptability and creativity of the children.

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This fun and simple game is sure to get the kid’s minds working. Gather the kids and start playing. The first player says a word. The next player must say the first thing they think of when they hear that word. If a person takes too long or says something that is not related to the previous word, they are eliminated. The game is simple and can take many funny turns.

My name is…

This fun game is perfect for kids that are six years or older. It involves memory and creativity. The game can be adapted to older age groups as well. Before the game starts, you will need to arrange for a sheet of paper and a couple of pens. Using a microphone if there is a large group will help make managing the game easier.

Players take turns making statements. The statement must include a name and an interest. For example, ‘My name is Bethany and I like bikes.’

The name and interest must start with the same alphabet. Players must add on in alphabetical order. So, the next player in the above example will have to start with the letter ‘C’. They could add, ‘My name is Cathy and I like cats.’

As they add on, they must also repeat all the previous players’ entries. In the given example, the second player must say, ‘My name is Bethany and I like bikes. My name is Cathy and I like cats.’ In this way, the game continues.

Allot a person who is not playing the game to jot down the names and interests that people have said. Ask them to ensure that players are saying the right statement and in the correct order. If a player is not able to recall or makes a mistake, they are eliminated from the game.

To increase the difficulty of the game, add more categories in the statement. You could add a place or a number to the statement as well. Decide the difficulty level of the game depending on the age group of the players. Have fun as you push your brain to remember more!

Make up a story

All players come together to put their creative minds together and come up with something special. Each player says one line that adds to a story. Build the storyline by line and see what the group comes up with. Have fun with the game and try unconventional storylines and narratives for added fun.

Weird dictionary words

To play the game, you will have to arrange for a dictionary. Players take turns finding weird and unusual words in the dictionary. They say the word out loud. Other players must try to guess what the word means. Keep score of who gets the words right.

The game not only provides for heaps of fun but also for a chance to learn new things and build your vocabulary. Get hunting for weird words!

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Conversation Games For Couples

Conversation games can help add a little spice to your date nights. You can get to know more about your special someone by playing these games. They also help keep the conversation going and bring you closer to each other.

Fact and fiction

This game is perfect for new couples who still have a lot to learn about each other. The game helps you discover new and exciting truths about your significant other in a fun manner. If you want to make the game more exciting, you could take a shot every time a player guesses wrong in the game.

The game in itself is very simple. A player makes two statements about themselves. One of the statements must be a lie. The other player must try and guess which statement is true and which one is false. Keep both statements equally shocking or mundane to confuse the other player. If the player guesses right, the player who made the statements must take a shot. If the player guesses wrong, they take a shot. Exchange stories about the statements to get to know each other better. Get guessing!

What’s your favorite?

Knowing what your partner likes and dislikes is essential. This game brings people closer by helping them get to know each other’s favorites.

Choose interesting topics to talk about – cuisine, travel, books, movies, etc. Ask each other their favorite item of the topic. Exchange stories and experiences with their favorite things. Maybe you could find that you both have a lot in common.

This or that

When you find yourself bored waiting in line or sitting around with your significant other, play this game to pass the time. The game could help you learn a lot about your partner’s likes and dislikes.

Ask your partner what they prefer in this or that format. Keep the preferences common so they do not have to think for long. Some examples you could use are – cats or dogs, wine or champagne, pasta or pizza, rain or sun, mountains or beaches, nachos or tacos, winter or summer, etc. You could ask about anything you are curious about.

Take turns to ask each other and learn more about what your partner likes. This simple game can help strengthen your bond and pull you closer together. It also serves as a good conversation starter when both of you are bored.

Tell me a secret

Your significant other is the person you trust and hope trusts you too. To strengthen your bond and trust in each other, confide your secrets in each other. Take turns opening up about your secrets – wild, silly, and deep. Opening up and sharing these experiences will undoubtedly bring you both closer together.

Would you rather

This game is sure to keep you entertained and laughing for hours. Make the game more exciting by providing bizarre and otherworldly choices. The more obscure the questions and answers, the more fun the game becomes!

Give your partner two situations. They must choose one among them. Provide them with scenarios that are hard to choose from – they could both be bizarre and weird or both could be something the person really likes. For example, you could ask them, ‘Would you rather eat 15 live spiders or sit in a pit with 15 snakes?’

Another good example is to ask them, ‘Would you rather eat ice cream after every meal or have free rollercoaster rides in your favorite amusement park for life?’

Take turns asking each other questions and giving scenarios. Make up weird questions and have a laugh!

Conversation Games For Groups And Parties

Boring parties are the last thing people would like to be a part of. Having conversation games at the beginning of the game so that all the guests warm up to each other is a good idea. Next time you throw a party, use these games to add fun and excitement from the get-go!

The alphabet game

This quick icebreaker is great for starting conversations with new people. It’s perfect for larger groups and allows people to gel together quickly.

The group collectively decides on a topic to talk about. Each player in the group takes turns saying something about the topic. It can be silly or an informational piece of information. It could be framed as a question or a statement. Anything works!

Players can say anything about the topic in their turn. The catch is that they must say it in alphabetical order. The beginning letter of the statement or question must be the next letter of the alphabet.

For example, if the topic chosen is food. The first player says, ‘Air food is disastrous.’ The next person must start the sentence with the letter ‘B’. They could say ‘Buying fast food is the sin I commit every day.’ The game goes on in this manner. Try to connect statements to each other to make the game more interesting!

Never have I ever

Never have I ever is often played as a fun drinking game. The game helps start conversations and serves as a fun icebreaker. Gather the players and sit in a circle. Players take turns saying things that they have never done. For example, ‘Never have I ever gone streaking.’

Players in the circle who have done the thing that is said must take a shot. If players feel they want to, they can share their experiences and start conversations. Take turns making statements and exchanging stories. Some wild things are going to be uncovered for sure!

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Ask me anything

This game is a fun way to share some giggles if you’re in a silly mood. Get your friends together for a fun time with this game. All you’ll need is a piece of paper and a pen. Keep a mobile phone close by to keep score.

Before starting the game, decide how many times each person can take turns to contribute to the conversation. The game ends when all players have taken a set amount of turns. Each player contributes to the conversation by asking one question.

All answers by players must be stated as questions as well. If a player gives their answer as a statement, they are penalized with a point. Ask questions and keep your score low to win the fun game!

Look below for an example of how the game would go –

  • Player 1 – Are we all ready?
  • Player 2 – Do you think this is a good time to start the game?
  • Player 3 – Let’s start the game now.

In the given scenario, Player 3 answered with a statement so they will be given a point. The game is simple – ask your questions. Set a time limit to up the ante!

Truth or dare

An all-time classic. People have been playing truth or dare as a party game for a long, long time. Rightfully so. The game provides for unending fun, excitement, and laughter.

Gather the players in a circle. Turn by turn, each player chooses either truth or dare. If the player chose truth, they must any question the group asks them truthfully.

If the player chooses to dare, the group can make the player do anything. The game helps keep the mood light and the players engaged.

20 questions

20 questions is a classic that never fails to impress. It’s a fun game that is suitable for both big and small groups. You’ll need slips of paper, a pen, and double-sided tape to get started with the game.

Divide the group into two teams. Each team writes down entries for the game on the slips of paper. The entries can be words, concepts, ideas, items, etc. The first team sends a member from their team to pick up a slip of paper.

The player that has come up must stick the slip they have chosen to their forehead with the help of double-sided tape. They are not allowed to peek at the slip.

They must sit in front of their team so that their teammates can read the slip of paper on their forehead. The objective is for the player to guess what is on the slip of paper. While sitting on the chair, they can ask their team a total of 20 questions.

Their team can only answer – yes or no. At the end of 20 questions, the player must guess what is written on their forehead. They are given three turns to guess.

Teams take turns sending players to sit on the chair and guess. Collect points to win bragging rights for the rest of the party!

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Parties are fun whatsoever. Starting them with a few fun conversation games will make them more memorable and enjoyable. The next time you throw a party, go out with your significant other or hanging out with your kids use these games to help enhance your experience. Have fun!

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