32 FUN Drinking Games!

House parties come with the summer. This calls for a fun time drinking, eating, and eventually drinking games. Choosing fun games to play with family and friends while cooling down with your favorite drinks makes the summer a memorable time.

The summer season and drinking parties are extremely popular among college students. They plan vacations to enjoy new places and make new memories with their close friends. Partying is a major part of their plans on the vacation.

Drinking games can help enhance the experience. Through the games, friends can get to know each other better and also have loads and loads of fun. This article has many games for students to enjoy while drinking. Grab your drink and let’s get started!

Drinking Games For Two

Who said two is not a party? You and your roommate have had a long day and are chilling with a drink in hand. Use these games to lighten up the mood and get to know each other better.

Two truths, one lie

This game can be played with two players in situations like a date or between two friends. More people can join in the game and make it bigger.

The players sit facing each other. One player must state three points about themselves. Out of the three statements, one must be a lie. The other two statements must be true statements.

The aim of the game is for the other player to guess which statement is false. After guessing, the player who made the statements must explain the story behind the two true statements. Sitting face to face is important because facial expressions can give you away. Controlling your expressions and tone is crucial to prevent you from getting caught.

If the player is unable to guess the false statement correctly, they must drink. If they do get it right, the player who made the statements must drink.

Bite the bag

You might have to work on getting those teeth concrete-strong before playing this game. A brown paper bag is kept on the floor.

Players must attempt to bring the bag up with their mouth without using any other parts of the body. Players take turns trying to get the bag off of the floor. The only body part allowed to touch the bag is the mouth. Hands and feet cannot make contact with the paper bag.

Props also cannot be used to help with the game. The person who fails to pick up the paper bag with just their mouth will have to chug their drink.

After everyone finishes his turn. the top part of the bag is cut off. Players must attempt to brink the paper bag up with their mouths again. This goes on till no one is able to pick the bag up.

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Drinking Games with Cards & Dices

Including cards and board games during drinking parties amplifies the fun for all. Following are games involving cards and dice that will spice up your party!

 Drinking Games with Cards & Dices
Drinking Games with Cards & Dices

Up and down the river

The game involves two deals of cards. One player is designated as the dealer. Four cards are dealt face up to each player.

The dealer draws a card from the rest of the deck. If any player has a matching card, they must take a drink. If a player has a multiple of the number, they must take an equivalent number of drinks. In the next round, the number of drinks is doubled.

So, if a player has the same card they will take two drinks. If they have a multiple, they must take twice the equivalent number of drinks. This continues till the fourth round of the game.

After the fourth round, players having a combination of cards that give the fifth card get to give awash four drinks. The drinks can be given to different people or one person. The game restarts after this fifth round.

Circle of death

This drinking game is similar to Kings. To play the game, you will need a deck of cards and your drinks! Keep one cup in the center with a mixture of nasty drinks. Each player gets a turn to draw a card from the deck.

Depending on the color and rank of the card, the player must perform a certain action. The action corresponding to each card is listed below:

  • King – If a player draws a King of any suit, they have the player to make a rule that will last the entirety of the game (unless undone by the next King). An example of a rule can be, ‘All players must have pink on their bodies.’ This seems fun but make sure to count the Kings. The person who draws the fourth King must take a sip of the nasty mixture kept on the table.
  • Queen – If a player picks up a Queen of any suit, they must ask a question to another player. After answering honestly, the player must ask another player another question. This goes on till a player is unwilling to answer the question. The player must take a drink. This ends the round.
  • Jack – Time to be the Thumb Master! If a player draws a Jack, they must immediately put their thumb on the table. All other players must follow suit. The person to put their thumb down last, must take a drink.
  • 10 – This card calls for a game of Category. They player who pulls out this card must call out a category. All other players take turns to list items under that category. Try to stay alert through the game. Previously called out names cannot be repeated. If the name is repeated or a player cannot name an item, they must drink. This ends the round.
  • 9 – Time to polish your vocabulary. The player that draws out this card must call out a word. Players must take turns to yell out words that rhyme with the word that was called out. If a player is unable to do so, they mush drink.
  • 8 or below – If the colour of the card drawn is red, the player has to drink the number of glasses written on the card. If the colour of the card is black, the player has to give out that many number of drinks. Let’s get the party going!
  • Ace – Waterfall! Start with the player who pulled out the card. All players must start gulping their drinks down when the person to their right starts. They cannot stop until the person to their right stops.

Kings cup

Kings is similar to the game described above. All players sit around and take turns to pick a card from the deck. Depending on the number, people in the group have different activities to do. The activities corresponding to each card are listed below:

  • Ace – Waterfall!
  • 2 – Give two drinks away. The player who draws the card points at two people who must take a drink. Both drinks can be given to a single person as well.
  • 3 – The player must take two drinks.
  • 4 – The player must give 2 drinks to other player(s). They must also take 2 drinks themselves.
  • 5 – This card allows the player to set a rule in place for the rest of the game.
  • 6 – As soon as the player picks up the card, they must set their thumb on the table. The last player to follow suit will have to take a drink.
  • 7 – The player who draws this card must raise their hands towards the sky. Everyone must follow suit. The last person to do so will take a drink.
  • 8 – Imprint another person. The player who draws the card get to choose their ‘mate’ for the rest of the game. Their mate must take a drink every time the player does.
  • 9 – The player must initiate the rhyme game. They must call out a word. The other players must take turns calling out words that rhyme with the original word.
  • 10 – The player must initiate the game of Categories. They must call out a category. All other players must take turns to call out items that belong to that category.
  • Jack – All the guys must take a drink.
  • Queen – All the girls must take a drink.
  • King – When the first three Kings are drawn, the player must empty their drink into the cup in the centre. The player who draws the fourth King must drink the whole cup in the middle.

Three man

To play this game, you will require dice and drinks for all. Gather around a table and appoint any player as the ‘Three Man’ of that round. The Three Man will roll the dice every time. Other players take turns to roll the dice after the Three Man. Depending on what both the rolls add up to, players are required to do different tasks. The corresponding action to the sum of the die are as follows –

  • 7 – If the sum of both the rolls is 7, the person to the right of the player must take a drink.
  • 11 – For this sum too, the player to the right of the person who rolled the dice will take a drink.
  • 9 – If a total of 9 is rolled, all players must drink.
  • 3 – The Three Man must drink if the sum of the die rolled is 3.
  • 4 and 1 – If the combination between the Three Man and a player is 4 and 1, all players must fall to the floor. The last one to do so will take a drink.
  • 5 and 1 – If the combination between the Three Man and a player is 5 and 1, all players must point upwards. The last one to do so will take a drink.
  • Doubles – If both the Three Man and a player roll the same number, the player can ask any other player to take a drink.

After every player has had a turn rolling the dice after the Three Man, the round ends. Choose another Three Man and start the next round.


All players assemble together with a deck of cards. The dealer sets down 21 cards in the shape of a pyramid: 6-5-4-3-2-1. The cards must be facing down.

All players are dealt four cards face down. Players are given time to look at their cards and memorize what they have. Peeking at the cards at a later point in the game is not allowed.

After the players set their cards back down, the cards in the pyramid are overturned one by one. If players have the same rank card as the one overturned, they get to assign drinks to other players. Bluffing is also allowed.

The player who has been assigned the drink must take a swig of their drink. If the player who has been assigned the drink thinks there’s a bluff, they can call it out. If there is indeed a bluff, the bluffer drinks twice the drinks they assigned to the other player.

If there is no bluff, the player who was assigned the drinks must drink twice the number of drinks assigned to them. The number of drinks is designated by the row of the pyramid the card was placed in.

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Drinking Games Without Cards

These games do not require a deck of cards or a pair of dice. Get playing!

Drinking Games Without Cards
Drinking Games Without Cards

Never have I ever

All you need for this game is your drink and you! This game can make your parties come alive. Who doesn’t want to know the secrets of their friends and discover their wild side?

Get all the players together and hand them their drinks. Choose who will go first. The player must make a statement starting with, ‘Never have I ever…‘ The statement must be something that they have never done. The statement can be something simple or scandalous. All players who have done what the statement states must take a drink.

For example, if a player says, ‘Never have I ever been to a Las Vegas dance bar’. Everyone who has been to a Las Vegas dance bar must take a drink. If nobody has done the action in the statement, the person who made the statement must take a drink.

Take this game as an opportunity to get to know each other better and build bonds while having the time of your life.

Beer pong

This is a classic party game. All you need to play beer pong is 12-15 cups, beer, and a ping pong ball. You can build the setup on a pong table or any other table available.

Use the cups to make a pyramid formation of 3-2-1 on either side of the table. These cups must have been in them. Form teams of 2 and take opposite ends of the table. Players from one team must try to throw the ping pong ball into a beer cup of the opposite team.

When the ping pong ball falls into a cup, that cup of beer must be drunk by the players of that team. The cup is then excluded from the formation. As cups are eliminated, you can change the formation of the cups to make it harder for the other team to land a ball in a cup.

The teams take turns to throw the pong ball into the opposite cups.

Keep a cup of clean water close by to clean the pong ball between throws so it doesn’t get sticky and messy. The team that eliminates all the cups of the opposing team wins the game. Go get your set up and start playing pong!


This simple game is sure to get your mind working as hard as it can. Gather all the players and begin counting. Players take turns adding to the count. The count goes on except when 7 or a multiple of 7 must be said. In this case, players must say ‘Buzz’ instead of the number that they must count. If they say the number, they must take a drink. This simple is sure to get the party going!


Looking for a game without a lot of equipment? Quarters is here to make your day! All you need to play is a cup and a quarter

Gather the players around a table. Place the glass in the center of the table. Players take turns to place a quarter on the edge of the table and flip it into the glass. The player who succeeds in the task can ask other players to take a drink.

Additionally, the player can make a rule that all must abide by till the end of the game. This rule stays valid till another player succeeds in making the flip into the glass. Get your quarter out and start flipping!

Truth or dare

Another game that requires no equipment. Get your glasses and gather around. Choose a person to start the game. The person asks a player if they wish to choose ‘Truth or dare?‘ The player must choose one. Depending on their answer, the person gives them a question or a task.

If the player fails to answer the question satisfactorily or complete the task, they must take a drink. If the player succeeds, the person who asked the question must take a drink.

The player who was asked the question now chooses another person to ask ‘Truth or dare?’ In this way, the game goes on.


This fun game can be played with smaller and larger groups as well. So get the party together and let’s get started!

Players sit around a table with their drinks and a die. Each player must roll the die and carry out the corresponding action. Keep an extra glass known as the ‘game glass’ ready to go. Following is the list of actions corresponding to each number of the dice –

  • 1 – The player does nothing. They simply pass the die and the game glass to the next player.
  • 2 – The player adds alcohol to the game glass and passes it to the next player.
  • 3 – The player drinks the whole game glass.
  • 4 – The player yells ‘Floor!’ All players must point towards the floor. The player to do so last, must drink from their personal glass.
  • 5 – The player must choose a person to take a drink.
  • 6 – Same rules as 1. The player must simply pass the game galss and the die to the next player.

This easy game is sure to get the party going. Grab your drink and die!

Cheers to the governor

No rules, no cards, no dice, just pure fun. Cheers to the governor are as exciting as the rest but without any equipment.

Gather players around a table with their drinks. Players start counting aloud in turns. The player who reaches 21 becomes the governor. They can come up with any rule and implement it.

For example, the governor can make a rule which states that all players must have at least one finger on the table at all times.

The counting starts again. The person who reaches 21 now is the new governor. The rule implemented by the old governor no longer stands. The game continues in this manner.

Drunk Jenga

Drunk jenga
Drunk jenga

Most people are familiar with the exciting game – Jenga. Drunk Jenga is a spin on this classic game that is sure to lighten the party. The players also have a chance to be creative.

A box of Jenga blocks is painted with different rules on different blocks. Rules can vary in intensity from ‘take three drinks together‘ to ‘perform a dance number‘.

Ensure to have a balance of various types of rules and actions to enhance the experience. Be creative and think out of the box. The more absurd, the more fun. You can leave a few blocks empty as a buffer.

Begin playing the game of Jenga. When a player pulls out a block to stack it on top, they must read the instructions on the block and carry them out. When the Jenga tower collapses, the player who caused the fall will have to finish their drink.

This drinking game is unique to every party. These kinds of customized games are amusing and provide for a fun time. Be creative with the rules and make the blocks attractive.


Thumper is a perfect game to keep the party going through the night and prevent people from falling asleep. All players must pick a hand motion. The motion could be a sign of victory or anything creative.

All players thump the table together and the game begins. The first player must do their hand motion and then do someone else’s gesture. The other players continue thumping the table.

The person whose gesture was done will play next. They must do the gesture they have chosen and do another player’s gesture as well. If someone makes a mistake or takes too much time to react once their sign is made, they must take a drink. Players must continue to thump the table throughout.

Small variations like adding a sound effect or a facial expression will make the game even more interesting. Get thumping!

Flip cup

Two teams are formed with equal players in each. Find a table and place both teams on opposite sides of the table. Each player gets their drinks in a plastic cup. While facing each other, they empty their cup.

All players place their cups top-down at the edge of the table. They all must flip the cup by flicking the rim with their fingers and nothing else. The cup must land top-up on the table. When all the players of the team successfully accomplish this task, they win the game.


Find a circular table to play the game on. Place a cup in the center of the table. To spice things up, find a way to elevate the cup further. Place the cups of all the players’ cups in a circle around the center cup. The center cup is filled with beer till the top. The player’s cups are filled to the halfway mark.

Each player is given a chance to throw the ping pong ball into the cups. Depending on where the ping pong ball lands, the following must be done –

  • If the ball lands in the other players’ cup, they must drink the content of the cup and then refill it.
  • If the ball lands in your own cup, you must drink all the contents and then refill it.
  • If the ball lands in the centre cup, all players must drink the contents of their cup. Immediately they must play flip cup. The last person to complete this will have to drink the entire centre cup. Refill the cup and place int in the centre before the next round begins.


A circle is formed around the table. All players must bring their shots of choice and keep them in front of them on the table. Players must look towards the floor after standing around the table. On the count of three, all players must look up together.

If two people find that they are looking at each other, they must yell ‘Medusa!‘ Both must try to take their shot first. The person who goes second must drink two shots. The same rules are applicable if more than one pair look at each other. The game goes on till no shots are left.

Fuzzy duck

This fun drinking game has minimal rules and maximum fun. All players must sit in a circle. The player starting the game will start by saying ‘fuzzy duck‘. The next player must say ‘ducky fuzz’ and so on. In this way, alternate players will say ‘fuzzy duck‘ and ‘ducky fuzz‘.

When someone makes a mistake, they will have to take a drink. At any point, any player can change the phrase to ‘does he f*ck‘. The next player must say ‘f*ck he does‘. This change in the phrase is done by the player to change the course of the game and keep things spicy.

The chances of players messing up after this change of phrase are greater. The game continues. The more you drink, the more challenging the game.

Straight face

Distribute chits of paper among players to write funny and/or inappropriate sentences. When you get drunk, it is hard to keep a straight face. Keep all the chits in a bowl and make players pick up chits at random.

On reading them aloud, players must try to keep a straight face. If the player reacts or laughs, they must take a drink.


This easy-drinking game doesn’t require much equipment. Just a phone and your drinks. Sit in a circle and play the song ‘Roxanne‘ by The Police on the speaker. Two teams are formed.

One team takes a sip of their drink when the word ‘Roxanne‘ comes on. The other team takes a drink when the lyrics ‘put on a red light‘ come on. It is a fun game to be played.

You could change up the teams and the song was chosen to keep the game fresh and fun for another round. This easy game can be played at any party.

Drink while you think

This classic game is known to many as the ‘Name Game’. Most people must know the rules of this game to have a good time at the party. All players gather around a table.

The first player says the name of a famous person like Toni Braxton. The next player must say a name of a person whose first letter is the same as the last name of the previous personality.

As soon as their chance starts, they must start drinking. They must drink until they are able to think of a name and say it out loud. If a player is unable to come up with a new name or say a name that has already been said, they lose the game.

If the drink in the cup of the player is finished as they think, the game automatically passes to the next player.

Edward 40 hands

This game has an exciting edge to it that some may consider extreme. At the start of the game, a player has a 40-ounce drinking bottle taped to each of their hands. The hands will not be freed until the drink in the bottle is finished.

The timer is started. The player must either drink all the drink in their bottle or spill it on themselves. This party game is on the crazier side but a must-try!

Attached at the hip

This drinking game is best played as an icebreaker. All players are given pieces of paper to draw different body parts. The chits are folded and put together in a fishbowl.

Divide the group into teams of two. Each player from the team must pick up a chit. The body parts shown in the chits must touch each other for the rest of the round. If they separate, they will have to take a shot. Get playing!

Beer roulette

This game tends to get a little messy but is heaps of fun nonetheless. Ensure that you have beer cans equivalent to the number of people at the party. A player must go to the other room with all the cans and shake one can of beer and return to the room.

The cans are randomly distributed among the party-goers. The person who gets sprayed with beer because of the shaking must chug the whole can. Choose your can wisely party people!

Would you rather?

A classic game that required no equipment. ‘Would you rather’ is a popular game among teenagers and adults as well? The player asks a question that starts with ‘Would you rather…‘.

Two options are given in the question. For example, ‘Would you rather live alone in a desert or party every day in the city?’ Players take turns answering the question. The players who have given the less popular answer have to drink. The rounds carry on in a similar manner. Ask controversial and exciting questions to make the game more interesting.

Most likely to…

Get the group to gather around a table. One player asks a question beginning with, ‘Who is most likely to …?‘ After counting to three, all players point to the person who they think is an apt answer to the question.

The person who has the majority of pointed fingers takes a shot. Get creative with the questions and start pointing your fingers.


This game will get you curious and suspicious. Gather all the players and sit around a table. Any player can begin the game. The player must whisper a question to the player next to them. The question must be such that the answer must be the name of another player in the group.

For example, ‘Who has the best smile in the group?’ The answer must be said out loud. If any player wants to know what the question was, they have to drink. Then the question will be said out loud.

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Drinking Games related to Movies, TV Shows & Webseries

These drinking games can be played during movie night.

Harry Potter Drinking Game

There are two main rules in this drinking game. Once the players have gathered and the movie starts, everyone pours themselves their drinks. The two sets of rules are for chugging and for drinking up.

For drinking up, the rules are as follows:

  • A close up of Harry’s scar is show.
  • Stutter of Professor Quirell.
  • A moving staircase is shown.
  • Harry is warned not to say Voldemort’s name.
  • Hermione quotes a book.
  • Gryffindor house wins or loses points.

For chugging, the rules are as follows:

  • Something is lit on fire by Seamus.
  • Harry stares at the mirror of erased.
  • When Hermione says, “Now, if you two don’t mind, I’m going to bed before wither of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed, or worse expelled.”

Game Of Thrones Drinking Game

GoT drinking game has many levels: drink, finish your taking a sip, finishing your drink, take a shot, chug the bottle, pour one out.

For taking a sip, the rules are as follow:

  • Every time you see a dragon
  • Someone gets hurt
  • Every time Cersei snarls
  • Someone betrays an oath

Finish your drink, when:

  • Every time Jon Snow is the last one standing
  • Someone is tortured

Take a shot whenever:

  • Every time a main character dies
  • Every time Tyrion drinks or mentions wine
  • During any sword fights
  • Take a shot whenever someone says “Winter is coming”

Pour one out whenever:

  • Every time someone talks about the rightful king
  • Tyrion destroys someone with words
  • Arya crosses someone off her list
  • There is a flashback

Chug the bottle whenever:

  • The night king sits on the iron throne

Archer Drinking game

The Archer drinking game has three levels – one drink, two drinks, and three drinks.

The rules for one drink are as follows:

  • Archer takes a drink.
  • A gunshot is seen or heard.
  • Archer is called sterling.
  • A curse word is heard.

The rules for two drinks are as follows:

  • Archer says ‘literally’.
  • Cheryl spaces out.
  • There is an explosion.
  • Woodhouse gets a scolding from Archer.

The rules for three drinks are as follows:

  • A co-worker is hit by Archer.
  • Archer ‘doesn’t understand.’
  • Pam get high.
  • Anyone gets fired.

Friends Drinking Game

There are four levels to this drinking game: take one drink, take two drinks, take a shot, and finish your drink.

The rules for taking one drink are as follows:

  • All the characters are in Monica’s apartment.
  • Joey is clueless.
  • High School is mentioned by Monica or Rachel.
  • The Central Park café is shown.
  • Phoebe mentions something unusual.

The rules for taking two drinks are as follows:

  • A family member of the characters are shown.
  • A flashback occurs.
  • Ross gets jealous.
  • A new love interest is shown.
  • Gunter whispers his love for Rachel.

The rules for taking a shot are as follows:

  • Chandler talks about the divorce of his parents.
  • Ross gets married or divorced.
  • Joey get the role he auditions for.
  • There is a guest star.
  • Someone moves apartment.

The rules for finishing your drink is as follows:

  • A character is seen on the road.
  • Someone says, ‘I KNOW!’
  • Someone says, ‘We were on a break!’
  • Ugly naked guy is shown.
  • A fight breaks out between Monica and Rachel.

The above games are sure to make your drinking parties so much more fun. Try out the mentioned drinking games to make your summer a memorable one.

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