What is 84 divided by 12 using long division?

84 divided by 12 using long division befuddled many people. But if you read this article you will know the easiest method to do long division of any number.

The long division method requires you to understand the steps that are involved in the process. Many complex problems are solved in this method and thus you need to learn the different steps and the processes that are involved in the division through the process of long division.

Here we shall take the very simple and basic example of 84 by 12 and carry out the process of long division. The steps of long division are as follows:

What is 84 divided by 12: The Quotient is 7 and the remainder is 0

Basic concepts of long division method

1) What is a dividend- the dividend is the number that is divided in the process of long division where the number 84 in the given situation is the dividend that needs to be divided.

2) What do you mean by a divisor: a divisor is a digit or the numbers that are used to divide the given dividend in the division process through the long division method. Here number 12 is the divisor.

3) What do you mean by the quotient: the quotient is the final answer to your question of long division.

4) Definition of a remainder: the remainder is the value that is ultimately left after the entire process of long division is over and this remainder is the value that can no longer be divided by the given divisor.

5) A divisor is placed on the left of the dividend. In other words dividend, 84 will sit on the right of the divisor 12.

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Calculations to show 84 divided by 12 using long division


First, you need to arrange the numbers that are the divisor and the dividend in proper order. The arrangement will look something like this:

Step 1

Step 2

Now you need to check whether the number 12 can go in the first digit of the dividend which is 8. For this, you need to use the multiplicative table where you shall see that 8 features are nowhere in the table.

Hence you have to write a 0 in the quotient.

Step 2

Step 3

Now, you also need to put a 0 below 8 and initiate the process of subtraction.

Step 3

Step 4

Here, you have to bring down 4 so that you now have the entire dividend as 84.

Step 4

Step 5

Here, you again need to check how many times 12 can go in 84. In other words, you have to make sure that 84 is divisible by 12 and by how much. You may use the multiplicative table to determine this.

You shall see that 12×7 =84.

Hence now the long division column will look like this:

Step 5

Step 6

Again you need to subtract for the final value and are what the final remainder comes as. Since the number is completely divisible by 12, the remainder is zero at the end.

Step 6

The final results for the division of 84 by 12 in the process of long division are as follows



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Extra information for you

Here are some of the extra information and the steps that you must know about-

1) You may also use a calculator if it is available to yield the answers to the given question. You need to type it as 84 first followed by division sign and 12. So it will be 84÷12=7.

2) You can also express the final results in terms of mixed fractions. Here 7 will be the greater number, 0 the smaller numerator, and the denominator remains the same as the given divisor 12.

3) Hence the mixed fraction that we will obtain is 7 0/12. The entire fraction becomes 0 since the numerator is zero and hence you are left with only the whole number 7 as your result.

4) The process of reduction with the Greatest common factor between 84 and 12 can also be used when it comes to 12 and hence the final result would again be 7 as a whole number.