What is 3/4 of 3?

Want to find 3/4 of 3? Seems tricky? Well, it’s not if you follow our step-by-step process.

Sometimes we are assigned the task to find the fraction of a portion of the number and here is what you will have to do to find the results. In this case, we take up the example of 3/4 and 3 and find out how much 3/4 of 3 is. Let us show the simple method by which you can do it.

Basic Concepts

1) A fraction is made of two parts, the numerator and the denominator, here, in this case, 3 is the numerator and 4 is the denominator.

2) Now, a numerator is a part that is present above the line of division and the numerator is the number that is present under the line of division.

What is 3/4 of 3? The answer is 2 ¼

Calculations to find 3/4 of 3

Here you need to convert the whole number 3 to a fraction to proceed with the calculations even further.

Step 1

To do so, you simply need to put one below the line of division, here, in this case, the number in the form of a fraction will be 3/1.

(3 x 3)/(4×1) = 9/4


Step 2

Now you need to equate the numerators and also multiply the denominators to find the final fraction.

Now with the fraction 9/4, you need to find the greatest common factor of 9 and 4.

Step 3

Since there is no GCF or greatest common factor between 9 and 4, hence we need to change it to a mixed fraction.

The mixed fraction from improper fraction requires you to divide the numerator 9 by 4.

Step 4

We see that four goes twice in the number 9, and the remainder is going to come as 1.

Step 5

To form the mixed fraction, 2, the quotient will be the greater whole number and 1 will be the remainder, the divisor and the denominator remain the same, where the numerator 9 becomes the numerator and 4 the denominator, becomes the divisor

Hence, the improper fraction can be changed to a mixed fraction which is 2 ¼

3/4 of 3 = 2 ¼

This you will be able to obtain the answer of the result of ¾ of 4 by the method that is described above. You can also change the improper fraction to decimal which is 2.25

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