What is 35/40 as a percentage?

How to show 35/40 as a percent? Here are the easiest ways to do so!

Conversion of a fraction to a percentage is a very important step in mathematics because the usage of percentages is very common in this subject. Here we will learn how to change a fraction to its percentage form.

The example of 35/40 is provided and now we shall use this example to change the fraction to its percentage form with mainly two methods that can be applied.

What is 35/40 as a percent? The answer is 35/40 as a percentage is 87.5%

Basic concepts of converting a fraction to percentage

1) We already know that a fraction is made of two parts, the numerator, and the denominator. The numerator is present above the line of division and the denominator on the other hand is present below the line of division.

2) Here, in this case, the given numerator is 35 and the denominator is 40.

3) When we divide a fraction, the numerator always becomes a dividend, and the denominator on the other hand is treated as the divisor. Here hence, 35 will be the dividend and 40 the divisor.

4) What do you understand by the term percentages: the percentage is the process where we express the value of any number or digit in terms of hundred. You can also describe it as the process where the greatness and smallness of any value are defined in terms of 100. In other words, percentage can be defined as the fraction of a hundred.

5) So if we say 90% it means 90/100 and if we say 99% it means 99/100.

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Calculation to show 35/40 as a percent

There are mainly two methods that are involved in the conversion of a given fraction to a percentage.

Method #1

Step 1

Here you have to change the value of the denominator of the given fraction to 100. To do so, you need to divide 100 by 40.


100÷40= 2.5

\[ \frac{100}{40}=2.5 \]

Step 2

Now you need to adjust the value of the numerator and the denominator so that a balance is maintained between the two.



\[ \frac{(35\times2.5)}{(40\times2.5)}=\frac{87.5}{100} \]

Hence the required result for the conversion of the fraction 35/40 to percentage is 87.5%.

35/40 as a percent = 87.5%

Method #2

In the second method, we will first convert the fraction to decimal and then to percentage.

1) First, you need to divide the numerator by the denominator where 35 is the numerator that becomes the dividend and 40 is the divisor that is the given denominator.


35÷40 = 0.875

2) Now you need to multiply the obtained decimal results by 100 to yield the final results.


0.875×100 = 87.5%

So in both cases, we can see that the answer is the same. When we are converting the value of the fraction 35/40 to percentage, the results following both the methods is 87.5%.

35/40 as a percentage = 87.5%

It can be said that both the conversion methods are valid and you can try out either of them when you need to change a given fraction to its percentage form.

There should be no confusion regarding the conversion fraction to percentage among students as the methods are simple and quite basic for you to understand. If you follow the steps carefully then you will be able to understand the calculations and solve them on your own.

Keep practicing them again and again with different fractions and soon you will be able to exercise expertise in this method of conversion of the fraction to percentage form.

The final answer to your question of conversion of 35/40 to a percentage is 87.5% in this case.

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