45 ACP vs 45 GAP (With Table)

So another article on the favorite topic of many – guns! In this article, we will discuss a popular question of 45 ACP vs 45 GAP pistols.

Pistols are like handguns, made for one-hand use. These have been in use since the late 15th and the 16th century. The reason behind this terminology is that it was first produced in Pistoia, Italy in the late 15th century.

In regular usage, the term pistol is used interchangeably with revolvers, derringers, or rather any handguns but they are different from each other in many aspects. The earlier pistols had simpler working principles and they were single-shot pistols or manual repeating pistols.

Now, the most common type of pistol available is the semi-automatic pistol. More recently, fully automatic pistols have also been developed. The key people associated with the evolution and development of pistols are Henry Deringer, Simeon North, Károly Takács.

45 ACP and 45GAP are two handguns that fall under the pistol category. The two simultaneously stand for Automatic Colt Pistol and Glock Automatic Pistol.

The primary difference between the two is their weight. 45 ACP pistol is slightly bigger in size than 45 GAP pistols. As such the GAP pistol operates at a higher pressure of 23,000 psi in comparison to the ACP pistol’s 21,000 psi.

Comparison Table: 45 ACP vs 45 GAP Pistols

Criteria45 ACP45 GAP
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45 ACP vs 45 GAP Table
45 ACP vs 45 GAP Pistols
Difference between 45 ACP and 45 GAP Pistols

About 45 ACP

If we break down the name of 45 ACP pistol, the 45 in the name stands for the caliber of the gun, ACP stands for Automatic Colt Pistol which identifies the kind of handgun and the kind of pistol it is.

It was developed by Jhon Moses Browning in the year 1904. Subsequently, it came to be used in World War I. A 15 ACP round (a standardized bullet for 45 ACP) has a speed of 830 feet per second.

The bullet weighs 230-grain bullet weight. It is a low blast pistol with a low flash. It operates at 21000 chamber pressure. It is one of the most trusted handguns with impeccable accuracy.

It was used by the U.S military as their sidearm before being replaced by Beretta 9M 9mm pistol. It was used by the U.S. military because it is particularly effective against human targets. It has been the most potent pistol caliber around for a while. The cartridge is available in various specialty rounds, weights, and performance levels.

About 45 GAP

GAP stands for Glock Auto Pistol and 45 is of course the caliber of the gun. This handgun falls under the category of auto pistols. This model was designed by Ernest Durham in 2003. So, this is a fairly new model integrated with all the developments made in the arena of firearms.

It is smaller in size in general comparison which makes it easier to grip the pistol. One problem with 45 ACP was it was a bit harder to grip for those with smaller hands. This pistol has a rimless straight case and a length of 27.22 mm.

It is known to operate under 23000 psi pressure. It has a strong head case which minimizes the possibility of neck blowout. All these features have made it the official service gun of 4 U.S. law enforcement agencies.

This pistol uses a 45 GAP cartridge, compact Glock 39, and subcompact Glock 39. The cartridge of these guns weighs up to 200 grains.

Due to its popularity among law enforcement agencies, many different manufacturers produce models that can use the 45 GAP cartridge. The 45 ACP and 45 GAP have the same diameter but this one is a bit shorter and it uses a small pistol primer.

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Difference Between 45 ACP and 45 GAP

1) Developed by

The two handguns were developed in different eras by different people. The ACP one being an earlier version has inspired many future generations of models, including the 45 GAPs.

The 45 ACP was developed by Jhon Moses Browning.
The 45 GAP was developed by Ernest Durham.

2) Year of introduction

The two models of handguns were produced almost a century apart. 45 ACP is the earlier model and was developed by Jhon Moses Browning in 1904.

45GAP is a model of the 21st century and was developed during the beginning of it in 2003.

3) Full form

The acronyms and in turn the names suggest the nature of the handguns. ACP stands for Automatic Colt Pistol, therefore it is a semi-automatic type of pistol which is a handgun. The 45 stands for 45 calibers.

45 GAP stands for Glock Auto Pistol. This is also a semi-automatic pistol. The Flock models are named after Gaston Glock.

4) Size

The diameter of both the 45 ACP and 45 GAP is the same. However, GAP is a bit shorter and uses small-pistol primer so it is easier to grip. ACP is a bit larger and for all its sharp accuracy is a bit harder to grip for those with smaller hands.

5) Pressure

The two pistols operate at different pressures due to different sizes. 45 GAP is smaller than 45 ACP and operates at a pressure of 23000psi.

45 ACP operates at a pressure of 21000 psi due to its larger size.

6) Bullet weight

The bullet weight of 45 ACP bullets is 200 grains. And the bullet weight of 45 GAP pistol is 230 grain.

7) Service history

The 45 ACP pistol has been used by the U.S. military. The 45 GAP pistol is used by law enforcement agencies.

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