Mac 10 vs Mac 11 (With Table)

If you’re a gun enthusiast then you must be familiar with the likes of Mac 10 and Mac 11. Though both these models are very similar, there are some vital differences. So let’s learn more about Mac 10 vs Mac 11

Comparison Table: Mac 10 vs Mac 11

CriteriaMac 10Mac 11
Production dateIt was produced in 1970.It was produced in 1972.
LengthMac 10 is 24.2 inches.Mac 11 is 27 inches.
Barrel lengthMac 10 has a barrel length of 146 millimeters.Mac 11 has a barrel length of 12.9 centimeters.
Firing capacityIt has a cyclic rate of 1090 rounds per minute.It has a cyclic rate of 1200 rounds per minute.
Weight of the gunIt weighs 2.84kg.It weighs 1.6kg.
Feed systemIt has a capacity of 30 magazines.It has a capacity of 16 to 32 round box magazines.
Mac 10 vs Mac 11 Table
Mac 10 vs Mac 11
Difference between Mac 10 and Mac 11

Guns and weapons have been used by people for centuries. While many wars were fought in the past using these, some individuals believe it helps to defend yourself against dangers. While many people choose to disagree with this, there is still a lot of debate surrounding it.

Apart from the negative aspect of guns, certain activities like hunting, shooting competitions, and target practice also require the use of guns. Guns have been playing some role in our lives. Whether we are using a gun or not, it is always good to know the basics of the inventions around us.

The first gun was invented in 1364. By the end of the 19th century, automatic handguns were introduced. Let us look at some modern ones like Mac 10 and Mac 11. These models have been around for quite a long time.

Even though the name sounds similar, there are multiple differences in both guns. There is a difference between Mac 10 and Mac 11 in terms of technology. Both the models were manufactured by the same company. Mac 11 is an upgraded version of Mac 10.

About Mac 10

Mac 10 is often referred to as the submarine gun. It was designed in the early 1970s by Gordon B. In America, it was manufactured by the Military Armament Corporation. It was registered in America in 1974 when a lethal prowess was wielded by John Wayne.

Later on, its use was preferred in Hollywood for the action scenes. Manufacturers thought they could make use of the Mac 10 for military purposes but it was not preferred for professional use. 

Mac 10 works effectively from a range of 50 meters. The length of its barrel is 146 millimeters with a capacity of 1090 rounds per minute. It weighs around 2.84 kg but has a muzzle with slow velocity. It has around a magazine capacity of 30 to 32.

There are two calibers present in Mac: 45 ACP and 9/(by)19 millimeter. It is 2.69 millimeters in length with a collapsed wire stock. The size of the model is compact and handy with a combat grip at the center of the body. This helps to give the balance we need.

About Mac 11

Mac 11 is a modified and more compact version of the model Mac 10. This model is a machine gun with a greater capacity than a Mac 10. Designed by Gordon Bailey Ingram, Mac 11 was manufactured by the Military Armament Corporation. It is very compact and handy. The charging handle has been placed above the receiver and can be rotated 90 degrees. It is locked in one place which prevents it from getting charged.

To prevent undesirable firing, safety is placed in front of the trigger. It is pushed forward to lock the trigger during cases of emergency. Availability of guns is rare which causes a higher price value. In markets, Mac 11 is easily available along with some copies of the model. The length of the model is 53 centimeters with the extended stock. With the stock folded, the length is 24.8 centimeters. The length of the barrel is 12.9 centimeters.

The Mac 11 works perfectly from the range of 50 meters. But this is not a desirable feature when it comes to professional use. It was mentioned in the association of police chief weapons of America that Mac 11 cannot be used for police or military purposes. The model weighs around 1.6 kg and has 1200 rounds per minute as the cyclic rate.

The feed system of Mac 11 consists of 16 to 32 magazine rounds. Even though the high cyclic rate of the model sounds helpful, in reality, it isn’t. The shooter will have to refill every two seconds and this leads to less accuracy.

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Difference Between Mac 10 and Mac 11

1) Production date

The production of the Mac 10 took place in 1970. The production of Mac 11 took place in 1972.

2) Length

Mac 10 is 24.2 inches whereas Mac 11 is 27 inches.

3) Barrel length

Mac 10 has a barrel length of 146 millimeters. Mac 11 has a barrel length of 12.9 centimeters.

4) Firing capacity

Max 10 has a cyclic rate of 1090 rounds per minute. On the other hand, Mac 11 has a cyclic rate of 1200 rounds per minute.

5) Weight of the gun

The weight of Mac 10 is 2.84kg. Mac 11 weighs 1.6 kg which makes it lighter to carry and more compact.

6) Feed system

Mac 10 has the capacity of 30 magazines. Whereas, Mac 11 has the capacity of 16 to 32 round box magazines.

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Legalization of the guns

Both the models, Mac 10 and Mac 11 are legal in the United States. But according to the laws and regulations, it is not legal in all the states of the US. Before using these guns, make sure to learn about the specific laws of the States you are visiting or staying in. It is designed for security personnel and self-defense specialists.


Even though the Mac 10 and Mac 11 have multiple effective features, there are certain drawbacks too. With drawbacks like the high cyclic rate and other performance issues, these models are not preferred for police or military use.

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