What is 35/50 as a percentage?

Want to express 35/50 as a percentage? This is an oft-asked question and here is the answer.

Conversion of a given fraction to percentage is a very important step in mathematical expression which we are going to learn here. This is a simple example here 35/50 as a fraction which we are going to convert to the percentage.

What is 35/50 as percentage? 35/50 as a percentage is 70%

Basic concepts

1) A fraction is divided into two parts. The number or the digits that are present below the line of division is called the denominator and later this is used as the divisor during the process of division.

2) The numerator is the part of the fraction which is present above the line of division and it gets treated as the dividend during the process of division.

3) A dividend is present on the right of the divisor and it is generally used during the conversion of a fraction to a decimal or percentage.

4) A percentage is defined as the fraction of 100 or in other words, it is described as expressing a number in the term of 100.

5) For example, in the case of 67%, it means 67/100 or if we say 79% it means 79/100.

Calculation to express 35/50 as a percentage

Method #1

There are two different methods in which we will learn to convert a given fraction to a percentage and both of the steps are easy and helpful for you to understand.

Step 1

You have to adjust the value of the numerator and the denominator such that you can get a hundred in the denominator. To do so you have to divide 100 by the denominator which makes it 100÷50


100÷50 = 2

    \[ \frac{100}{50}=2 \]

Step 2

Now you need to multiply the obtained result with both the numerator and the denominator to balance the results.

( 35×2)/(50×2)= 70/100

    \[ \frac{(35\times2)}{(50\times2)}=\frac{70}{100} \]

Hence the required result is 70% which is the converted percentage value of 35/50.

35/50 as a percentage = 70%

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Method #2

Step 1

There is a different way of conversion of a fraction to percentage which is by you need to divide the given numerator by denominator which is 35÷50


35÷50= 0.7


0.7×100 = 70%

where at the end you need to multiply the decimal value with 100 to yield the required result.


Hence there are two different ways in which you can find the value of the fraction to percentage. The steps are very basic and you will not have much trouble solving these sums. Keep practicing them again and again with different fractions to change them to percentages.

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