What is 34/40 as a percentage?

Need to calculate 34/40 as a percentage? Here is the best way to do so…

Sometimes we need to express the value of a certain fraction in the form of a percentage and to do so there are two methods that you can try out.

Here we will take a simple example of the given fraction 34/40 and learn to change it to a percentage value. Let us see the steps that are involved in doing so.

Basic concepts

1) A fraction is made of two parts, the numbers above the line of division are called the numerator and the numbers below the line of division are called the denominator of the fraction.

2) Here 34 is the numerator while 40 is the denominator.

3) The percentage is defined as expressing a value in terms of a hundred or in other words, we can define a percentage as a value that is a fraction of a hundred.

4) So if we write 45% then it means 45/100 and if we write 65% then it means 65/100.

What is 34/40 as a Percentage? In percentage, 34/40 = 85%

Calculation to show 34/40 as a percentage

Method #1

First, you need to adjust the value of the given denominator 40 such that you can make it a hundred. To do so you have to divide 100 by 40.

100÷40 = 2.5

\[ \frac{100}{40}=2.5 \]

Now you need to use the multiple and multiply it with both the given numerator and denominator 34 and 40 respectively to yield the answer.

(34×2.5)÷(40×2.5) = 85/100

\[ \frac{(34\times2.5)}{(40\times2.5)}=\frac{85}{100} \]

Hence the required answer when you convert a given fraction 34/40 to a hundred is 85%.

34/40 as a percentage = 85%

Method #2

Here is another different approach you may use to yield the answer to your question.

You need to divide the numerator by the denominator where 34 will be the dividend and 40 the divisor respectively.

34÷40 = 0.85

Now you need to multiply 0.85 the decimal value by 100 to yield the final results to your question which is,

0.85×100 = 85%

34/40 as a percentage = 85%


Hence you can use any of the two methods to find your answer as both the methods are simple and easy for you to understand and comprehend. If you wish to gain expertise in your sums then you must pick up random fractions and change them to percentages to understand and grasp the techniques well.

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