What is 3/4 of 4?

It is time for us to learn how to find out a certain fraction of a number through mathematical calculation and expressions. Here we are given this simple problem of finding what is 3/4 of 4 which is a whole number. Let us solve this problem quickly.

What is 3/4 of 4? The answer is 3

Basic Concepts

1) We already know that a fraction consists of two parts which are namely the numerator and the denominator. The digits or the numbers above the line of division are called the numerator and the number or the digits above the line of the fraction is called the denominator.

2) Here 3 is a numerator and 4 is a denominator.

3) A whole number can be converted to a fraction by putting 1 as its denominator. In this case, the whole number 4 forms the fraction 4/1.

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Calculating 3/4 of 4

Now you need to multiply both the numerator and the denominator with each other respectively to result in a greater fraction with a new numerator and denominator.


(3 x 4)/(4×1) = 12/4


Now with the greater fraction 12/4, you need to find the Greatest Common Factor or the GCF of both 12 and 4 which will result in 4

Then you need to reduce or divide both 12 and 4 by the GCF 4

(12÷4)/(4÷4)= 3/1 = 3

\frac{\frac{12}{4}}{\frac{4}{4}}=\frac{3}{1} = 3

Answer the fraction 3/1 is also the whole number 3 only and the final result to your question.


3/4 of 4 = 3

And you can easily find the result without much hassle or inconvenience. Keep practicing for grasping a grip in these processes.

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