What is 60 Divided by 4 using the Long Division Method?

The method of long division is useful in finding out results to the various mathematical expressions and it is important to understand how you can find the answer to a question by applying the long division method. Here you shall be able to learn how to find out the value of 60 divided by 4 through the long division method in mathematical rules.

Rules of Long Division

Some of the basic rules need to be clarified when you are applying the long division method to find out the value of 60 divided by 4 through the long division method.

1) The number 60 which you are dividing is called the dividend since that is the digit that is getting divided.

2) Number 4 is the digit with which you are dividing and hence it is called the divisor in the long division method.

3) The quotient is the ultimate result that you need to obtain at the end of your sum.

4) The remainder is any digit that is left behind at the end that can no longer be divided by the whole divisor.

Each of the steps of long division is broken down in sum to explain the procedure for you clearly and comprehend the technique at each step.

What is 60 divided by 4? The Quotient is 15 and the remainder is 0

Calculation for 60 Divided by 4 using the Long Division Method

Step 1

First, you need to arrange the divisor and the dividend properly to initiate the sum. The divisor is always placed on the left-hand side of the dividend and a line is drawn between and above them.

Step 1: 60 divided 4
Step 1: 60 divided 4

Step 2

Now you need to see how many times the number four goes in six with the help of a multiplicative table. ( 4×1=4,4×2=8 and so on)

It is clear that 4 can go only one time in six and thus now you have to write number 4 below six and subtract four from six. The remainder below will come as 2. The quotient is always written at the top and hence the digit 1 from the multiplicative table will sit beside or at the top of the dividend.

Step 2

Step 3

Now that you have two as a reminder, you have to pull the zero beside the six and drag it down to the two that are present at the lowest level.

Step 3

Step 4

In the next step, you need to check how many times number four will go in twenty which can again be deduced from the multiplicative table.

4×5=20 and thus now you need to put the number five as a quotient beside 1 to make it 15 and the remainder will be zero since if you subtract twenty from twenty the answer will come as 0.

Step 4

Step 5

The final step is to write your answer as 15 which is the quotient and the final result to the sum of long division where we find out the value of sixty when it is divided by four.

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Results of 60 Divided by 4

60÷4= 15 where your quotient is 15 and since there is no remainder your answer is 0 for the remainder.

Quotient = 15

Remainder = 0

The long division method is the easiest process of finding your answer to the question and the basic technique that a student should learn.

Other Methods to Calculate 60÷4

1) The usage of the calculator is the simplest for you to find the results for your sum. You can enter 60 first then the division sign and then four and you will get the exact result as 15.

2) The process of reduction through the fraction method is also useful where you can place 60 by 4 or 60/4 which is equal to 15 on reduction.

3) The data can also be represented in the form of a mixed fraction with 15 0/4 resulting in only fifteen.

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