Standard Parking Space Size Explained

If you wish to estimate the standard parking space size then you have to remember that size of the parking space depends on local factors like traffic, accessibility, and so on.

Here we will answer the question to explain parking space dimensions. The size is determined keeping in mind that each car has a different width. Now we shall look into some key factors before estimating the size of a given car parking space. What are the standards that need to be taken under consideration for determining the size of the parking spaces given here?

What is the Dimension of a Parking Space?

We know what a parking space looks like isn’t it? These are marked areas on the ground, in the basement of the supermarket, or on the side of the road. You will see a certain space within the white marks or lines that are used for demarcating the space for parking stationary vehicles. There are mainly the kinds of parking spots that we have come across and here we shall be discussing them in this column.

1) Standard Parking

This is the most common parking space size that we always come across! These are the general parking spaces for cars. The width of such car parking areas is 7.5 to 9 feet and graciously accommodates a large variety of models of different cars. The length of these standard parking spaces is 16 to 20 feet in measurement.

2) Accessible or handicapped parking space

For normal vehicles, the accessible parking spot size is about 8 feet wide while for that the standard van accessible space is 11 feet. Along with this, there is the facility like a 5 feet-wide aisle accompanying the accessible parking spaces.

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3) Truck and Trailer Parking

The large trucks and trailers cannot park in the standard or the handicapped spots because of their massive size. Hence special parking spaces have been designed for larger size vehicles where the width of the parking space is 15 feet and the length of the area is 30 to 40 feet.

Standard Parking Space Size
Standard Parking Space Size

How Wide is a Car Parking Space?

Though we have standardized the shape of the car parking spaces, they greatly vary from time to time. The minimum width never goes below 7 to 8 feet. If the parking spaces need to be more spacious then it goes up to 8.5 feet.

Do not be surprised if it goes as much as 10 to 20 feet in width depending on the size of the parking area available on a total scale. If you own a vehicle that is of average size then always know that it will not be many problems to accommodate them in the standard parking zones.

Parking spaces are areas where we temporarily place cars and other vehicles and they may be unpaved or paved depending on the different kinds. Parking spaces are important in maintaining traffic in the city, be it a garage parking space or an in-house or roadside parking area.

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Important Concepts of Parking Spaces

Parking spaces are a rising problem among the owners of houses. We all have a dream of buying cars but with owning a car another rising problem is the parking space that we need. There are certain key factors that we need to keep in mind determining the size of a parking space.

Parking Space Dimensions

Parking spaces design vehicle dimension is a very crucial factor for determining the size of the car parking space. It is recorded that since 1999 the number of vehicles that run on the road has a maximum size or width of 7-9 feet and 17-18 feet in length.

The function of the parking space must also be kept in mind when we are discussing the construction of the ideal parking space. If the traffic in those areas is high like the retail stores and supermarkets then we have to keep enough space for aisles and clearance areas.

In the case of hospitals where we need to keep in mind that there will be patients and elderly humans then the parking spaces are constructed differently.

The door opening space is about 23 inches which allows enough space for keeping the door ajar.

Car parking Size in America

Car parking Size in America
Car parking Size in America

In America, car parking space is about 8.5 to 9 feet in width. This is the standard breadth of car parking spaces in the USA.

When we talk about the length of the car parking space then it varies from around 18 to 24 Feet. In the USA there are about the right cubicles for accompanying cars in a straight line on the road. This is the average size of the overall dimension of the car parking space. Dimensions are 24 ft (L) x 9 ft (W).

Car Parking Spaces in the United Kingdom

Different standards are set up in the United States. This range in width is a minimum of 2.4 meters. The length goes as much as 4.8 meters. On an average scale, it can be said that the size is the width of 7 feet. The length of the vehicle parking space is 15 feet. Dimensions are 15 ft (L) x 7 ft (W).

Standard Parking Space Size in India

The minimum car parking width is 8 feet. The width of the parking area is about 2.5 meters. In India, the length of the car parking space is around 16 feet. This can also be stated as 5 meters. Dimensions are 16 ft (L) x 8 ft (W).

Parallel Parking Dimensions

It must be noted that parallel parking spaces are slightly larger than that of the standard car parking area. The length of the parallel parking space is around 26 feet while the width is estimated to be 8 feet. Dimensions are 26 ft (L) x 8 ft (W).

Angle Car Parking Areas

Angled car parking spaces are different and they may vary for different constructions. The angles like 30,45,60,90 are taken into account for estimating the size of angled car parking areas. The width is around 9 feet while the length is around 20 feet for constructing the angled car parking areas.

Dimensions are 20 ft (L) x 9 ft (W).

Factors that Determine the Parking Space of the Car

There are different kinds of parking spaces and areas that depend on the need of the location. Some are parallel, standard, and so on. Here are some common factors that are listed below for estimating the size of parking spaces.

  • Parking lot size
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Traffic direction flow
  • Types of vehicles being parked
  • Inclusion of crosswalks
  • Pavement vs non-pavement
  • Parking space angles
  • Lighting
  • Landscaping
  • Drainage

You must see the painted parking lines that are used for demarcation. They are as wide as 4 feet and the length can range up to 18 feet. Angled lines are even longer and they are used in several spaces of the city.

The general colors that are used are yellow and white although green, blue and red may also be used.

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What are Special Parking Spaces?

Certain parking spaces are made for pregnant ladies or have physical disabilities. There are parking spaces that are used for parking smart cars. These cars are small in size and hence the parking spaces that are required for them are also small.

If you are entering a parking space for the physically disabled where a wheelchair logo is observed. Similarly, when we need to park ambulances and fire trucks, the parking areas used are different. Hence in conclusion we see that are different variations in size and form for different parking spaces.

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