Pick-Up Truck Dimensions Explained

A pick-up truck is a light-duty truck with an enclosed cabin and open part enclosed by three low walls at the back in which cargo can be carried. These vehicles are workhorses that are suitable for domestic work or light commercial work like towing, hauling, and carrying cargo. To make things more clear to you we will explain the average pick-up truck dimensions.

Average Pick-Up Truck Dimensions

The average size of the usual pickup trucks is 17.5-21.2 feet long, 6.1-6. 10 feet wide, and 6-6.9 feet tall.

The dimensions mentioned above also consist of the bed size, drive, and cap size.

Dimensions of Popular Pick-up Trucks

Dodge Ram 1500

Dodge Ram 1500 Dimensions
Dodge Ram 1500 Dimensions | Pic courtesy: https://www.ramtruck.ca/

Dodge Ram 1500 is one of the most comfortable and good-looking pickup trucks with a cultish fanbase. It is equipped with eye-popping luxury and technology.

Dodge Ram 1500 average dimensions are (dimensions may vary depending on the models).

Length: 5833 mm (19 ft 2 in)
Width: 2465 mm (8 ft 1 in)
Height: 1917 mm (6 ft 3 in)

Ford F150 Dimensions

Ford F150 Dimensions
Ford F150 Dimensions | Pic courtesy: https://www.ford.com/

The Ford F-150 has always been the leader of the pack when it comes to performance. Ford F-150 is characterized by a spacious interior cabin, a wide cargo bed, and plenty of room for passengers and cargo!

Let’s have a closer look at the Ford pickup truck F150 dimensions (dimensions may vary depending on the models).

Length: 5885.18 mm
Width: 2029.46 mm
Height: 1960.88

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Chevy Silverado 1500 Dimensions

Chevy Silverado 1500 Dimensions
Chevy Silverado 1500 Dimensions | Pic courtesy: Chevrolet.com

Chevy Silverado 1500 provides a spacious bed and smooth drive and is a must for chevy fans!

Let’s check out its dimensions (dimensions may vary depending on the models).

Length: 5885 mm (19 ft 4 in)
Width: 2063
mm (6 ft 9 in)
Height: 1915
mm (6 ft 3 in)

GMC Sierra Dimensions

GMC Sierra Dimensions
GMC Sierra Dimensions

Length: 6129 mm
Width: 2062
Height: 1994 mm

Toyota Tundra Dimensions

Toyota Tundra Dimensions | Pic Courtesy: toyota.com

Toyota Tundra a pickup is a four-door pickup truck in extended-cab (Double Cab) and crew-cab (CrewMax) configurations, with one short bed and one long bed option for each.

Its average dimensions are (dimensions may vary depending on the models).

Length: 5932 mm
Width: 2031 mm
Height: 1926 mm

Factors Affecting Pick-up Trucks Dimensions

The cab size, bed style, bed size, wheel height, weight, trim, and suspension are the common factors that must be taken into account for considering the size of the pickup truck.

1) Bed size

The size of the bed comes in terms of short, long, and standard ones. Although there are no strict specifications for the size of the bed, the length usually refers to the length from the front to the rear inside. The standard measurement is as follows-

The long bed is 8 ft long, the standard is 6.5 ft and the short bed is anywhere from 5-6.5 ft.

2) Cab Size

By cab, we mean the part of the truck which consists of seating arrangements for the passenger and the drivers.

The cab is divided into three parts

  • Regular
  • Middle
  • Crew

The regular cabs have maximum space for about two to three people! It is also referred to by the name of a single cab since there is only one row for sitting.

The middle cab is certainly more spacious than that of the single cabs and has a sitting arrangement of four to six people with two rows.

The crew cab also has about four to six seats but the only difference between the middle and the crew cab is that there are four full-sized doors.

The middle cab differs from the crew cab because although it has all the front and rear doors, the rear door can only be used when the front doors are open. This middle group of cabs in the Dodge Ram trucks are referred to as Quad cabs and in the Ford F series, they are called SuperCab.

3) Bed style

There are two different bed styles and they are as follows-
● Stepside
● Fleetside.

The fleetside trucks are flat-sided. By that, we mean the tire wells are flushed to the side of the trucks. It has two benefits. In this case, the width of the truck is reduced and the size of the bed is also decreased. The tire will protrude into the truck bed.

On the other hand, step-side trucks are available less on the road these days! Here the wheel wells are projected outside the truck bed. Stepside trucks provide a perfect rectangular truck bed.

4) Wheels and suspensions

the size of the wheels and the suspension of the trucks depend on how the truck will run on the road. The ones with greater wheel size and suspension ensure the height of the truck bed from the ground is comparatively more.

5) Trim

this refers to the size and shape of the trucks. Different trucks have different variations in their structure. It depends on the manufacturer who creates the design of the trucks.

6) Drive

the suspension system of the four-wheeler trucks and the two-wheeler drive cars. The difference in the internal structure and mechanism of the vehicle impacts the outside structure and the height of the vehicle greatly.

For example, Ford uses style side (for fleetside) and flareside (for stepside).

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Parking Space needed for a Pick-up Truck

A pick-up truck can be anywhere from 17 to 21 feet long and 6-6.5 feet wide. As we already know average parking lots are 16-20 feet in length and 7.5-9 feet in width.

So, while the truck may get into the parking lot easily, it may stick out a few feet due to its length.

Significance of Truck dimensions

Knowing the dimension of the car is important so you can fit it inside the garage or in the parking lot. You must know the dimensions of the truck since you are shifting materials in it and for that matter, you need to have an idea about the capacity of the truck before you can choose your options. The garages with a depth of 22ft will precisely fit the truck but it will make a tight squeeze without leaving any space empty on either side. 

Hence we can conclude by saying that the trucks have a standard measurement between 17′ 5.1′ to 21′ 0.2″ long, 6′ 1″ to 6′ 10.1″ wide, and 6′ 0.4″ to 6′ 9.8″ high.

Hence, proper knowledge of the dimension of the truck is needed before you hire that.


What is the Pickup Truck Length?

The pickup truck length varies between 17.5-21.2 Feet

What is the Pickup Truck Width?

The pickup truck width varies between 6.1-6.10 Feet

What is the Pickup Truck Height?

The pickup truck width varies between 6-6.9 Feet

Pickup Truck Length Comparison

Ford F150: 209.1-250.3 inches
Dodge Ram 1500: 228.9-241.8 inches
Chevy Silverado 1500: 229.5-241.2 inches
GMC Sierra: 229.6-241.3 inches
Toyota Tundra: 233.6-252.5 inches
Chevy Colorado: 212.7-224.9 inches
Ford Ranger: 210.7-210.8 inches
Jeep Gladiator: 218 inches
Toyota Tacoma: 212.3-224.1 inches
Nissan Frontier: 210.2-224.1 inches

Pickup Truck Width Comparison

Ford F150: 79.9 inches
Dodge Ram 1500: 82.1 inches
Chevy Silverado 1500: 81.1-81.2 inches
GMC Sierra: 81.2 inches
Toyota Tundra: 80.2-81.6 inches
Chevy Colorado: 74.3 inches
Ford Ranger: 73.3 inches
Jeep Gladiator: 73.8 inches
Toyota Tacoma: 74.4-75.2 inches
Nissan Frontier: 73-74.7 inches

Pickup Truck Height Comparison

Ford F150: 75.2-77.6 inches
Dodge Ram: 77.4-77.6 inches
Silverado 1500: 75.4-78.2 inches
GMC Sierra: 75.4-78.5 inches
Toyota Tundra: 78 inches
Chevy colorado: 70.4-70.7 inches
Ford Ranger: 70.7-73.2 inches
Jeep Gladiator: 73.1-76.1 inches
Toyota Tacoma: 70.6 inches
Nissan Frontier: 71.5-72.9 inches