How Long is 100 ft? 10 Things That Are 100 Feet Tall

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How Long is 100 ft?

How much is 100 feet? A hundred feet is 1200 inches, 30.48 meters, or 33.33 yards are equal to 100 feet. Whether measured in height or length, it is a significant measurement.

Because a measurement this large might be difficult to understand or comprehend, it’s helpful to make comparisons with other objects that measure a comparable amount to gain a better sense of how large 100 feet is.

How Long is 100 ft? 100 ft is 1200 inches or 100 ft is 30.48 meters or 100 ft is 33.33 yards

Common Items That Are 100 ft tall or 100 ft far

We’ll look at a variety of items, including animals, to help us figure out how long 100 feet is.

Since tape measures are rarely accessible, this may be quite beneficial because it is doubtful that you will have any measuring equipment that can stretch as far as 100 feet to obtain a more exact sense.

1) Aircraft

Boeing 737-500 airplane

Look no farther than the original Boeing 737-500 airplane to get a sense of how big is 100 feet. Southwest Airlines originally introduced this jet plane type in 1987, albeit the first one didn’t fly for the company until 1990.

The majority of these planes have been decommissioned in favor of bigger planes for commercial usage, although a handful continues in service.

The Boeing 737-500 is approximately precisely 100 feet long from nose to tail, therefore if you want to compare how long 100 feet is, you may use this plane as a reference point.

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2) Half of the Ice Hockey Rink

Half of the Ice Hockey Rink

An ice hockey rink can give you an exact idea of how far is 100 feet visually. The size of an ice hockey rink is rather large. If you’ve ever watched an ice hockey game or even participated in one, you’ll know that these aren’t for the faint of heart. The dimensions of an approved ice hockey rink are 200 feet long and 85 feet wide.

This implies that you could mentally break an ice hockey rink in half along the greatest length to obtain a sense of how long 100 feet is.

You may also go through one end of an ice hockey arena to the centerline to get a better idea of how far 100 feet is. This would be 100 feet in length.

3) 3 School Buses

School Bus
School Bus

Although school buses come in a variety of sizes, most people think of the medium versions when they think of a school bus. This is due to the fact that in populous locations, these are the most regularly used school buses.

If you live in a more rural region, you may be used to seeing smaller school buses with fewer seats, but most individuals are seeing a medium-sized school bus and have a reasonable idea of how long one of these vehicles is.

The length of a standard medium school bus is 35 feet. This means that to acquire a measurement of 100 feet, you’d have to line up three school buses in a row with no room between them. This gives us an overall length of 105 feet, which is slightly longer than 100 feet but near enough for a reasonable estimate. So now you know the 100 feet distance.

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4) Blue Whales

Blue Whales

If you want to know how long is 100 feet and have seen a magnificent blue whale then this example will surely excite you. Blue whales are the biggest animals that have ever existed on Earth. Blue whales can grow to be 110 feet long when fully mature, however, they are more likely to be under 100 feet long. It’s interesting to note that female blue whales are often larger than males.

You should count yourself as quite fortunate if you have ever seen a blue whale in person. Blue whales are a magnificent species that can be found in oceans all around the world, although they prefer to spend their time in deep ocean waters.

This means that catching a peek typically necessitates an ocean excursion.

5) 2 Semi-Trailers Trucks

2 Semi-Trailers Trucks make for almost 100 feet
2 Semi-Trailers Trucks

A normal semi-truck has a trailer that is 50 feet long. This implies that to visualize a length of 100 feet, imagine two semi-truck trailers queued up side by side and you will find how far is 100ft.

The cabs of the vehicles should not be included in your dimensions since they would add unneeded length. Similarly, shipping containers are 50 feet long, so imagine two of them lined together end to end for a total length of 100 feet.

6) 18 Adults

An adult human being’s average height is 5 feet and 6 inches.

This implies that if you lined up 18 normal folks in a line, foot to foot, you’d end up with a human chain that was nearly 100 feet long.

If everyone was precisely the same height, the exact measurement would be 99 feet which is a very close 100 feet example.

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7) Basketball Court

Basketball Court
Basketball Court

If you like playing basketball then the court can give you an idea of how long is 100ft. This example will give you an idea of how far is 100 feet. The dimensions of a basketball court are 92 feet in length by 49 feet broad. If you want to get a sense of how long 100 feet is, imagine the size of a basketball court and then add a few more feet in your mind to get the entire 100 feet.

Alternatively, you could quadruple the width of a basketball court to obtain 98 feet, which is significantly closer to the 100-foot aim.

8) 10 Storey Building

If you’re wondering how tall is 100 feet, then a building can surely give a very accurate idea. From the exterior, each storey of a normal structure will be 10 feet long. This implies that if you need a length of approximate feet, you can seek it in a ten-story building, such as an apartment block or an office building.

Though the construction of structures varies, and this is far from an exact method of measuring 100 feet, it will give you a reasonable notion of how tall 100 feet is.

9) Five Giraffes


Giraffes are tall; in fact, they are the world’s tallest living mammal. When fully grown, these graceful animals stand between 15 and 20 feet tall.

You’d have to stack five of the full-grown giraffes on top of one another (which we don’t encourage) and it will be 100 feet tall! If the lesser giraffes were 15 feet tall, it would take 6 and a half giraffes to reach a height of 100ft.

10) Christ the Redeemer Statue

Christ the Redeemer statue, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is 98 ft high. If you have ever visited this breathtaking landmark then you would easily understand how high is 100 feet!

Christ the Redeemer Statue
Christ the Redeemer Statue

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