13 Common Everyday Items That Are 5 Inches Long

Using a ruler or tape measure to determine the size of daily things may be quite useful. After all, we don’t always have a measuring tool at our disposal to determine the size of an object.

If you’re wondering how long or tall 5 inches is, we can help you picture it by listing a few objects that are that length.

You may readily comprehend this length without using a ruler by comparing 5 inches to some familiar objects. A piece of copy paper, for example, measures approximately 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Fold the copy paper in half, starting at the bottom and working your way up. It will give you around 5 inches.

The measurement will be less than 5 inches if the copy paper is folded from side to side.

How long is 5 inches? 5 inches is 12.7 cm or 5 inches is 127 mm or 5 inches is .4176 ft

Did you know that 5 inches are equivalent to 12.7 centimeters or 127 millimeters? What about the feet, though? 5 inches equals exactly 0.4176 feet.

We’ll provide you with more pointers on how to measure an inch without a ruler at the conclusion of this post. First, let’s look at anything that’s 5 inches long:

1) Iphone 7

 5 inches iPhone
5 inches iPhone

Although the iPhone 7 was introduced five years ago, it was not as well-received as other devices. You may use your fingers to access applications and other features on this phone.

Looking at your iPhone 7 is the simplest method to determine 5 inches. This smartphone is 5 inches long, but recent models are somewhat longer.

2) A Teaspoon


A teaspoon is a tiny cutlery item that is 5 inches in length. It may be used for a variety of purposes, including adding sugar to tea or coffee, stirring a hot beverage with cream or milk, measuring the contents of a drink, scooping yogurt into a dish, and eating ice cream.

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3) 5 US quarters

5 US quarters make a 5 inch

A quarter coin in the United States is around 1 inch in diameter, hence it equals one-fifth of 5 inches. If you line up 5 quarter coins, you will receive a length of precisely 5 inches.

Another simple method to comprehend 5 inches is to consider the length of a US $1 bill. It measures around 2.61 inches on each side, for a total of 5.2 inches along the top and bottom.

4) 2 Adults Thumbs

2 Adults Thumbs equal 5 inches
2 Adults Thumbs equal 5 inches

A mature thumb is approximately one inch long from the tip of the thumb to the top knuckle.

This indicates that a complete thumb length is around 2.5 inches, and two adult thumbs added together will be 5 inches. So, the next time you don’t have any items or measuring instruments, just use your two thumbs to correctly measure 5 inches!

5) Can of Soda

A soda can is a container for carbonated beverages. Each standard-size metal can weigh around 16 ounces and is composed of thin metal that may be readily crushed for recycling.

A Coke can is just less than 5 inches tall and 2.5 inches in the center.

6) 2.5 Pink Erasable Pens

Pink erasers are the most popular sort of eraser found in a stationery box. It is also known as an erasable rubber. Unlike blue and white erasers, which are created from natural chalk powder or rubber latex, pink erasers are made from synthetic rubber.

The dyes applied to the plastic substance give it its pink tint.

The length of a pink eraser is around 2 inches. When 2.5 erasers are placed side by side, they will measure 5 inches in length.

7) 5 Paper Clippings

A regular paper clip is typically 1 inch long, therefore 5 of them would be 5 inches long. Use a paper clip from your stationery box to correctly measure 1 inch. Knowing the length of a paper clip can help you picture 5 inches since all you need to do is line up 5 paper clips to get the 5-inch estimate.

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8) 5 Inch Binder

Binders are quite common in offices, schools, and homes. Sizes like 5 inches and 6 inches are quite popular.

9) 5 Inch Cake Pan

If you’re a baker then you must have a 6 or a 5 inches cake pan in your kitchen. I have one!

10) 5 Inch Envelopes

5-inch envelopes are very commonplace. 5″ * 7″ is a popular dimension.

11) 5 Inch Gutter Guard

5 Inch Gutter Guard
5 Inch Gutter Guard

Most gutter guards come in lengths ranging from 3 to 8 feet and widths of 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch, with 5-inch being most common.

12) 5 Inch Quilt Ruler

5 Inch Quilt Ruler
5 Inch Quilt Ruler

Quilting Rulers are made for quilters and used along with a rotary cutter and self-healing mat. These are clear acrylic, marked in 1/8th inch intervals.

13) 5 Inch Napkins

5 Inch Gutter Guard
5 Inch Gutter Guard

5-inch x 5-inch paper napkins are quite common.

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Simple Ways of Measuring an Inch Without a Ruler

Your index finger should be bent. The bone in the middle of your first and second knuckles is approximately 1 inch long.

Place your thumb on the thing you want to measure. From the tip to the knuckle, an adult thumb measures about an inch.

Examine the breadth of your palm. The breadth is measured directly behind the knuckles and is around 4 inches on adults. This indicates that one quarter equals one inch.

The final hint for measuring 1 inch is to locate a household object that will help you envision 1 inch. A short, flat-headed pin is about a quarter-inch wide and one inch long.

A tea candle is another typical item. This thing is about 1 inch long and 1.5 inches wide across the bottom. Another common home object that measures 1 inch is a paper clip.

In Conclusion

Our collection of 5-inch objects above should help you understand how to estimate 5 inches by just using your two thumbs or a typical household item such as a teaspoon or soda can. Follow our instructions as to how to measure 1 inch to easily envision 5 inches without a ruler or tape measurer.

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