Gold vs Silver Tequila (With Table)

Before we give our final word on Gold vs Silver Tequila, let’s discuss a bit of Tequila’s history.

If you are someone who enjoys drinking, you must have heard the name Tequila. Among drinks like Margarita, Bloody Mary, etc, Tequila is more than just a drink. Many connoisseurs consider it as a sophisticated and refined taste. Tequila is said to be the national drink of Mexico.

The origin of the drink can be traced back to around 2000 years back. Tequila was previously used for the purpose of religious ceremonies.

In the last century, the drink seems to have evolved into an alcoholic beverage. It is usually taken as a cocktail or shot. For the base of the Tequila, blue agave is used. Then it is processed and fermented at the end. Based on the taste, aging and ingredients, it is classified.

Some of the best Tequila cocktails include the classic Margarita, Paloma, Tequila Sour, Tequila Highball, Tequila sunrise, etc.

There are two types of Tequila: Gold Tequila and Silver Tequila. Gold Tequila is not completely pure agave and it is distilled into alcohol. It is not made up of just the agave, rather it is a mix that contains less than 100% agave. On the other hand, Silver Tequila has a 100% pure agave or a mix close to it. It is distilled in stainless storage containers made of steel.

Comparison Table: Gold vs Silver Tequila

CriteriaGold TequilaSilver Tequila
ColorGold Tequila is brown in color.Silver Tequila is clear like water.
ProcessGold Tequila is first distilled and then aged in barrels for some time.Silver Tequila is bottled without aging it.
FinishingAfter the process, colors and flavors are added to it before bottling it.No colors and flavors are added before bottling it.
TasteGold Tequila is smooth in taste.Silver Tequila is natural but harsh in taste.
UseIt is suggested that it tastes better when taken as shots.It is said that it tastes better when used in cocktails.
PriceGold Tequila is more costly than Silver Tequila.Silver Tequila is comparatively cheaper than Gold Tequila.
Gold Tequila vs Silver Tequila Table
Gold vs Silver Tequila
Difference between Gold and Silver Tequila

About Gold Tequila

Gold Tequila is also known as Joven Tequila. It is made up of blue agave plants. It consists of a mixture that is less than 100% pure agave. It is then distilled to form alcohol. The Tequila acquires a gold color from two separate sources. It can either be the barrel where it is stored or from the color additives that were added to it.

Before the process of fermentation begins, sugar and caramel are added to the batch. These ingredients give the Gold Tequila a smooth taste. This makes it perfect for the making of shots.

When the distillation is completed, Golden Tequila is filled up with additives. This causes the bearable and smooth texture of the drink. It is usually taken as shots. Gold Tequila’s cost is quite high and the aging process is very long.

About Silver Tequila

Another name for Silver Tequila is White or Blanco Tequila. The name is given because of its clear and transparent color, just like water. This drink is sometimes confused with the drink named Vodka because of its scent and look. With a concentration of 100% Agave or a mix close to it. The presence of blue agave spirit in Silver Tequila is completely pure.

After the process of distillation, it is bottled up immediately. It is usually aged for a short span of time or not at all. This type of Tequila has a harsh taste. With no extra additives added to it, Silver Tequila is presented in its pure form. Always preferred in a cocktail mix. It is very pocket-friendly as compared to the Gold Tequila.

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Difference Between Gold Tequila and Silver Tequila

1) Colour

Gold Tequila is brown in color whereas Silver Tequila is clear as water.

2) Process

Gold Tequila is distilled and then aged in the barrels for some time. Silver Tequila is bottled without aging it.

3) Finishing

In the case of the Gold Tequila, some colors and flavors are added to it before bottling it up. In the case of silver Tequila, no such colors and flavors are added.

4) Taste

Gold Tequila is smooth in taste whereas Silver Tequila is harsh but natural in taste.

5) Use

Gold Tequila tastes better when it is taken in as shots. Silver Tequila tastes better when it is mixed in cocktails.

6) Price

Gold Tequila is costly. On the other hand, Silver Tequila is cheaper and pocket-friendly.

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Good quality Tequila reminds us of Mexico. Other than the Gold Tequila and the Silver Tequila, there is the Resposado, Anejo, and Extra Anejo. A total of five types of Tequila exist.

You will notice the main difference lies in the making process. While Gold is stored for aging, Silver is bottled immediately after the distillation process. The Silver Tequila is mostly common among the club people. With a lower concentration of Agave, Silver Tequila is comparatively pocket-friendly and cheap.

Gold Tequila has a brown color when it comes to looks. On the other hand, Silver Tequila is clear like water and also transparent. Gold Tequila has additives and colors added to it, unlike Silver Tequila. The texture and taste both vary between the two.

The long process of manufacturing makes the Gold Tequila more costly. It acquires a certain kind of caramel appearance while it matures in the barrels. The longer the Tequila is aged, the more high quality and costly it becomes.

Mexicans suggest that, while choosing a good bottle of Tequila you should consider a few things. Firstly, always go for a 100% Agave and not a blend. Secondly, buy and drink the oldest Tequila you can find.

Golden Tequila can sometimes be impure. It is said that unless the Tequila is aged, the golden color might have been artificially added to give it the illusion of a premium drink. The usual westernized way of drinking tequila and licking some salt from the back of the hand is not followed in Mexico. Mexican people drink very young tequila this way and not the Reposado or the Anejo.

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