Difference between Left and Right Twix (With Table)

Before we give our final word on if there is really any difference between Left and Right Twix, let us remember why love our chocolates.

Chocolates and candies play a very important role in our lives. Chocolate is obtained from the Cacao plant and is also known as the ‘Food of the Gods’. From multiple health benefits to simply enjoying it as a treat, we’ve all grown up to love chocolates.

We enjoy it during the happy and sad days. It’s the food that no one can reject. Research states multiple benefits of consuming chocolate such as relieving inflammation in the body, lowering blood pressure, etc. There are multiple flavors available to soothe your taste buds as well.

With multiple brands emerging every day, there are mysteries yet to be revealed. Chocolate lovers are on a journey to form and discover new theories. One such theory is about Twix. In Reddit, there’s a debate happening around the Left Twix and Right Twix. If you’re curious about the facts behind it, continue reading to find out.

Mars Limited invented the Twix in 1967, in the United Kingdom. It was previously named ‘Raider’ and later on changed to Twix in 1979. The word Twix is a portmanteau, it is a blend of two words. Some say it’s a combination of ‘twin’ and ‘mix’.

Their slogan says: ‘Chocolate, Caramel, and a Surprising Cookie Crunch‘. Left Twix and Right Twix were present right from the beginning, but nowadays it’s advertised more. The popularity of Twix has reached a global level.

Comparison Table: Left Twix VS. Right Twix

Criteria Left Twix Right Twix
BrandMars Chocolate Mars Chocolate
DescriptionLeft Twix consists of a crunchy cookie bar drizzled with caramel and enrobed in chocolate on the outside.Right Twix has a crispy cookie bar on the inside with cascaded caramel and cloaked in chocolate on the outside.
Date of creationCreated in 1967 and introduced in the U.S. in 1979.Created in 1967 and introduced in the U.S. in 1979.
Label and packagingHas a white label with ‘Left’ written in red. Has a red label with ‘Right’ written in white.
Left Twix Vs Right Twix Table
Difference between Left and Right Twix
What’s the difference between left and right Twix?

About Left Twix

Some people can’t say no to a specific brand. It’s the brand name that brings the crowd. Among the products of Twix, Left Twix is preferred by many.

Left Twix also comes from the Mars Chocolate North American brand. It has the cookie on the inside and delicious caramel and chocolate layers on the outside.

As for the packaging, ‘Left Twix’ is written in red on the white label. Because of the fine ingredients, the taste is incredible.

The controversy started from these two bars of chocolates. Rich in flavors with unique punches of taste, people are curious to find out the difference between the two.

About Right Twix

There are multiple varieties of chocolates available in the market. It takes us weeks to decide which flavor we like the most. These little bites of pleasure are often carefully chosen. Our preferred chocolates will successfully brighten up our day.

Right Twix bar is the North American chocolate brand named Twix. It is a very popular brand known for its good quality chocolates.

Right Twix bar has a crunchy cookie on the inside, drizzles of caramel over it, and finally the outer layer of luscious and rich chocolate.

It has a red label with the name ‘Right Twix’ written on it in white. The ingredients give it a perfect taste that we all crave.

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Difference between Left and Right Twix

Is there a difference between left and right Twix? Many people have been trying to point out that Right Twix and Left Twix are actually different. The advertisement for the chocolate also seems to portray two different chocolate bars. But officially, Mars Chocolate has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of a difference.

Almost everyone was excited about the advertisement campaign and started to choose sides. In 2018, Twix handed out a personality questionnaire to determine the fans of Left Twix and Right Twix.

TWIX® Commercial

After a lot of debate, it has been found out that there is no such taste difference between Left Twix and Right Twix. In order to understand this in a better way, let us look at the similarities:

1) Packaging location

Both the Right Twix and the Left Twix are packaged in the same location, at The Twix Union Packaging Company. From 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm, Right Twix is packaged. And between 12:00 am to 11:00 am Left Twix is packaged.

2) Manufacturing Process

It was mentioned that in the Right Twix factory, the caramel flows on the cookie while in the Left Twix, the caramel cascades onto the cookie. This information is still not enough as people continue to look for a difference.

3) Packaging

The packaging differs in both the chocolate bars. The Left Twix is written in red on top of the white label and the Right Twix is written on the red label in white.

4) branding

Both the chocolates are from the same brand which is famous for its variety of chocolates like Snickers, Skittles, and other candies.

5) Advertisement campaign

It is just a very smart way to carry on a marketing campaign. Giving your product a separate packaging and with the right choice of words, people are curious to discover. Consumers will continue to buy and taste the chocolates to figure out the mystery behind them. Engaging in advertisements has successfully led to increased consumer interest. It helps to increase sales and encourage conversations. Chocolate fanatics still engage in this confusion to find out something more. People are free to make assumptions as long as no one makes an official statement.

Left Twix vs Right Twix
Left Twix vs Right Twix

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Summary of Left vs Right Twix

Twix lovers have made various observations and assumptions over the years that have not been backed by proof. Some of these include: Left Twix has more cookies than Right Twix, Right Twix seems to have more width than the Left Twix, etc. But one thing we can say for sure is this beautiful mixture of chocolate, caramel and cookie is worth all the chaos. People always look for something different and rare. Whether you choose Left Twix or Right Twix, you can still appreciate the delicious chocolate.

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