Cuddle vs Snuggle (With Table)

The main difference between cuddle and snuggle is that while cuddling is a warm and platonic show of affection, snuggle has romantic undertones.

Comparison Table: Cuddle vs Snuggle

Criteria Cuddle Snuggle
MeaningWhen two people hold each other in their arms and embrace each other (not explicitly romantic partners), it is known as cuddling.Snuggling means holding your partner in an embrace while wrapping your body against their body while sitting in a comfortable position or lying down in a comfortable position.
Platonic or RomanticCuddle is associated with a mainly platonic relationship. Though, lovers can also cuddle.The main difference between cuddle and snuggle is the kind of relationship it is deemed appropriate in. Snuggle is mainly associated with romantic relationships.
Body parts usedA cuddle mostly involves armsA snuggle involves both arms and the whole body.
LocationA cuddle can happen indoors or outdoors. For example, you can cuddle a baby anywhere. Snuggling happens mostly indoors on a bed or a couch.
Cuddle Vs Snuggle Table
Cuddle vs Snuggle: Difference between Cuddle and Snuggle
Difference between Cuddle and Snuggle

Emotions are abstract. It is through this body of ours that we express emotions. As creatures who feel deeply, it is almost a need for us to emote, to share those feelings.

Love is one of the most beautiful emotions there is. Some true romantics argue it is all we are here to experience, the joy, the bliss, the exhilarating that is love. This experiencing and sharing of love begins from the moment of our birth, from the moment our mothers first hold us and kiss us. From then onwards we have experienced all kinds of love-familial, platonic, romantic, and self-love.

Love and embrace are such beautiful parts of our lives that we are afraid to be alone; isolated from love. When we are in love, we feel the deep need to let the other person know, whoever it may be, a romantic partner or a family member.

So, how do we express this abstract experience? Through our body which makes us human, through our words and actions. Writing a love letter, dancing in the rain, or embracing your loved one in a soul-elevating hug are all part of our love language. And so are cuddles and snuggles.

It is, however, a big misconception that we can share our love and love language with our romantic partners only. All love is love, meant to be equally cherished and celebrated.

Cuddle and Snuggle

Before we discuss snuggling vs cuddling, let’s understand their meanings.

Cuddle and snuggle both allude to showing friendship, love, and warmth through squeezing, lying close, or holding each other. Albeit these two words have similar significations, there are particular undertones between them.

Cuddle doesn’t have explicit romantic or sexual implications; hence, it very well can be shared with any loved ones. Conversely, snuggle hints at romantic intimacy; hence, it is basically used to allude to an embrace between sweethearts.

The two of them refer to two individuals holding each other with both of their arms folded over the other’s body. They happen when two individuals are lying or sitting near one another in a comfortable position. Both these activities express love, warmth, and friendship, and are shared only with people we feel comfortable and safe with.

It is scientifically proven that the physical act of snuggling or cuddling releases a hormone called oxytocin. It is the happy hormone. It is also called the love hormone. The higher the oxytocin, the stronger the bond in the shared moment, it is said.  

It is released by our pituitary gland. So, if you think about it, cuddles and snuggles are beautiful concepts. We feel happy just from the simple act of holding each other.

In spite of the fact that cuddle and snuggle have a similar significance, they have various meanings. Snuggle is frequently connected with heartfelt, romantic, and sexual undertones. It usually denotes the love language between lovers, an experience shared amongst darlings It is a moment or experience where the two lovers want to be closest to one another.  So, one of them “snuggle” or burrow their head in the hollow of the chest of the partner.

Conversely, a cuddle is associated with platonic relationships, it doesn’t carry any romantic or romantically intimate connotation. A cuddle is shared between a mother and her child. We cuddle our pets. It is a way of showing affection, and platonic love.

A friend can cuddle another with their consent. We, humans, find security by being held affectionately by others. If anyone is having a bad day or having an anxiety attack, cuddling can soothe their suffering, granted they allow it and are fine with it.

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Difference between Cuddle and Snuggle

Here are some important highlights of cuddling vs snuggling.

1) Meaning

They both mean the same thing. Holding somebody ( a loved one) with arms wrapped around each other’s body while lying down or sitting in a comfortable position, embracing each other with love. It is who you share it with that makes the real difference here.

2) Platonic or romantic?

Snuggle has a romantic, intimate connotation, a snuggle is usually shared by lovers or romantic partners. Conversely, a cuddle usually carries a platonic connotation. It is usually shared by a mother and her child, between pets and their human parents, and between friends. Even lovers can embrace each other in cuddles.

While lovers or partners can cuddle and snuggle. When it comes to platonic relationships, they cuddle not snuggle as snuggle has a romantic connotation.

3) Body parts Used

A cuddle mostly involves the arms while a snuggle involves the use of arms as well as the body of the couple.

4) Situation

Snuggle is done mostly by a couple in the privacy of their home on a bed or a couch as it is an intimate act. On the contrary, you can cuddle another person or a pet anywhere.

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Summary of Snuggle vs Cuddle

The main difference, here, then lies in the type of love that is connected with these terms. The Greeks believed there are seven kinds of love- Eros (passionate romantic love), philia(deep friendship), Ludus ( playful flirtatious love), storage (unconditional, familial love), philautia (self-love), pragma ( committed compassionate love), Agápe ( empathetic, universal love).

They gave equal importance to all these types of love. Cuddling is appropriate in a number of these types of love. But what’s most important is the consent of both the individuals and to make sure they are comfortable in the moment. Snuggle is, however, only appropriate in Eros.

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