What is 80 divided by 5 using long division?

Need to calculate 80 divided by 5 using long division for your school assignment? Here is the most accurate method.

You need to learn the process of long division of a number that is important for us to solve our problems. The long division of 80 by 5 is a simple example that we need to take to understand the processing of the sum.

The long division is a technique that is useful for us to try out and learn about the methods of long division for solving the question and yielding the results.

What is 80 divided by 5? The Quotient is 16 and the remainder is 0

Basic concept

1) What is a dividend: A dividend is a digit that is divided by the divisor and it is usually the greater number that is getting divided here. Number 80 is the dividend. The dividend is present on the right of the divisor.

2) What is a divisor: The divisor is the digit that is used to divide the dividend. It is usually placed on the left of the dividend.

3) Define a quotient: The quotient is the result that you need to find or in the other words, it is the final result of your sum.

4) Define a remainder: The value that is left at the end which is remaining at the end of the sum. The remainder is the digit that can no longer be divided by the given divisor anymore.

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Calculation of 80 divided by 5 using long division

Step 1

First, you need to check whether the first digit 8 is divisible by 5 or not. To do so you have to check through the multiplicative table. Hence, 5×1=1,5×2=10 and so on. Thus 5 can go only one time in the number 8.

Step 1

Step 2

Now you need to subtract 5 from 8 and see what the remainder results in.

Step 2

Step 3

Again you need to bring down the number 0 below such that now the number changes into 30 such that the new dividend can be formed.

Step 3

Step 4

Now again you need to check with the help of the multiplicative table how much is 30 divisible by 5. It is seen as 5×6=30. Hence,

Step 4

Hence the final answer to your given question of long division of 80 by 5 is



Hence you have learned how to understand the long division process of 80 by 5.