What is 3/8 of 88?

Want to find 3/8 of 88? Here is the most simple, fastest, and most valid method to find it out.

Here we shall teach you how to find fractions or parts of a whole number. The question provided to us is to find the 3/8 portion of the whole number 88.

There are a few easy steps that are involved in the process that we shall be discussing in length. Let us quickly get into the procedure and learn them well for our future use.

What is 3/8 of 88? The answer is 33

Basic concepts

1) We already know that a fraction is divided into two parts, the numerator, and the denominator. The numerator is present above the line of division and the denominator is present below the line of division. In this case, the numerator is 3 and 88 and the denominator is 8.

2) Now let us change the given whole number to its fraction. The only step for you to do so is putting a one below 88. Thus, we now change 88 to 88/1 for the convenience of solving the sum.

Calculation to find 3/8 of 88

Step 1

First, you need to multiply both the numerator with each other and both the denominator with each other respectively.


(3 x 88)/(8×1) = 264/8

\[ \frac{(3\times88)}{(8\times1)}=\frac{264}{8} \]

Step 2

Now you need to reduce the obtained fraction which is 264/8 in this case. It must be noted that the obtained results can be further simplified and thus we can get a further easier version of the final results. Let us reduce 264/8.

You need to find the Greatest common factor or in other words the GCF of 264 and 8 with which you can divide the obtained numerator 264 and denominator 8 simultaneously.


264 ÷ 8= 33


8÷8= 1

Thus, we have obtained results in the simplest form where 33 is the numerator and 1 is the denominator. Since 1 can be omitted as we can only represent it as a whole number, hence our final result, in this case, is 33.

3/8 of 88 = 33

Thus, we have obtained the results to ⅜ portion of 88 which is 33 as our answer. Similarly, you can use this method for finding out portions or fractions of a given value, whole number or other fraction, decimals, etc with the same steps that are done for the given sum 3/8 of 88.

These steps are easy and very simple for you to understand. You will not have any incontinence in solving the sums with the stepwise method that is described above. You must also practice well to understand and exercise expertise in this method so that you can solve any sum when presented with various values.

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Final answer

In the given question where we were asked to find 3/8 of 88, the obtained results were 33/1 which can also be expressed as the whole number 33.