What is 25/30 as a Percentage?

Often we need to convert the fraction (for eg. 25/30) to percentage and the stepwise method is important to get effective results easily.

The concept of a couple of topics like the usage of long division and the idea of numerator and denominator is essential to get the right results.

Let us express the fraction 25/30 as a percentage where 25 is the numerator and 30 is the denominator that gets converted wholly into a new form which is the percentage form. Certain formats need to be followed to yield the results.

What is 25/30 as a Percentage? In percentage, 25/30 = 83.3333%

Basic Concepts

1) It is essential to clear your base on certain simple topics before you get into the procedure of converting fractions to percentages.

2) The numerator stands for the digits which are placed above the straight line also known as the division line and the denominator is the digits present below the line.

3) When we talk about percentage it refers to the number hundred and expresses anything in terms of a hundred. In other words, it is the fraction of a hundred and so for example if we consider 20 percent then it is simply 20/100 or 70% means 70/100 which can be reduced further to yield the results 1/5 and 7/10 respectively.

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How to Calculate 25/30 as a Percentage?

Method #1

So since it is crucial to have the nominator as a hundred we can easily notice that in the given fraction the denominator is 30 and so we have to make it 100 by adjusting the entire fraction. In order to do so, you have to divide the number 100 by the denominator in each case.

Here, 100÷30=3.3333333

\[ \frac{100}{30}=3.3333333 \]

As of now, you have obtained the multiple as 3.3333 and now all you need to do is multiply both the numerator and denominator by this digit 3.33333 to get your results.

(25×3.3333)÷(30×3.3333)= 83.33333/100

\[ \frac{(25\times3.3333)}{30\times3.3333}=\frac{83.33333}{100} \]

Hence, in percentage terms your final results:

25/30 as percentage = 83.33333%

Method #2

There is also another simpler method for you to get the calculation done with perfection and here it is:

So, 25÷30 = 0.833333333

Now you need to multiply the result by 100 to get the final results which are 0.8333×100= 83.333%

Both the methods are applied and you shall find the same results for the given sum. Sometimes our students are confused about which method to use when they are converting their fractions to percentages and both of these methods have proven to be useful in this case.

You just need to follow the steps one after another and calculate carefully to find the results for your sum without any hindrance. It is always preferred to convert fractions to percentages this way

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