What is 2/3 as a decimal?

How to show 2/3 as a decimal? It’s is very easy. Follow this article to know more.

The process of conversion of the fraction to a decimal is a very important step and you must learn about it. Here we shall take the simple example of the fraction 2/3 and convert it to its decimal value. Let us learn the method of converting a given fraction to its decimal form.

This method can be replicated to convert any fractions to decimals.

Basic concepts of converting a fraction to a decimal

1) A fraction is made of two parts, the numerator, and the denominator.

2) The numerator refers to the digits that are present above the line of division.

3) A denominator is a digit that is present below the line of the fraction.

4) When we are converting a fraction to a decimal, we need to initiate the process of division where the numerator becomes the dividend and the denominator becomes the divisor.

5) So in the given fraction, 2 is the numerator and hence it becomes the dividend, and 3 the divisor.

What is 2/3 as a Decimal? The answer is 2/3 = 0.66667

Calculations to show 2/3 as a decimal

The calculations of converting a fraction to decimal are very simple and involve the basic step of the division of the numerator by the denominator.

Thus, 2÷3 =0.66667

2÷3 = 0.66667

2/3 = 0.66667

Hence we obtain the value as a recurring decimal digit.

There are no complex steps that are involved and thus with some practice, you will be able to solve the problems of decimal conversions easily.

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What is the need for you to convert a fraction to a decimal?

1) The process of converting a fraction to a decimal is a better way of representing the answer in a better way.

2) The idea of decimals is very important in daily life as you might be presented with an item in the shop and the quantity might be measured or expressed in decimals. Thus you need to know about decimals. Further, the price may also be given decimal, in such case, we can say that both currency and weight might be expressed in decimals and you should be clear about the concept.

3) When you are adding a certain ingredient to a particular recipe you are cooking, the amount might be mentioned in the form of a fraction in the cookbook. In such a case you need to know about how to change the fractional value to decimals.

4) Further, even while comparing the value of two fractions and determining which one is greater or smaller you need to know how to first change it to decimals and then compare the values of the digit.

Hence we can say that the knowledge of converting a fraction to a decimal is very important and you must make sure that you practice it well to learn the steps.

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