What is 16/20 as a Percentage?

It is important to learn the conversion of fractions (for eg. 16/20) to percentages to solve more complex problems. The calculation of fraction to percentage is important to ensure that we can solve more complex sums and problems.

The conversion of the fraction to a percentage is easy and requires some simple steps for you to convert the fraction to a percentage. The steps that are mentioned here are quick for you to solve and let us quickly check these methods out to find the solution to 16/20 when it is converted to a percentage.

What is 16/20 as a Percentage? In percentage, 16/20 = 80%

Basic Concepts

1) A fraction consists of two parts, the digits above the line are referred to as the numerator and the digits that are present below the line stands for the denominator of the fraction. The line in the middle represents the division line.

2) A percentage is considered in terms of hundred and in other words, it stands for the expression of a digit, fraction, or decimal in hundreds. It is called the fraction of a hundred and the word percentage can be divided into per 100 implying the calculations are made all based on a hundred.

3) So for example, if we say 20% then we are implying 20/100 you can further reduce the denominator and numerator by similar numbers and find the final fraction as ⅕. When you are talking about 75/100 it refers to ¾ as the final results.

How to Calculate 16/20 as a Percentage?

Method #1

Initially, you have to adjust the numerator and the denominator of the fraction of 16/20 such that you get a 100 below for the denominator. Since in percentage all the digits are expressed in terms of hundred it is the first step toward solving the sums.

To do so, you have to divide 100 with the denominator which in this case is 20.

So, 100÷20= 5

\[ \frac{100}{20}=5 \]

Now as you have obtained the number five, the next step is to multiply both the numerator and denominator by 5 to get a result.

In this case:


\[ \frac{(16\times5)}{20\times5}=\frac{80}{100} \]

Hence, the percentage is 80%

16/20 as a Percentage = 80%

Alternative steps

There is another alternative step that you can use to complete the sum by dividing the numerator by the denominator for the given fraction.

Here, by dividing 16 by 20 you are going to obtain 0.8.

The 0.8 is now to be multiplied by 100 and then you shall get 80% as your answer required.

The only way for you to master the two processes is by grabbing hold of a copy and pencil and keep practicing these sums continuously with different digits to convert the fraction to a percentage. Both the steps are easy and simple for you to use.

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