What is 1/2 as a decimal?

Sometimes we need to convert the given fraction to decimal to solve a mathematical problem. Here is a simple example of showing 1/2 as a decimal.

This way we shall learn to convert a fraction to decimals and the steps that are required for the same. Here we will be learning to convert decimals with these simple steps that are written below.

What is 1/2 as a decimal? 1/2 = .5

Basic concepts

1) A fraction is what we need to understand first. Well to clear your doubt, a fraction consists of two parts, the numerator, and the denominator. The numerator is present on the top of the line of division and here in this case it is 1.

2) A denominator refers to the digit that is present below the line of division. In this case, the denominator is the number 2.

3) During the process of division, the dividend is the digit that gets divided by the divisor to yield the results. And a divisor is the digit that is used to divide the number. A numerator is always divided by the denominator and hence in this case the denominator acts as the divisor.

Calculation to convert 1/2 as a Decimal

Here we will learn to find the value of the fraction when it is converted to decimal. Here in this case we need to divide 1 by 2 to find the results.


1÷2= 0.5

Thus, this is the only step that is involved in the process of conversion of a fraction to decimals.
No more steps are involved in the process and hence you will not have any complications in the sum further.

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What is the need for you to convert a fraction to decimals?

1) There are multiple reasons for which you need to convert a fraction to decimals. It is important for representing your answer in a better way.

2) Again conversion of a fraction to a decimal is an important step for solving sums because in our everyday life we need to mainly handle values that are decimals.

3) For example, you go to the shop and the shopkeeper provides you with the prices of the item in decimals or the quantity is presented in decimals. Hence for both, quantity calculation and currency there is a need for you to understand the concept of decimals.

4) Again, for example, you are adding a particular ingredient to your recipe, and the data is provided in fractions, you need to first convert it to decimals before adding the value to your recipe. Thus the concept of the fraction to decimal should be clear in your head.

5) Even while comparing the value of two fractions, you need to convert them to decimals first to understand which value is greater or smaller.

Hence the conversion of fractions to decimals can be a very basic and simple process but it is important in daily life. This is the reason you must practice and grasp the concept of decimals and fractions well in mathematics.

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