Sneakers vs Tennis Shoes (With Table)

Aren’t sneakers and tennis shoes the same thing? No. In this article, we will explain sneakers vs tennis shoes.

It is said that Egyptians were the first to invent the concept of a shoe. Starting from 1500 BC, the concept of footwear has grown a lot along with the footwear industry.

There are multiple types of footwear available in different sizes. Footwear like loafers, sneakers, boots, moccasins, gladiators, stilettos, wedges, etc. Apart from these types of shoes, certain shoes are designed with a specific purpose.

The difference between sneakers and Tennis shoes is that sneakers are used for casual purposes and mehndi for walking and running. Sneakers provide a lot of comfort and can be bought from any shoe store.

On the other hand, tennis shoes are designed to provide the necessary support that is needed during a tennis match. While sneakers are made for casual wear, tennis shoes are designed specifically for playing tennis. 

Comparison Table: Sneakers vs Tennis Shoes

CriteriaSneakersTennis Shoes
Designed forSneakers are a type of shoes that are designed for casual or non-casual wear.Tennis shoes are designed to be used in the tennis courts. It provided the necessary support and comfort while playing the sport.
MaterialThe materials used to make a sneaker include canvas, rubber, etc.The materials used to make tennis shoes include shock-absorbent material so that the movements are smooth during the game.
Lateral supportSneakers are made for general use, therefore, have no lateral support.Tennis shoes come with lateral support so that the quick movements during the game can be covered.
Cushioning and ScuffingSneakers are made with more cushioning and padding to ensure comfort while walking and running.Tennis shoes, on the other hand, have a less cushioned footbed than a sneaker. The design focuses on support so that no one can get hurt while playing.
AvailabilitySneakers are available in every shoe store.Tennis shoes can be found only in athletic stores.
Sneakers vs Tennis Shoes Table
Sneakers vs Tennis shoes
Difference between Sneakers and Tennis shoes

About Sneakers

Sneakers are not designed with a specific purpose in mind. These are comfortable to wear and are mostly worn with a casual outfit. Sneakers are available everywhere in the market and in multiple colors.

The materials that are used to make a pair of sneakers include Canvas and denim. The soles are mostly made from rubber. Since sneakers are casual shoes, these do not have lateral support. However, it does have more cushioning that provides a lot of comfort. Sneakers are not specifically made for a certain type of sport. This is why you will find no additional features in them.

Sneakers are of different types such as cross trainers, running shoes, or any other activity-specific shoes. The word sneaker was given to these types of shoes because of the squeaky sound that came from the soles. Sneakers are easier to find and are available in multiple price ranges.

About Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are the type of shoes that are made specifically for playing tennis. These are designed keeping in mind the type of environment a player has to use like the tennis court. The main focus in a pair of Tennis shoes goes to the factor of support.

Tennis shoes provide a lot of support to the player so that they don’t end up getting hurt. Tennis shoes can be bought only in some athletic stores and not in a general shoe store. These are very difficult to find and are made up of shock-absorbent materials.

These shock-absorbent materials can easily get used to the jerks and movement during the game. Tennis shoes are known to provide the perfect lateral support during quick movements. However, these shoes are made with less cushioning and less padding.

Tennis shoes are made in a way that provides a lot of comfort. This comfort is very much needed during the game. The design of the shoe is slimmer than the normal shoes which help to protect the ankles of the player. The sole is also on the slimmer side and these are heavy due to the padding.

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Difference Between Sneakers and Tennis Shoes

1) Purpose

Sneakers are designed to be worn with casual or non-casual outfits. Tennis shoes are designed to be worn on the tennis court for playing the sport.

2) Design

Sneakers are designed keeping in mind the recent trends. But Tennis shoes are designed keeping in mind the courts we play in.

3) Materials used to make

Sneakers are made up of materials like canvas, denim, etc. Tennis shoes, on the other hand, are made up of shock-absorbent materials so that they can absorb all the shock during a game.

4) Lateral support

Sneakers are used for casual purposes which is why you will not find any lateral support in them. For tennis players, lateral support is important for quick movements.

5) Cushioning and padding

Tennis shoes don’t have a lot of cushioning. Sneakers, on the other hand, have a lot of cushioning and padding.

6) Support

Sneakers provide a lot of comfort but less support. Tennis shoes provide a lot of support instead of comfort.

7) Flexibility

Sneakers are not very flexible, unlike Tennis shoes.

8) Weight

Due to the extra support and padding, Tennis shoes are heavier than sneakers.

9) Store

Sneakers are available in almost every shoe store. Tennis shoes are available only in athletic stores.

10) Cost

Tennis shoes are costlier than Sneakers.

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The dynamic game of tennis includes a lot of swift movements. The player needs to have an extra amount of comfort and support on their feet so they can play at ease. Tennis shoes are specifically designed for Tennis players. These shoes reduce the risk of an ankle injury.

Sneakers, on the other hand, are used daily e along with casual outfits. These types of shoes are not designed for the purpose of a game. However, certain types of sneakers like running shoes are built for the purpose of smooth movements.

Sneakers do not have the lateral support for any kind of shock-absorbing material. These are highly flexible when compared with tennis shoes. Unlike tennis shoes, you can find a pair of sneakers in every general shoe store. Both the Sneakers and the Tennis shoes have met the needs of a lot of people.

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