Samsung Series 7 vs Series 8 (With Table)

Arguably, Samsung makes the best televisions. So it’s only reasonable that we explain to you what’s the difference between Samsung Series 7 and Samsung Series 8.

Comparison Table: Samsung Series 7 vs Series 8

CriteriaSamsung Series 7Samsung Series 8
Contrast ratioThe contrast ratio of the Samsung Series 7 is 3,000,000:1.The contrast ratio of series 8 is 7,000,000:1.
LED lightsIt does not have LED dimming lights.It has LED dimming lights which help to give a brighter and clearer picture.
Auto Motion PlusThe Samsung Series 7 has a 120 Hz auto motion plus.The Samsung Series 8 has 240 Hz auto motion plus.
HDMI portsSamsung Series 7 has 3 HDMI ports. Samsung Series 8 has 4 HDMI ports.
PriceSamsung Series 7 is less expensive than the Samsung Series 8.Samsung Series 8 is more expensive than the Samsung Series 7.
Refresh rateSamsung Series 7 has a refresh rate of 60 Hz.Samsung Series 8 has a refresh rate of 120 Hz.
SpeakersSamsung Series 7 has two channels for audio.Samsung Series 8 has two channels for audio along with an in-built woofer.
FreeSync featureFreeSync feature is not available in the Samsung Series 7.FreeSync feature is available in Samsung Series 8. It is a very useful feature for gamers.
Samsung Series 7 vs Series 8 Table
Samsung Series 7 vs Series 8
Difference between Samsung Series 7 and Samsung Series 8

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones, televisions, and other electronic gadgets and appliances. Over the past few years, Samsung has put in a lot of effort to build the consumer’s trust.

This brand has a wide variety of products with different price ranges. They cater to every need of the customers. Samsung is a Korean-based company that specializes in multiple electronic products. The brand has been present in the market since the 1960s.

It has grown a lot since then and has successfully made a mark in the electronic industry. From mobile phones, tablets, and washing machines, Samsung is a favorite of many people. They had launched a line of LED TVs in 2010. They also have a wide collection of high-definition (HD) TVs.

The designs are modern and sleek with advanced features that will highly benefit you. Among the HD TVs, Samsung Series 7 and Samsung 8 are considered to be some of the best models.

The difference between the Samsung Series 7 and Samsung Series 8 is the contrast ratio. The contrast ratio in Series 7 is 3,000,000:1 whereas the contrast ratio in Series 8 is 7,000,000:1. When placed side by side, you will notice that Series 8 forms a better image when there are dark scenes. Apart from these, you will notice a change in the degree separation between the colors black and white. Let us look at some more features.

About Samsung Series 7

Samsung series 7 consists of high-end models of television that are available in high definition. The contrast ratio of this model is 3,000,000:1. This contrast ratio is said to be more than the other models of different brands. The contrast ratio helps to determine the picture quality. With the help of LED dimming, you can also change the contrast ratio.

The feature of local LED dimming will help you to include a pitch-black color on the screen. The screen that you see when the TV is switched off is the one being referred to here. This feature is however not available in Series 7.

The refresh rate of series 7 is 120 Hz. It means that fewer frames can be displayed in a minute. This model cannot fit each frame and then display it. Series 7 has three HDMI ports for connection. It is available at a very reasonable price.

About Samsung Series 8

Samsung series 8 is said to be an upgraded version of the series 7. These are high-definition LED TVs with a contrast ratio of 8,000,000:1. The Samsung Series 8 is said to provide us with a better experience when it comes to picture quality.

Series 8 has the feature of LED dimming. This is the reason the picture quality appears perfect during the dark frames. With the help of the local LED dimming, you can notice the black color clearly. The refresh rate of the series 8 is double from the series 7.

You can see more frames in a minute as compared to the series 7. Every moment and every movement can be seen taking place within a fraction of seconds.

When compared to series 7, series 8 have 4 HDMI ports. There are multiple features available in the series 8 TVs which makes it more expensive as compared to the other models.

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Difference Between Samsung Series 7 and Samsung Series 8

1) Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio of series 7 is less as compared to series 8. Series 7 has a contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 whereas series 8 has a ratio of 7,000,000:1.

2) LED lights

The series 7 TVs do not have any feature of dimming LEDs. On the other hand, the Samsung Series 8 has local dimming LEDs.

3) Auto Motion Plus

The series 7 has 120 Hz auto motion plus. Series 8 has 240 Hz auto motion plus in models.

4) HDMI ports

Series 7 has 3 HDMI ports as compared to Series 8 which has 4 HDMI ports.

5) Price

Series 7 is less expensive as compared to series 8. Features like LED dimming and FreeSync have led to an increase in the price of the series 8.

6) Refresh rate

The refresh rate of series 7 is 60 Hz. The refresh rate of series 8 is 120 Hz.

7) Speakers

The Samsung Series 7 has two channels for audio. The Samsung Series 8 has 2 channels for audio along with a built-in woofer.

8) FreeSync feature

The FreeSync feature is useful for gamers. It helps to decrease the stutter and screen tearing and provides crystal clear animation. Samsung Series 7 does not have this feature. It is only available in the Samsung series 8.

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Samsung has always made sure that the customers are highly satisfied in terms of price and quality. According to your budget plans and feature requirements,  you can choose the right TV. Both the Samsung series are good quality models in the market.

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